Pagham Neighbourhood Development Plan


The documents in the table below form stages of the Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012. More documents will be added as they become available. 


Statutory Sections of the Neighbourhood Planning Regulations
Reg. 5 and 6 - Area designation
The designation of a neighbourhood area is the first formal stage in preparing a Neighbourhood Development Plan (see the Neighbourhood Planning Regulations 2012). The approved designated areas within Arun District Council’s Local Planning Authority Area (LPAA) are shown in the  Neighbourhood Areas Designation Map.pdf [pdf] 2MB

Parish and Town Councils are able to continue work on their neighbourhood plan while the proposed geography of the neighbourhood area is being determined.

Arun District Council is committed to publishing all applications received in its LPAA (in accordance with The Town and Country Planning Act 1990, The Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012 Part 2, Regulation 6).

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the following Town/Parish Council has applied to Arun District Council and the South Downs National Park Authority (if applicable) for designation of Neighbourhood Area under Part 2 of the Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012.

These documents indicate those areas where Arun District Council has received an application to designate a Neighbourhood Area in its LPAA.

Consultation Dates: 27th February 2014 - 10th April 2014

Pagham - Application form and map.pdf [pdf] 208KB

Reg. 7 - Publicising a designation of a neighbourhood area etc.
Decision published on 10th December 2012
Pagham - Designation decision notice.pdf [pdf] 441KB

Reg. 14 - Pre-submission consultation and publicity

Consultation Dates: 2nd October 2015 - 13th November 2015

Please note that this Reg.14 version Plan has been withdrawn by the Parish Council on 29th July 2019

Pagham Parish Council Website

Pagham Neighbourhood Plan September 2015.pdf [pdf] 4MB

Pagham HRA Scoping Document.pdf [pdf] 5MB

Pagham Reasonable Alternatives.pdf [pdf] 2MB

Pagham Pre Submission Proposals Map.pdf [pdf] 1MB

Pagham Proposals Map Inset.pdf [pdf] 2MB 

Reg. 14 - Pre-submission consultation and publicity

Consultation Dates: 19th July 2019 – 31st August 2019

(Please note that this is a new plan written by the Parish Council since consultation responses from the Reg.14 done in 2015)

Notice of Publication of Pagham Development Management Plan 190719.pdf [pdf] 96KB

np binder.pdf [pdf] 2MB

ADC comments on reg 14 Pagham Pre Submission 02082019.pdf [pdf] 614KB

Reg. 15 - Plan proposals (submission)

Reg. 16 - Publicising a plan proposal


Reg. 17 - Submission of a plan proposal to examination

The submission documents and the representations received were sent to the Examiner and the Parish Council.

Reg. 18 - Publication of the examiner’s report and plan proposal decisions  
Reg. 19 - Decision on a plan proposal  
Reg. 20 -  Publicising a Neighbourhood Development Plan (‘made’ plans)  


Upon careful review of the Pagham Neighbourhood Plan, Pagham Parish Council and Arun District Council withdrew the original plan from the examination process at an early stage. It was felt that the plan could be made more robust by producing some further detailed studies and the Natural England Reg.16 representation also affirmed this. Documents from the original submission are available below. 


Archived documents from the Pagham Consultation 24th September 2014 - 5th November 2014

The documents listed below are the Pagham Consultation documents for 24th September 2014 - 5th November 2014. This consultation has been paused for further studies to be undertaken. These documents have been superseded but are available to view for your information.