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Arun Tenants & Leaseholders Organisation


Arun tenants and leaseholders conference

The Tenants and Leaseholders Organisations are made up of tenants and leaseholders who have volunteered to get together to raise issues that affect them and improve their homes and estates.

What is a Tenants and Leaseholders organisation

Arun Tenants and Leaseholders have already set up an organisation and it is called the ATLO, this stands for Arun Tenants and Leaseholders Organisation.   Tenants and leaseholders are encouraged to express their opinions and the ATLO is one of the key ways the Housing Service consults its customers.

It has a set of rules that govern what is does call a Constitution. As part of the continued partnership between tenants, leaseholders and the Council in 2009 we worked together to modernise the Constitution. Here you can view the new document being signed.

The group holds regular meetings and you are very welcome to attend.  Here is a list of the Meeting dates

There are many Benefits of working together and being part of a tenants and leasholders organisation.

If you would like to join the ATLO or make contact with the leading members of the ATLO they can tell you more.

If you don’t want be part of a formal committee that meets regulalry there are other ways of Getting involved

If you want to you can set up a new tenants and or leaseholders organisation for your area.  At an early stage you may want to create a Small Committees to help run things.

The Council can help support the group by providing Resources and advice which will help the group grow and flourish.

Keeping up to date with ATLO and Housing news

The ATLO meets regulalry and we try to keep you up to date with ATLO here.

Currently we typically issue tenants newsletters with your quarterly rent statements.  You can read an electronic version of the most recent Newsletters 

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