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Meeting Minutes

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The Safer Arun Partnership is a statutory body established through the Crime and Disorder Act 1998, to bring a number of agencies together with a duty to reduce crime and disorder.    

Safer Arun Partnership meeting minutes

Date of Meeting


4th February 2013 Minutes [pdf] 182KB
13th September 2012 Minutes [pdf] 53KB
23rd April 2012 Minutes [pdf] 44KB
9th January 2012 Minutes [pdf] 47KB
10th October 2011  Minutes [pdf] 49KB
4th July 2011 Minutes [pdf] 49KB
23rd May 2011 Minutes [pdf] 40KB
28th February 2011 Minutes [pdf] 104KB
22nd November 2010 Minutes [pdf] 95KB
16th August 2010 Minutes [pdf] 62KB
24th May 2010 Minutes [pdf] 71KB
15th February 2010 Minutes [pdf] 60KB
23rd November 2009 Minutes [pdf] 43KB
21st September 2009 Minutes [pdf] 63KB
1st June 2009

 Minutes [pdf] 63KB

24th February 2009 Minutes [pdf] 67KB
25th November 2008  Minutes [pdf] 45KB
16th September 2008  Minutes [pdf] 38KB
23rd June 2008  Minutes [pdf] 59KB


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