Arun District Council takes steps to prepare for budget challenges

news bulletin At a meeting held on 10 February 2020, Arun District Council Cabinet Members heard details of the proposed budget for the 2020/21.

The Council are anticipating a significant reduction in central government funding from 2021/22 and have taken steps to prepare for this.

Measures have been taken to focus on some vital areas such as significant additional expenditure associated with homelessness, and to combat the reduction in payment from West Sussex County Council for recycling credits by a further £857k which means a reduction of approximately £1M over the last two years

A key focus for the Council continues to be the provision of high-level front-line services, which include, among others, maintaining award-winning parks and greenspaces, emptying your bins, inspecting restaurants and cafes for food hygiene, keeping toilets clean and in working order. These services will continue to be provided in 2020/21 with our share of the council tax increasing by £4.95 per annum (less than10p per week) for a typical Band D dwelling.

The council continues to concentrate on housing solutions and the budget report shows that the Housing Revenue Account (HRA) stock development programme has 63 approved units with an additional 26 units being approved very recently, therefore the new total will be 89.