Changes to Cabinet announced at Annual Council


cabinet During the Annual meeting of Arun District Council on Wednesday 17 May 2017, the Leader of the Council, Cllr Mrs Gillian Brown, announced significant changes to the Cabinet and the Cabinet portfolio responsibilities.

The new Cabinet comprises:

Cllr Mrs Brown – Leader of the Council and Economy

Cllr Dudley Wensley – Deputy Leader and Corporate Support

Cllr John Charles – Planning

Cllr Mike Clayden – Community Wellbeing

Cllr Stephen Haymes – Technical Services

Cllr Trevor Bence – Residential Services

Cllr Paul Wotherspoon – Neighbourhood Services

Councillor Mrs Brown said: “We have an extremely strong and experienced team to take us forward in the coming year and I am delighted to welcome the new Cabinet members.

“We are committed to delivering Arun priorities – the things our customers have told us are most important to them. Our priority will be to maintain high quality front line services and work with our partners to ensure that Arun residents receive value for money and commitment from their Council.

“The Council’s 2020 Vision project remains the main focus for us and as part of the adoption of this progressive way of working there have been changes to the structure of corporate and senior management at Arun District Council. We now have fewer Director posts and have appointed new Group Head positions. As part of the change, there was a need to align the Cabinet members with the new areas and portfolios and this meant making changes.

“In order to move forward and deliver the 2020 Vision effectively it is important to use the skills, knowledge and experience amongst our councillors. This means that the portfolios and services can be managed and delivered to the highest standards.

“The Local Plan has also entered the final phase as we reach the end of the public consultation on the main modifications and pass it over to the inspector to make his assessment and judgment on the adoption of the plan. It is therefore timely to adjust the skill set in the Cabinet so that we can build on the hard work, commitment and determination shown by Cllr Bower over the last 10 years, in order to progress the Plan to the adoption stage.

“As with all Councils and indeed, central Government, Cabinet shuffles are common place and necessary to ensure that services continue to be delivered to high standards and a forward thinking vision is delivered.

The first meeting of Arun’s new cabinet will take place on Monday 19 June at the Arun Civic Centre in Littlehampton.