Businesses give a ringing endorsement to Bognor Regis Town Centre improvements


bognor regis town centre Businesses and other stakeholders have voted in favour of establishing a Business Improvement District (BID) in Bognor Regis.   

Starting April 1 2018, the BID will invest more than £700,000 in projects and the management of Bognor Regis Town Centre over the next five years.  

Led by Town Centre Manager, Toyubur Rahman, the campaign for the BID focused on promotion, safety, an active evening economy and parking.

Councillor Mrs Gillian Brown, Leader of Arun District Council, said: "It’s great to be in partnership with businesses in Bognor Regis and to jointly be investing in the town. 

"The referendum result clearly shows businesses in the town have an appetite to improve the town centre for themselves, their employees and, of course, their customers. BIDs are generally accepted as the way forward for town centre management and it is great that the businesses in Bognor Regis have embraced this so fully.”