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Page Contents:

Enterprise Bognor Regis - Highway Infrastructure Viability Study - Study 2 (2014)

Arun Transport Study: Waste Site Allocation Transport Addendum - Final Report - Study 3 (2014)

A29 Realignment Feasibility Study (July 2014)

Local Plan Business Survey Report (July 2014)

A27 Arundel Bypass Wider Economic Impact Study (2013)

Arun Transport Study (2013)

A29 Study (2013)

A259 Route Improvement Study (2013)

A29 Woodgate Study (2012)

Lyminster Bypass Study (2012)

A27 Junction Capacity Modelling (2010)

Strategic Transport Modelling Study and Addendum Reports (2009)

Arun District Strategic Transport Study (2006)


Enterprise Bognor Regis - Highway Infrastructure Viability Study - Study 2 (2014)

A study to inform the preparation of a Local Development Order (LDO) being prepared to support the delivery of the Strategic Employment Allocation at Enterprise Bognor Regis (EBR). Located, north of the Bognor Regis urban area, EBR encompasses  land, bounded by the Bognor Regis Relief Road (BRRR), Bognor Regis Golf course, Felpham Community College and the existing industrial area on Shripney Road. The EBR area is also bisected north-south by the Bognor Regis branch railway line and Lidsey Rife.

The overarching aims of the study are to:

  1. Assess the impact on existing transport infrastructure of future traffic generated by the Oldlands Farm, Salt Box and Rowan Caravan Park development sites in order to inform the preparation, and become part of the supporting evidence base for the LDO; and
  2. Establish the feasibility, viability and deliverability of a new road (referred to in this report as the ‘North/South’ Link Road), which would provide access between the former LEC Airfield and the existing highway network


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Arun Transport Study: Waste Site Allocation Transport Addendum - Final Report - Study 3 (2014)

A study to identify the impacts on the existing transport infrastructure from two strategic waste sites allocated in the emerging West Sussex Waste Local Plan (prepared by West Sussex County Council – WSCC in partnership with the South Downs National Park Authority – SDNPA) and a recent planning permission for one of these sites.

As part of the evidence base for the Arun Local Plan, the ‘Arun Transport Study for Strategic Development – Options and Sustainable Transport Measures’ was prepared in March 2013 by consultants WSP. The study included an assessment of strategic development locations within the District and identified the impact of these development options on committed transport infrastructure and public transport services. Where required, appropriate mitigation measures were then identified to minimise these impacts.

Proposals for the allocation of two strategic waste sites in Arun DC, at Hobbs Barn and Ford, were not included in the Arun Transport Study. However, in June 2013 WSCC undertook a junction sensitivity test of the A259 Crookthorn Lane/Church Lane roundabout at Climping to assess additional HGV generation at these sites with the Arun DC Local Plan forecast flows. The test concluded that the likely impact on future capacity would be relatively minor and that the proposed mitigation set out in the Arun Transport Study, to widen the westbound A259 approach, would satisfactorily address any residual cumulative impacts.

This study, commissioned by Arun DC, builds on the work already carried out and to provide further technical evidence to assess two Waste Management Facility sites, as
identified in the emerging West Sussex Waste Local Plan. As such the outcomes of this study should be read as an addendum to the 2013 Arun Transport Study.


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A29 Realignment Feasibility Study (July 2014)

This study builds on previous studies which investigated route options and the viability of the realignment of the A29. The study, prepared by SYSTRA Ltd considers in greater detail the realigned route with northern and southern tie-in options. It includes highway designs; an environmental appraisal; transport assessment and a financial viability and delivery plan.

Title page and contents [pdf] 353KB









Appendix A [pdf] 241KB

Appendix B Part 1 [pdf] 8MB

Appendix B Part 2 [pdf] 8MB

Appendix B Part 3 [pdf] 8MB

Appendix C [pdf] 405KB

Appendix D Introduction [pdf] 3MB

Appendix D Appendix 1 (Habitat Maps) [pdf] 2MB

Appendix D Appendix 2 (Photographs) [pdf] 3MB

Appendix D Appendix 3 (List of Plant Species) [pdf] 100KB

Appendix D Appendix 4 (List of Other Species) [pdf] 79KB

Appendix D Appendix 5 (Legislation and Policy) [pdf] 211KB

Appendix D Appendix 6 (LVIA Methodology) [pdf] 221KB

Appendix D Appendix 7 (Landscape and Visual Figures) [pdf] 8MB

Appendix D Appendix 8 (Landscape and Visual Impact Tables) [pdf] 354KB

Appendix E [pdf] 610KB

Appendix F [pdf] 554KB

Appendix G [pdf] 652KB

Appendix H [pdf] 331KB

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Local Plan Business Survey Report (July 2014)

This report presents the findings of a business survey which asked respondents to indicate their level of support for potential improvements to the highway infrastructure.

