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Flood Risk


Strategic Flood Risk Assessment

Sequential and Exception Test


Strategic Flood Risk Assessment

Arun District Council commissioned consultants, Capita Symonds, to undertake a Strategic Flood Risk Assessment (SFRA) of the District which will support planning decisions and help inform the production of the Council's Local Development Framework.

The main objective of the Arun District SFRA is to provide flood risk information:

  • so that an evidence based and risk based sequential approach can be adopted when making planing decisions, in line with PPS25;
  • that is strategic, in that it covers a wide spatial area and looks at flood risk today an in the future;
  • that supports sustainability appraiasals of the local development frameworks;
  • that identifies what further investigations may be required in flood risk assessments for specific development proposals.

The following links take you to different parts of the Strategic Flood Risk Assessment (SFRA) for Arun District:

Note - Please read the user guide for information on how to interpret the Level 1 and 2 SFRA results.

SFRA Box 1
Volume 1 User Guide [pdf] 1MB
Volume 2 Technical Report and Maps [pdf] 4MB
Volume 3 Management Guide [pdf] 492KB
Volume 4 Assessment of Sites of Search [pdf] 483KB

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SFRA Box 2
Map                Description
A1 - F              Actual and residual risk of flooding from rivers [pdf] 4MB
A1 - T              Actual and residual flooding from the sea [pdf] 4MB
A2 - F              Flood Depth - Actual risk of flooding from rivers [pdf] 4MB
A2 - T              Actual and residual flooding from the sea [pdf] 4MB
A3 - F              Flood Velocity - Actual risk of flooding from rivers [pdf] 4MB
A3 - T              Flood Velocity - Actual risk of flooding from sea [pdf] 4MB
B                      Residual risk from breach [pdf] 4MB
C1 - F             Actual river climate change extents ( with defences ) [pdf] 4MB
C1 - T             Actual sea climate change extents ( with defences ) [pdf] 4MB
C2 - F             Climate Change Fluvial Flood Zones [pdf] 4MB

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SFRA Box 3
Map                 Description
C2 - T              Tidal flood zones with climate change
D1                   System Asset Management Plan Areas
D2                   Type of flood defence
D3                   Source of Flooding being defended
D4                   Estimated Standard of Protection
F1 - F              Fluvial Flood Zone Extents
F1 - T              Tidal Flood Zone Extents
F2 - F              Source of River Flood Zone 3a data ( no defences)
F2 - T              Source of Tidal Flood Zone 3a data ( no defences)
G1                   Indicative risk of groundwater flooding

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SFRA Box 4
Map                  Description
H                        Historic Flood Events 
L                       Areas Prone to Flooding from the Land
M1                    Flood Management Plans and Strategies
M2                    Flood Management Policies
M3                    Models used in SFRA
O                      Overview of Arun District Council SFRA study Area
S                      Historic Incidents of Flooding from Sewers
T1                    Source of Topographic Data
T2                    Ground Topography
W1                  Environment Agency Flood Warning Areas

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The Strategic Flood Risk Assessment (SFRA) for Arun and the Sequential Test, were carried out in 2008 and 2009.  Since then, a West Sussex wide SFRA was undertaken by consultants Capita Symonds, on behalf of West Sussex County Council, in 2010.  Together, these documents form the evidence base relating to flood risk for the Arun District Draft Local Plan.

The following link takes you to the West Sussex SFRA documents:

West Sussex SFRA and Sequential Test

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Sequential and Exception Test

PPS25: Sequential and Exception Test for the Arun District Core Strategy

The Sequential and Exception Test has been prepared for the Core Strategy in line wih Planning Policy Statement 25: Development and Flood Risk. The sequential test is a simple decision making tool to ensure sites at little or no risk of flooding are developed in preference to areas at high risk of flooding. It informs the Core Strategy, which will form a key part of the Arun District Local Development Framework.

To view the test, please click on the following link:

Arun Sequential and Exception Test [pdf] 151KB

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