Play area consultation set to start

park Arun residents are invited to have their say on the future of play areas in the district in order to help shape the Council’s 10-year Play Area Strategy.

In total, Arun District Council manages 89 playgrounds, from multi-age facilities to small individual neighbourhood sites within housing developments, along with skate parks and multi-use games areas.

Under the previous play strategy which expired in 2016, the Council invested heavily in improving popular play areas such as Mewsbrook Park, Avisford Park, West Park, Lion’s Den and Hotham Park as well as removing 14 low value play areas where better alternative facilities existed close by.

Along with public consultation, the Council will also seek the views of town and parish councils, as well as monitoring the current use of all play areas and assessing what they have to offer.

Following on from this, the draft 10-year sustainable Play Area Strategy is set to be ready for approval by Arun District Council’s cabinet members this autumn.

Philippa Dart, Director of Services at Arun District Council, said: “Along with the results of public consultation and census data, we will use data on play area use recorded over the period of a whole year to shape the strategy. There is a legacy of over provision of low-quality play areas provided 20 years ago through housing development which no longer meet best practice or current standards for play.

“Replacing equipment in play areas is hugely expensive, so we need to make the best use of our Council taxpayers’ money, which means prioritising investment in play areas which meet the greatest need. We must ensure all young people have fair and proportionate access to good quality play facilities.

“I would urge all interested residents to take part in the consultation as their views will help us to shape the future of play facilities in Arun.”

The consultation will begin on May 22 2017. To take part from that date onwards, go to