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News - Latest News from Planning


16th January 2014

Conservation Areas Management Plan

The council has prepared an overarching Conservation Areas Management Plan which deals with all of those management issues that the council is aware of that affect the majority, if not all of its conservation areas. Whilst the council has prepared a draft document, it would like to have the involvement of all of those who have an interest in its Conservation Areas. Consequently the council has published the management plan for a 6 week period of consultation of public consultation commencing on Thursday 16 January to 27 February 2014.

Comments can be submitted using this consultation portal: http://arun.objective.co.uk/portal/

12th August 2013


There is a great deal of public interest in this issue at the moment.  The following is an outline of what is currently happening in the County in this regard.

There is currently no fracking taking place in West Sussex (as of 12th August 2013).  Planning permission exists for oil and gas exploration in Balcombe and Cuadrilla are currently drilling which will take 40 days. They will then carry out various tests to confirm whether oil/gas is present, and if so, whether it is viable for production.  This activity is the same activity which has been taking place at a number of West Sussex sites for many years.

Following that process, and depending on whether oil or gas is found in the ground at Balcombe and how easy it is to extract, Cuadrilla may apply to carry out further exploration using fracking, or to go into production, with or without the use of fracking.  In order to do this they would require an entirely new planning permission as well as permits from the Environment Agency and the Department for Energy and Climate Change, and approval from the Health and Safety Executive. 
The County Council will continue to consider the evidence and listen to the views of residents; weighing up and establishing the arguments that balance the wide range of issues faced.

If a company wishes to go ahead with any commercial operations that company will need to submit a further planning application to West Sussex County Council and may need an environmental impact assessment (EIA).   Any planning applications submitted to WSCC will be subject to consideration of all factors including possible impacts on people and the environment, and they will work closely with consultees such as the Environment Agency

If you would like more information on fracking please take a look at www.westsussex.gov.uk/fracking.


11th July 2013

New Local Validation Requirements List

On 3rd July Development Control Committee agreed the introduction of the new Local Validation Requirements List. This applies to various types of planning application but not householder applications, non-material amendment applications, applications for matters reserved by condition, Listed Building consent, Conservation Area Consent, Advertisement Consent, Tree works applications  and  Prior Notifications.

This new validation criteria  came into effect on from Monday 8 July 2013 and can be found at this link: Making a Planning Application & Validation Requirements

In addition the National Validation Requirements List has been updated to reflect changes to Design and Access Statements


23rd May 2013

New Rules for Building Larger Single Storey Rear Extensions Under Householder Permitted Development Rights

From 30th May 2013 new rules come into effect for a three year period which introduce a new procedure to enable some householders to build larger single storey rear extensions subject to meeting specific criteria under Permitted Development (please note there are no Permitted Development rights for flats). The new rules introduce a Prior Notification procedure which must be followed by the householder in order to benefit from these new rights. The process must be followed before commencing work and involves a consultation process with adjoining neighbours. There is also a requirement that the extension is completed on or before 30th May 2016 and the developer must notify the Local Authority in writing of the date of completion. This new Prior Notification procedure only applies to these new larger extensions and does not apply to other existing householder permitted development rights. Further details of the procedure can be found here.


21st March 2013

Development Control and the processing of planning applications

Local Planning Authorities have to provide National and Local Validation lists which set out national and local requirements when submitting planning applications.

The existing ALV List  is outdated, so the new revised List is to make sure that it is: fit for purpose; will create a proper audit trail; that applicants / agents have knowledge of all potential requirements; and that due regard is also paid to Biodiversity issues.

For the March Development Control Committee report explaining the background to the changed local validation list together with the associated appendices which have been approved by Members of the DCC for consultation purposes, please click here:

DCC Committee Report March 2013 [pdf] 206KB

To view the Local Validation list, associated documents and to make comments on them please click the following link:

Local Validation List



22nd November 2012

Limited Planning and Building Control Service
[from 5pm Monday 26th November 2012 and Tuesday 27th November 2012]

Essential maintenance is due to be carried out on the Planning and Building Control Computer System from 5pm on Monday 26 November 2012 and all day Tuesday 27 November 2012.

