Horlicks? What does Bognor Regis mean to you!


bognor seafront A survey launched to get a feel for how people perceive Bognor Regis and how it could be improved has thrown up some interesting replies.

The imaginative survey asked questions such as ‘Why is the town better than other places?’, ‘If it was a celebrity who would it be?’, and ‘What would be the catalyst for its renaissance?’

Responses to the question, ‘If Bognor Regis was a consumer brand, what would it be?’ included; ‘Horlicks. Cosy and warm, but a bit old-fashioned’ and ‘Heinz Baked Beans. Fondly remembered, predictable and surprisingly nourishing’.

One response from a local says that, “The people of Bognor Regis are willing to admit that the town is a little tired but are creative and ‘sound’ enough to know when it’s time to change.”

Created by Wayne + Jack Hemingway and the HemingwayDesign team, the questionnaire is designed to help develop a place brand for the town as part of future marketing campaigns to articulate a clear and positive message of what Bognor Regis stands for.


Proposed by Arun District Council, West Sussex County Council and the University of Chichester, the campaign aims to change negative perceptions of the resort and relaunch it as one of the UK’s leading destinations.


Now the team need more people to complete the survey in order to understand better what the town stands for to those who live, work and visit Bognor Regis.

Wayne Hemingway MBE said: “We’ve had some cracking responses, people haven’t held back in their constructive criticisms of the town and we’ve had some amusing comparisons to celebrities, including Bruce Forsyth because it’s still popular and has a twinkle in its eye but has seen better days!

“But they’ve also really opened their hearts about what they love about the town and their hopes and dreams for it in the future.

“We’ve had a good response so far but it would be fantastic if people who haven’t completed the survey yet could find ten minutes to do so as it will really help us in our quest to deliver an identity that captures the unique spirit and opportunities that Bognor Regis presents and to have something to support  the major investment  that has gone into enhancing the town centre public spaces, and the work that is underway to create the new ‘Tech Park’ by the University of Chichester, the Platform creative digital hub at Bognor Regis train station and multi-million pound leisure and splash pool at Butlin’s.”

To complete the survey, go to