Arun District Council begins countdown to West Sussex County Council election


ballot box With less than six weeks until the West Sussex County Council elections take place, the election timetable has begun.

Election activity is marked by different events and procedures and Arun District Council will publicise these as and when they take place. The process begins with the publication of the Notice of Election on Monday, 27 March 2017.

This is followed by the Nomination period, which runs between 28 March and 4 April. This is the period of time when individuals who wish to stand for election must submit their completed nomination papers.  You can find out more about standing for election on Arun’s website.

By 4pm on 5 April, the Statement of Persons Nominated will be published.  These notices will set out who has been nominated to stand for election in each of the 13 electoral divisions in the Arun District.  

Everyone eligible to vote in these elections will receive a poll card.  If you are already registered to vote in this district you don’t need to re-register and will receive your poll card by 3 April.  If you still need to register, the simplest way is via the Government’s voter registration page.

The poll card also explains how to change your voting arrangement.  If you are due to be on holiday or away on the day of the poll, then there is still time to apply to vote by post as long as your application is received by 5pm on 18 April.

For more information about the elections and voting process, please visit Arun District Council's website or call the Election Helpline on 01903 737616