This means that it will not be possible to search the Planning and Building Control records or submit online building control applications via the Planning and Building control web pages. You will still be able to submit online planning applications via the Planning Portal.

As staff will also be unable to access the Planning and Building Control records, there will be a limited reception service for this on Tuesday 27 November. General advice on Planning and Building Control will still be available, but it will not be possible to carry out research for customers or give out specific information on applications. Customers may prefer to wait and visit the Council on Wednesday instead, when full service is expected to resume.

There will also be a limited telephone service for Planning and Building Control on Tuesday 27 November. Customers wishing to book building control inspection visits on that day will need to provide the Council with the application reference number, as staff will be unable to look up the number on the computer system.

We apologise for any inconvenience this essential maintenance may cause you, and thank you for your patience.


22nd November 2012

Planning Fees

Planning fees have increased today.

Planning Fees [pdf] 149KB



1st November 2012

The new Slindon Village Shop opens

In August 2010 the Arun District Development Control Committee approved the conversion of the old village Forge into a village community run shop. The committee also approved an extension to the rear of the forge on land owned by the National Trust.

This week the new shop opened. As part of the development, the shop will be a visitors centre for the many walkers in the area. Arun District Council are proud to be associated with this project that has brought a centre to the village, which lost focus after its original shop closed several years ago. Planning Oficers offered the development project team advice on how to submit a successful application.


12th October 2012

5 Year Housing Land Supply

The Council have in October 2012 published as assessment of the housing land supply in the Arun district for the five year period 1st April 2013 to 31st March 2018 and beyond. This assessment reflects those changes introduced following publication of the National Planning Policy Framework in March 2012 and updated data on new dwelling completions and planning permissions granted in the year ended 31st March 2012.

To view the Council's Housing Land Supply Assessment September 2012 please click on the following link:

Housing Land Supply Assessment September 2012 [pdf] 446KB


1st August 2012

Planning Advice within the South Downs National Park

From 1st September customers seeking planning advice within the South Downs National Park Authority will need to ring and make an appointment for pre application advice by ringing 01730 234418 or emailing the Park  at:


Until 1st September a member of staff from the Park will attend the Arun District Council Offices between 10-12 on a Tuesday morning to deal with enquires. Alternatively customers can ring or email the park at any time.


11th June 2012

Update on the processing of planning applications

A number of changes have or are about to take place in the administering of planning applications:

Site Notices
Since May case officers have been putting up the Site Notices so we are no longer sending them out to customers for them to put on site. From 1st June the site notices will be changing from orange paper to yellow coated polyester film. This product is waterproof and more hardwearing so site notices should last longer on site.

Letters of Representation
On applications received after 1st June 2012 we will be scanning all letters of representation and publishing them on the website. Any signatures, telephone numbers and email addresses will be blocked but customers must ensure that they do not include any information they do not wish to appear on the website in their comments. Any applications that were received prior to 1st June will not have their representations scanned. The good news is that this will reduce the need for customers to have to come in when they want to see what comments have been made as they will be able to view all comments on line.

For your information, the best way for customers to comment on applications is by using the online comment facility. If customers locate the application they wish to comment on by using this link:

Application Search

Customer can then comment by clicking on the blue comment on this application at the top left of the details screen. If this method is used, customers will get an automated acknowledgment for their comments. Comments received in any other way will no longer be acknowledged as they can check whether it has been received by looking at the website. We will continue to notify people who have made comments if the application is going to be determined at Development Control Committee and in any case of the final decision.

