Council tax rise agreed to protect essential services


house Arun District Council has agreed its budget for 2017/18 during a Special Council meeting held on 22 February 2017.

Council tax will see an increase of 2.98 per cent to help the council tax to maintain its financial support to a range of essential public services, despite cuts in government support.

The Council tax rise of 2.98 per cent equates to an extra 10p per week for an average Band D property, giving a new charge of just £3.30 per week. This means that Arun’s share of the council tax remains below the national average.

Cllr Mrs Brown said: “The Council has consistently agreed and continues to deliver budgets that give excellent value for money and this year has achieved a virtually balanced budget. Whilst we consider any increase extremely carefully, I believe that this modest rise of just 10p per week is required to help to protect our delivery of high quality and essential services.

“It is apparent that concerns about future funding from government, means that our finances will come under further pressure and we need to protect our position. Last year’s increase was the first for six years, and we believe that in order to counter the decrease in central government funding and provide the best for our residents, we must make this increase.

“We are already taking great steps to take care of future budgets by negotiating key service contracts in the areas of cleansing, leisure management and greenspace which will provide a significant financial boost and play a big part in protecting the essential services we provide.”

The increase will be introduced from April 2017 and the charge will be calculated on Arun District Council’s part of the council tax bill, raising an extra £294,000 a year to invest in services for the public.

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