Local Plan Business Survey Report (July 2014) [pdf] 2MB

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A27 Arundel Bypass Wider Economic Impact Study (2013)

This document was not commissioned with a specific purpose of being evidence based for the Emerging Local Plan but is helpful background information for the development of it.

A27 Arundel Bypass Wider Economic Impact Study [pdf] 2MB

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Transport Study (2013)

Arun Transport Study [pdf] 22MB

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A29 Study (2013)

A29 Study Report Final with Appendices [pdf] 35MB 

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A259 Route Improvement Study (2013)

A259 RouteImprovement - Study Report - Non-technical Summary [pdf] 900KB

A259 Route Improvement - Study Report [pdf] 911KB

Appendix A_Junction Images [pdf] 213KB

Appendix B_Environmental Constraints Plan [pdf] 2MB

Appendix C_Desktop Safety Review [pdf] 3MB

Appendix D_Road Safety Audit & Designer Response [pdf] 471KB

Appendix E_Scheme Options Drawings [pdf] 749KB

Appendix F_Preferred Option Drawings [pdf] 3MB

Appendix G_Junction Model Outputs [pdf] 2MB

Appendix H_Cost Estimates [pdf] 10KB

Appendix I_Data Collection Note [pdf] 722KB

Appendix J_Evidence for Improvements Note [pdf] 5MB

Appendix K_Historic Scheme Proposals [pdf] 396KB

Appendix L_Scheme Options Drawings [pdf] 1MB

Appendix M_Preferred Option Drawings [pdf] 5MB

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A29 Woodgate Study - 2012

This study acts as evidence to support the emerging local plan, it assess the feasibility of a 'level crossing bypass’ for the A29 at Woodgate.

Volume 1
00 - A29 Woodgate - Study Report [pdf] 743KB
01 - Appendix 1 - Environmental Constraints Map [pdf] 3MB
02 - Appendix 2 - Cost Estimates [pdf] 291KB
03 - Appendix 3 - Funding Sources [pdf] 226KB
04 - Appendix 4 - Delivery Programme & Risk Register [pdf] 505KB
05 - Appendix 5 - Options Comparison Table [pdf] 352KB
06 - Appendix 6 - Five Case Business Model [pdf] 166KB
07 - Appendix 7 - Communications Register [pdf] 95KB
08 - Appendix 8 - Environmental Constraints Table [pdf] 234KB


Volume 2
00 - A29 Woodgate - Study Report - Vol 2 [pdf] 65KB
01 - A29 Highway Design Statement [pdf] 13MB
02 - A29 Footbridge Design Details [pdf] 5MB
03 - A29 Highway Details [pdf] 7MB
04 - A29 Highway DS & FOSD Calculations [pdf] 467KB
05 - A29 - RSA1 Design Amendments [pdf] 3MB


Volume 3
00 - A29 Woodgate - Study Report - Vol 3 [pdf] 264KB
01 - HW-SK-001 [pdf] 3MB
02 - HW-SK-002 [pdf] 5MB
03 - HW-SK-003 [pdf] 980KB
04 - HW-SK-004 [pdf] 2MB
05 - HW-SK-005 [pdf] 1MB
06 - HW-SK-006 [pdf] 1MB
07 - HW-SK-007 [pdf] 1MB
08 - HW-SK-008 [pdf] 1MB
09 - HW-SK-010 [pdf] 554KB
10 - HW-SK-011 [pdf] 3MB
11 - HW-SK-012 Rev B [pdf] 4MB
12 - HW-SK-013 Rev B [pdf] 2MB
13 - HW-SK-014 Rev B [pdf] 1MB
14 - WSCC & ADC- PROS & Land Ownership [pdf] 5MB
15 - DR-SK-001 [pdf] 3MB
16 - DR-SK-002 [pdf] 3MB
17 - DR-SK-003 [pdf] 3MB
18 - DR-SK-004 [pdf] 1MB
19 - ENV-SK-001 [pdf] 3MB
20 - STR-SK-001 [pdf] 2MB
21 - STR-SK-002 [pdf] 198KB

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Lyminster Bypass Study - 2012

The findings from this report will be used as supporting information by ADC to develop a Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) for the North of Littlehampton development - providing guidance to developers.