Updated Guidance Notes for Customers
The three guidance leaflets on How to Make a Planning application, What is the Development Control Committee and How to respond to Planning Applications have recently been updated:

Planning Guidance Notes


15th May 2012

5 Year Housing Land Supply

The Council have in May 2012 published as assessment of the housing land supply in the Arun district for the five year period 1st April 2012 to 31st March 2017 and beyond. This assessment reflects those changes introduced following publication of the National Planning Policy Framework in March 2012. To view the Council's Housing Land Supply Assessment May 2012 please click on the following link:

Note on 5 Year Housing Land Supply in Arun May 2012 [pdf] 115KB


2nd April 2012

A new Sainsbury’s for Rustington

WYG Planning Consultants have submitted a planning application to Arun District Council to replace the Sainsbury’s at Rustington Retail Park with a new and improved store. You can view the application by searching for R/59/12/ in the Council’s planning records.

The views of local residents will be an important factor in the decision making process and we would like to hear your comments on the proposals by writing to Arun District Council’s Planning Department, quoting reference number R/59/12/.
You can either write directly to Planning:

Arun District Council,
Arun Civic Centre,
Maltravers Road,
West Sussex,
BN17 5LF.

or email planning.responses@arun.gov.uk.

The replacement store would provide customers with a larger floor space and a wider range of products. It would be built on the existing site and a temporary store would be provided throughout construction in the vacant Focus unit at the Retail Park.


23rd March 2012

Courtwick Lane, Littlehampton

Planning permission has today been issued for the proposed development at Courtwick Lane, Littlehampton (LU/355/10) for up to 600 dwellings. This follows negotiations on the details of the Section 106 legal agreement following the resolution of the Council's Development Control Committee in September 2011.

The S106 agreement is now completed. It will be available to view on the Council's website shortly.


23rd March 2012

South Downs National Park

From 1st April 2012 all planning matters that fall within the South Downs National Park area will be processed and determined by the National Park as the Local Planning Authority for that area.

Only part of the Arun District falls within the Park Boundary and the National Park incorporates some but not  necessarily all areas of the following Parishes:

  • Aldingbourne
  • Angmering
  • Arundel
  • Burpham
  • Clapham
  • Ferring
  • Findon
  • Houghton
  • Lyminster and Crossbush
  • Madehust
  • Patching
  • Poling
  • Slindon
  • South Stoke
  • Walberton
  • Warningcamp

To check whether a site or property is within the Park you can go to the South Downs National Park Authority website and search:

Do I live in the National Park

All planning related matters such as establishing whether planning permission is required, pre-application advice, making applications, appeals and planning compliance issues will all be dealt with by the National Park. Enquiries for works to trees in a conservation area or under a Tree Preservation Order (TPO) and the making of new Tree Preservation Orders will also need to be directed there. Arun District Council will continue to hold planning records from 1948 up to 31st March 2012 and the South Downs National Park will only hold details of any planning history from 1st April 2012. This means customers wishing to see the full planning history on a property or site will need to refer to both websites for the full planning history from 1st April.

The South Downs National Park Authority planning history can be viewed at:


All other non planning related issues such as Building Control, Local Land Charges and Environmental Health will continue to be dealt with by Arun District Council as normal.

To make a planning application within the Park area after 1st April it can either be submitted electronically through the Planning Portal and it will be automatically routed to the South Downs National Park Authority or you can submit an application in paper form to:

The South Downs National Park Authority
c/o East Hampshire District Council
Penns Place
East Hampshire
GU31 4EX

Tel: 0300 3031053

(There will be a dedicated planning telephone number of 01730 23 4417 from 2nd April)

Email: planning@southdowns.gov.uk

The South Downs National Park has its own validation criteria which is different to Arun’s and you will need to check their requirements before submitting an application.  Further information will be on their website by 2nd April 2012:


All planning related enquiries should be directed to the above address from 1st April 2012.

