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27 July 2017

Two new documents have been added below.  IDED21 Preliminary Questions re Soundness has been added to Inspector’s documents and ADCED47 has been added to Arun District Council’s responses (in response to Inspector’s documents IDED20).

19 July 2017

A new Inspector has been appointed to continue the examination of the Arun Local Plan.  It is Mr Mark Dakeyne BA(Hons) MRTPI.  He replaces the previously appointed Inspector, Mr Jonathan Bore, who is unavailable due to other work commitments.  Please see below in Inspector’s documents IDED20 for more information.  A document has also been added to Arun District Council’s responses ADCED46 and this is mentioned in the Inspector’s document IDED20.

IDED20 Introductory Letter to Council 18.07.17.pdf [pdf] 216KB

ADCED46 Note on suspension work and changed strategy.pdf [pdf] 186KB

4 July 2017

Following on from the communication below dated 30 May 2017, the consultation responses on Proposed Modifications to the Arun Local Plan can be viewed on the Objective Portal.  Just scroll down to the table at the bottom of the page, click on ‘Arun Local Plan Submission Version – Modifications March 2017’ and click on ‘All Comments’.

A summary report for this consultation went to Local Plan Sub Committee last night and can be viewed on the Local Plan Sub Committee page under the ‘Additional’ tab.

30 May 2017

The Consultation on Proposed Main Modifications to the Arun Local Plan is now closed. It ran from 10 April 2017 until 5pm 30 May 2017. The Local Plan team are collating the responses to send to the Inspector and these will be uploaded on the website in due course.


Local Plan Examination

The Arun District Local Plan 2011-2031 and supporting documents were submitted for independent examination to the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government via the Planning Inspectorate on 30 January 2015.

The Local Plan 2011-2031 sets out a vision for the future of Arun up to 2031. It sets the planning framework for the district and will detail planning policy and identify the amount of development proposed and where it should be located. It will be used in the consideration of planning applications. The Plan covers the Arun Local Planning Authority Area (LPA). The LPA is Arun District Council administrative area excluding land within the South Downs National Park Authority boundary.

All documents that form part of the Local Plan and Evidence base are located in the Arun Local Plan Examination Library - see links below.  The documents that were previously in the Latest News have now been given a new references related to where they are found in the Examination library. These documents were also listed in Arun District Council’s responses and have now been removed to save duplication.  If you have any queries, please contact the Programme Officer, Caroline Pattenden on 01903 737693.

To assist the Inspector, an independent Programme Officer, Caroline Pattenden, has been appointed to work under the Inspector's direction. The Programme Officer is responsible for organising the programming and all procedural matter.

All future correspondence relating to the examination should be via the Programme Officer.

Programme Officer

Caroline Pattenden

Arun Civic Centre, Maltravers Road, Littlehampton, West Sussex, BN17 5LF

Telephone: 01903 737693

Email: caroline.pattenden@arun.gov.uk

Available 9am-3pm Tues, Weds and Thurs


31 December 2015: The Secretary of State has appointed Inspector Jonathan Bore to conduct the Examination following the retirement of Inspector Roy Foster. Scroll down to IDED15 for more information.

14 January 2016: The Objectively Assessed Needs (OAN) Hearing took place.  This hearing session formed part of the Council’s outline timetable for the development of the Local Plan, as agreed by the Inspector (see IDED14 below). The purpose of the session was to provide an opportunity for the Inspector to lead discussion and hear views on the Council’s re-advertised OAN for market and affordable housing.

In respect of the OAN, the following supporting documents were published:

Objectively Assessed Needs for Housing Arun District, GL Hearn, March 2015.pdf [pdf] 1MB
Arun District Objectively Assessed Need Summary Paper.pdf [pdf] 248KB

Local Plan Statutory Notice Sept 2015 [pdf] 213KB

The OAN representations can be viewed on the Objective Portal.

2 February 2016: The examination of the Arun Local Plan was formally suspended.  Please refer to Inspector’s Documents IDED18 further down this page for more information.


Arun Local Plan Examination Library

The documents used in the creation of the local plan are available to view by clicking the appropriate link below.

Local Plan Examination 2


Inspector’s documents


Arun District Council’s responses

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