For an update on the current progress of the project, please click here: Lyminster Bypass

(For quick links to popular planning pages please click here: Planning Shortcuts)


Lyminster Bypass Study

Lyminster Bypass – Feasibility Study Overarching Report [pdf] 744KB
Appendicies, Figures & Tables
01 - Appendix A Environmental Constraints Report [pdf] 8MB
02 - Appendix A Desk Study and Consultation Responses Pt 1 [pdf] 4MB
03 - Appendix B Photographs from the initial site walkover [pdf] 2MB
Appendicies, Figures & Tables
04 - Drawings [pdf] 4MB
05 - Appendix B EA Correspondance [pdf] 2MB
06 - Appendix C Road Safety Audit Stage 1 – with Designers Response [pdf] 2MB
07 - Appendix D Cut and Fill Calculations [pdf] 40KB
08 - Appendix E WinDes Calculations [pdf] 209KB
09 - Appendix F Location Plan [pdf] 762KB
10 - Appendix G Traffic Flow Derivation [pdf] 85KB
11 - Appendix H Junction Analysis of Northern & Southern Tie-ins – PICADY Results [pdf] 169KB
12 - Appendix I Southern Bypass Drawings By Mayer Brown, Part Of 'North Littlehampton Masterplan' [pdf] 6MB
13 - Appendix J Scheduled Services Records [pdf] 7MB

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A27 Junction Capacity Modelling - October 2010

In June 2010 Mott MacDonald was commissioned by Arun District Council to undertake a capacity assessment of a number of junctions on the A27. The purpose of the capacity assessment was to evaluate eight future scenarios in terms of their impact on the road network at the following junctions:

• A27/B2233 priority junction
• A29/A27 roundabout and the A29/A27/Fontwell Avenue roundabout
• A27/A284 Crossbush signalised gyratory.

To view the full report click on the following link:

A27 Junction Capacity Modelling 2010 [pdf] 3MB

Two letters from the Highways Agency, the first commenting on an earlier draft  the report, are available here:

A27 Highways Agency Letter 9th December [pdf] 55KB

A27 Highways Agency Letter Mach 2011 [pdf] 50KB

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Strategic Transport Modelling Study 2009 and Addendum Reports

Consultants MVA were commissioned by the Council to undertake transport modelling to assess the potential impacts on the highways network of the three spatial development options considered in the Core Strategy Options for Growth consultation. The study updates previous analysis undertaken in the Arun Strategic Transport Study 2006.

To view the study please click on the following link:
Two addendum reports are referred to below. These do not constiture Council policy and they should be read in conjunction with other LDF Transport Studies.
The Arun District Local Development Framework: Core Strategy Revised Options Addendum to Final Report (November 2009) sets out the results and conclusions of a further ten tests that are variations of the previous scenarios. To view the document please click on the following link:
An additional addendum to the Transport Study relates specifically to further tests regarding the proposed Lyminster Bypass. To view this document please click on the following link:

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Arun District Strategic Transport Study 2006

The following study has been commissioned to provide background information relating to Transport.

Consultants MVA were commissioned by the Council to carry out transport modelling work to assess the potential impact on the highways network of housing and other development which may be required in Arun District over the period to 2026.  The study examined several possible scenarios involving major new housing development in one or more locations.

Two separate reports were produced which are available for download below.  Please note that the full reports contain detailed technical information.

These reports does not constitute Arun District Council policy, but will form part of the evidence base used in preparing the emerging Local Development Framework, and its constituent development plan documents

The Strategic Transport Study Main Report examined 5 separate scenarios involving development on greenfield land, please find report below:

Strategic Transport Study Main Report: Summary

Strategic Transport Study Main Report: Full Report

Strategic Transport Study Main Report: Appendices

The Strategic Transport Study Additional Scenarios report examined a further scenario involving major brownfield development in central Bognor Regis, both on its own and in combination with each of the five scenarios considered in the main report:

Strategic Transport Study Additional Scenarios: Conclusion

Strategic Transport Study Additional Scenarios: Full Report

Strategic Transport Study Additional Scenarios: Appendices

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