6 May 2021 Elections

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Elections that are taking place on 6 May 2021

Deadline Dates

Application to register - we must receive your completed application by Monday 19 April 2021 visit www.gov.uk/register-to-vote 

Application for a postal vote - we must receive your completed application by 5pm on Tuesday 20 April 2021 Postal Vote Application Form.pdf [pdf] 103KB

Application for a proxy vote - we must receive your completed application by 5pm on Tuesday 27 April 2021 Proxy Vote Application Form.pdf [pdf] 198KB

For further details visit our electoral registration page.

Election Notices

Combined Election Timetable -  Election Timetable [pdf] 170KB

Household Notification Letter and accompanying election arrangements leaflet

On 15 January 2021 we will be sending a household notification letter (HNL) to all residential households within Arun, with this we will also be including an election arrangements leaflet.

Polling station arrangements

Due to the Covid19 Pandemic we have had to look closely at our arrangements for the use of polling station premises for these elections. To ensure that all polling stations are safe places for both voters and our staff we have taken the decision to reduce the number of premises we use for these elections only. We have sought advice from the Electoral Commission, Association of Electoral Administrators, the PARO for the Sussex Police & Crime Commissioner election, the County Returning Officer for West Sussex County Council as well as the Arun District Council Health and Safety department. In response to this advice Nigel Lynn, the Chief Executive and Returning officer of Arun District Council has used his Delegated Authority to use two suitable venues for each of the 13 county divisions within the Arun District. A list of the amended polling stations can be found here: Polling Station List 2021 [pdf] 136KB

Candidates and Agents Briefing

A candidates and agents briefing will take place via Zoom on Thursday 25 February 2021 at 2.30pm. If you would like to attend this virtual meeting please email nominations@arun.gov.uk and we will send you the meeting invite. This will give you an opportunity to receive further information on the election arrangements, ask questions and see examples of how to complete a nomination paper. 

West Sussex will also be holding an event on Tuesday 23 February 2021, details can be found here:  Candidates Event [pdf] 83KB

Nomination Arrangements

We will be introducing new procedures for the receipt and checking of nomination papers for these elections. (Please note that the nomination arrangements for the Sussex Police & Commissioner election will be managed by Brighton & Hove City Council, information on this can be found by visiting their website: https://www.brighton-hove.gov.uk/content/council-and-democracy/voting-and-elections/elections-and-events )

For the West Sussex County Council and local by-elections the arrangements will be as follows:

  1. As with last year, the nomination packs will be available on the website from approximately the end of January 2021, this will include the papers as well as useful information to help you complete them.
  2. If you require a paper copy of these please email nominations@arun.gov.uk to request these, they will then be posted to you.
  3. We are asking that completed nomination papers are scanned and emailed to nominations@arun.gov.uk from Tuesday 30 March 2021 so that we can carry out informal checks and email the candidate/agent back with any amendments that need to be completed before the papers are formally received.
  4. If the papers are not able to be scanned they can be hand delivered to the Civic Centre offices in Littlehampton and left to be checked, we are not running an appointment system for you to be able to wait whilst they are being checked. If any amendments need to be made contact details will need to be provided so that we can ask to you to return to the offices to make these at a later time.
  5. The deadline for us to receive the completed nomination papers at the Civic Centre is 4pm on Thursday 8 April 2021, we ask that nomination papers are not handed in on this day unless they have been informally checked beforehand. If any amendments are needed it makes it very difficult to get them completed on the last day and we cannot accept anything after the 4pm deadline.
  6. For any questions or assistance that is needed please use the nominations@arun.gov.uk email address.

Despatch of Postal Vote Packs

Any electors who have applied for a postal vote by Monday 29 March 2021 will be in the 1st despatch of postal vote packs on Wednesday 21 April 2021. Anyone who applies between Tuesday 30 March and the deadline of 5pm on Tuesday 20 April 2021 will be posted in the 2nd despatch on Monday 26 April 2021. Any electors who have not received their postal packs can only be sent a replacement from Thursday 29 April 2021 as per the legislation.

Verification of all ballot papers and the count for West Sussex County Council and local by-elections – Friday 7 May 2021

The verification of all ballot papers will take place at the Arun Leisure Centre in Felpham, Bognor Regis on the morning of Friday 7 May 2021. Once all ballot papers have been verified the Police and Crime Commissioner ballot papers will be stored securely and we will go on to count the West Sussex County Council elections and the local by-elections and neighbourhood plan referendum will follow. All results will be announced by Nigel Lynn, the Returning Officer for Arun District Council and Deputy County Returning Officer for West Sussex County Council.

Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner election count – Monday 10 May 2021

The count for the Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner election (Arun counting area) will commence on Monday 10 May 2021 at the Arun Leisure Centre, Felpham, Bognor Regis. The local result will be announced by Nigel Lynn, the Local Returning Officer for the Police & Crime Commissioner election, the main result for the whole of Sussex will be announced by Geoff Raw the Police Area Returning Officer (PARO) at Brighton and Hove City Council.

stay safe at polling stations