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Neighbourhood Plans

First Neighbourhood Development Plan Referendum in Sussex

Arundel Neighbourhood Development Plan 2014-2029 has passed referendum.

On 8th April 2014, over 90% of voters on the day said ‘YES’ to the Arundel Plan.  The plan will achieve the community’s vision for the town.

The neighbourhood area for this referendum covers the parish of Arundel for which part of the parish lies in the South Downs National Park Authority area but Arun District Council is the Planning Authority for Arundel.

The main policies within the plan cover:

  • Housing: to allow for the development of up to 90 homes in the plan period at River Road (Bevin and Bevin), Ford Road (gas works site), Castle stables site and land at Fizalan Road.
  • Transport & Access: to promote walking, cycling and other forms of transport; improve traffic management; and develop a parking strategy.
  • Community Facilities: looking at the Victoria Institute and Arundel Lido
  • Mill House Farm: to promote the reuse of this long standing derelict farm building at one of the key entrances to the town.
  • Protection of key community assets, buildings of character and Local Green Spaces.
  • Flood defences supporting proposals to defend the town and deliver the Lower Tidal River Arun Strategy.
  • Arundel Town Centre: to protect and enhance the local economy.


Please view the plan here: Arundel post examination [pdf] 4MB

Please view the Declaration of results: Declaration of result [pdf] 22KB


Please click the following link to return to the Policy & Conservation page 

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