It should also be noted that as from 1st April the Arun District Council planning records and site histories will only include applications validated up to 31st March 2012 and that you will need to search the South Downs National Park planning register for the planning history after this date:


As the South Downs National Park Authority planning team will be based at Petersfield, arrangements have been made for a member of staff from the National Park to be available by appointment at the reception area of Arun Civic Centre. Please call the National Park on 01730 234417 to arrange an appointment.

Any applications that are received and accepted as valid on 31st March 2012 will continue to be processed by Arun District Council under the existing partnership agreement with the South Downs National Park Authority. Any applications that are invalid or received on 1st April 2012 will be returned and customers will need to re-submit them directly to the National Park in accordance with their validation criteria.


QR Codes

18th January 2012

New QR codes on Planning site notices

Imagine pointing your mobile phone at a bar code and being taken direct to a website where you can instantly read the information you need.

That’s what Arun District Council has started offering residents who want to follow up planning site notices by using QR Codes.

QR (short for Quick Response) codes are two-dimensional barcodes which enable anyone with most types of smartphone equipped with a barcode reading app to get online and directly check out the details of a planning application.

The code consists of black modules arranged in a square pattern. The information encoded may be text, a URL, or other data. It was first used to track parts in vehicle manufacturing but has since been adapted for many other functions and environments.

If you have a barcode scanning app on your smart phone, you can point the camera lens of your phone at the code, take a photo, and you can be linked straight to the web page that contains the information you need.

The codes, which are free, have been added to the right hand corner of all Arun’s site noties.

Officers place up to 40 around the district every single week informing people about the proposed planning appliactons in their area, inviting comments and representations. When scanned, the codes take peope straight through to Arun’s planning website where they can access the full planning application.

Councillor Ricky Bower, Arun District Council’s Cabinet Member for Planning said: “We are always looking for ways to improve services and make it easier for our customers to access planning documents. The QR system is just one way of providing information in a digital format to council customers. Technology is opening up new platforms for communicating and engaging residents, businesses and visitors and we are extremely keen to exploit that where we can. “


5th January 2012

Appeal Decision Burndell Road

Appeal decisions have recently been received for proposed residential developments at Jenkins Yard, Ferring and Burndell Road, Yapton. Both of these decisions allowed the appeal proposals for a total of 212 dwellings. The Planning Inspectorate decision letters can be obtained from the link below by inserting the appeal references 2155343 (Yapton) and 2130521 (Ferring).

Planning Portal Appeals


5th January 2012

Localism in Action - Successful retention of a village pub

The Development Control Committee at the January meeting approved a scheme to upgrade the Holly Tree Pub in Walberton which consists of a comprehensive upgrading of the facilities. This includes refurbishing the restaurant and pub to provide bed and breakfast accommodation over the pub, and the provision of a pub garden enclosed within a new flint wall. This will be very welcome as the pub has had to close several times. The renovation of the pub has secured tenant landlords on a long tenure, thereby securing the future of this pub in an economic environment when many pubs are closing.

To enable the major investment, 6 new houses have been approved on the land to the rear of the pub. These houses have been designed to appear as a village development in traditional style. Each of the houses are individually designed and reflect the designs of the surrounding houses in this part of the villageof Walberton. The Parish Council and the Conservation Area Advisory Committee have welcomed the development and suggested that the Conservation Area boundary be extended to include the new dwellings.

Successful negotiations took place with the Parish Council and the applicant Hanbury Properties to secure £100,000.00 by a Section 106 Legal Agreement for the Parish Council to part fund a new community building for the village on the adjacent site. It is hoped that this will enable the new building of the Play Centre which was recently also approved by the committee under the reference WA/37/11.

This is localism at it's best - the much loved pub is retained and improved and the provision of 6 new houses has provided one third of the cost of building a new community building which is to be constructed to the rear of the existing village hall and a development of character has received the seal of local approval as an enhancement to the Walberton Village Conservation Area.



15th December 2011

Telecommunications Rollout Plans

The annual Telecommunications rollout plans for the coming year 2011/2012 have recently been received and are available on the Council's web site. These identify the existing telecomms sites across the Arun District and give an indication of potential sites which may be required in the coming year, up to September 2012.

The Operators have been complying with the commitment to send rollout plans since 2001 and for the last seven years this information has been submitted jointly and electronically by the Mobile Operators Association who represent the four UKmobile phone network Operators: Everything Everywhere (Orange and T- mobile), O2, Three and Vodafone. The plans comprise a list of sites identified by post code and provide Local Planning Authorities with a 'Look-ahead' at forthcoming mobile developments in the area.


15th November 2011

Royal Assent given to Localism Act 2011

On the 15th November 2011 her Majesty the Queen signed the Localism Act 2011 into law. The majority of the act is expected to come into force on the 6th April 2012, with some sections already coming into force on the 15th and 16th November 2011 and another instalment on the 15th January 2012.

A significant change that came into force yesterday is the duty on local authorities to co-operate on the planning of sustainable development (section 110) - this will mean for authorities in the process of preparing development plans they will now have to consider working more closely together with neighbouring authorities.

The Department of Communities and Local Government (DCLG) has produced a plain English guide to the Localism Act, to view the document please click on the following link.


3rd November 2011

Courtwick Development Proposals

The Council has resolved to grant outline planning permission for development of up to 600 dwellings and 4,000 sqm of employment floorspace on land at Courtwick Farm, Littlehampton in August 2011. The planning application documents can be found at the following link under the application reference of LU/355/10. A formal legal agreement has now to be completed to secure affordable housing, highways and other infrastructure provision.

Detailed planning applications (reserved matters) will have to be submitted and approved for all or some of the site before development can commence on the site.

Significant Appeals

Appeals have been submitted for proposed development at Goodacres, Barnham (up to 75 dwellings) and The Woodgate Centre, Woodgate (up to 100 dwellings).

Details of the Goodacres planning application can be found at the following link under the reference BN/15/11 and any further representations should be submitted to The Planning Inspectorate with the reference APP/C3810/A/11/2161133. This appeal is to be heard by way of written representations so the only opportunity to make representation is in writing.

Details of the The Woodgate Centre planning application can be found at the following link under the reference BN/15/11 and any further representations should be submitted to The Planning Inspectorate with the reference APP/C3810/A/11/2163208. The appeal will be heard by way of a public inquiry and anyone wishing to appear at the inquiry should contact The Planning Inspectorate. No date has yet been set for the inquiry.

Angel’s Nursery, Barnham Appeal

The Council has challenged the decision of The Planning Inspectorate to allow the appeal for up to 95 dwellings. The challenge has been made to the High Court on the grounds of drainage and The Inspectors conclusions on this matter. The challenge will be heard on 9th February 2012.


1st November 2011

Council’s new viability toolkit now available

The Council has produced a viability toolkit for use by developers and agents. The toolkit and its accompanying guidance notes are available from the following link


1st November 2011

Follow us on Twitter

For all the latest news on the Council’s housing strategy Raise the Roof follow us live on Twitter at Raise the Roof ADC


May 2011

Planning within the South Downs National Park

From April 1st 2011 the South Downs National Park Authority (SDNPA) will be responsible for planning decisions and enforcement cases in the area covered by the National Park. The SDNPA have delegated these responsibilities to us in the Arun area. More information will be published on Arun's web pages in due course.

Local Public Meetings for Housing & Employment Growth Consultation

Over 200 local people have already responded to Arun District Council’s consultation on housing and employment growth. With a series of local public meetings coming up that number is sure to increase significantly over the coming weeks.
Further details on the consultation and the public meetings are available on the Arun Council website (Local Development Framework) or by telephone on 01903 737756.


Arun to Offer Pre-Application Advice Service

Arun residents and businesses will from 1st September 2010 be able to get information and advice from planners before submitting an application. The service, for anyone wanting to improve their homes, expand their business or carry out a development, will be available from September.

By implementing this service the council hopes to be able to increase the quality of submissions, by identifying any necessary changes early in the process, and determine subsequent applications more quickly. There will be a charge for the service ranging from £29 for people wishing to extend their home to £2,350 for large developments. To obtain pre-application advice please click on the following link:
Adoption of Planning Compliance Strategy
In May 2010, Arun District Council adopted the Planning Compliance Strategy. This document establishes formal planning compliance policies which provide a clear statment of the decision making framework in dealing with alleged breaches of planning control and which explains the Council’s procedures and practice. The Council views breaches of planning control very seriously and has a Compliance Team within the Planning Department. To view the Planning Compliance Strategy please click on the following link:


Publication of Local Development Scheme

On 7th May 2009 the Government Office for the South East confirmed its approval of the Council’s revised Local Development Scheme, which sets the timetable for preparing the Council’s Development Plan Documents. The Scheme came into effect following a resolution of Full Council on 8th July 2009. However, as the Council has already approved the publication of the Scheme following GOSE approval, it is reproduced here in advance of that resolution. To view Arun District Council’s Local Development Scheme please click on the following link:

Local Development Scheme


News Prior to 2009

Toddington Nurseries (Site 7) Appeal Allowed

Following an inquiry held in December 2006, the Inspector has allowed the appeal and granted planning permission for residential development of 396 (reduced to 393) dwellings (including affordable housing) comprising 28 No. one-bed; 150 No. two-bed; 139 No. three-bed and 79 No. four-bed units; public open space including LAPs and a LEAP; access, parking and servicing arrangements and associated landscaping at the former Toddington Nurseries, Worthing Road, Littlehampton in accordance with the terms of the application, Reference LU/61/06, dated 17 February 2006, and the plans submitted with it (as modified and detailed), subject to 26 conditions.

Read the Appeal Decision, dated 4th January 2007.
The application was refused by the Development Control Committee on 31 July 2006. The report that was considered by the DC Committee can be viewed by clicking on the following link:
The reasons for refusal of the planning application related to; providing a satisfactory noise climate for prospective occupiers, risk of damage to trees and insufficient steps taken to encourage the use of alternative modes of travel. All further recommendations were agreed except FR6 and 7, and FR18 which was set aside. The single main outstanding issue at the inquiry was whether noise from adjoining land uses would unacceptably harm the living conditions and residential amenities of prospective occupiers of the proposed dwellings.
A full description of the planning application can be viewed with the submitted documents via the "Do It Online" link on our home page. (Then click on Planning Database and Search for Application Ref: LU/61/06/). The appeal documents can be viewed at the Planning Reception at Arun Civic Centre, Maltravers Road, Littlehampton. For further information about the Grounds for appeal please click on the following link:
Site 6 Allowed
The Secretary of State has agreed with the Inspector’s conclusions and granted planning permission in accordance with applications BE/45/04 and FP/92/04.
This decision allows residential development comprising 650 residential dwellings, open space and associated works on land north of North Bersted, and residential development and associated uses on land north of Felpham, both subject to conditions, including the construction of the Bognor Regis Northern Relief Road.
The validity of the Secretary of State’s decision may be challenged by making an application to the High Court within six weeks from 22nd November 2006, the date of the decision letter.
Site 6 Lessons Learnt
A Site 6 Lessons Learnt Report was considered by the Performance and Scrutiny Committee on 6 June 2006. This follows the High Court Judgement of 18 December 2003 which quashed a part of the Local Plan Policy Site 6.  Arun District Council has investigated procedural matters and made recommendations accordingly. To read the Committee please click on the following links:

Committee Paper
Site 6 Review Report
Site 6 Review Report Appendix 1
If you have any comments or would like to suggest some improvements or additions please contact us at planning@arun.gov.uk

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