Access Declaration for Internal Building Works Inspection


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Property owner's name:
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Due to the current Covid-19 situation, Building Control are following national guidelines and not entering properties to inspect any internal building works.

However, in exceptional circumstances, it may be possible to carry out an internal completion inspection of your development.

In the first instance you will be required to complete the following Access Decleration for Internal Building Works Inspectionand return it by email to Your declaration will then be reviewed so that a risk assessment may be undertaken prior to any inspection.  The risk assessment outcome will determine the extent of any inspection or whether it will need to be postponed until guidance/policy changes.


Has anyone at the property shown signs of Covid-19 in the last 14 days? Y/N   

Has anyone at the property been ill through Covid-19?


Is any occupant clinically extremely vulnerable (shielding)?


You can check if you fall into the group from the link below:

Is any occupant clinically vulnerable?


You can check if you fall into the group from the link below (Section 9):


Has anyone at the property had symptoms of Covid-19 (new continuous cough/loss or change in taste or smell/high temperature) in the last 14 days?


You can check if you fall into the group from the link below


Is anyone in the property currently self-isolating?


Is the property currently for sale?


Has the property been sold?


I confirm that the Building Control Surveyor is to have unimpeded access to the area containing the building works


Concerning access, the Surveyor will be able to enter the area of works directly from the outside without having to walk through the property where possible (such as rear extensions etc)?


All doors/windows leading to and within the area of works are be left open at least 30 minutes prior to the inspection time and during the inspection to avoid surface contact and retain natural ventilation to the room


You should also maintain ventilation for at least 30 minutes following the inspection


Any door/window handles or handrails leading to the area of works are ideally wiped/cleaned prior to the Surveyor entering the property.

You should also repeat this cleaning following the inspection


All occupants (and any mobile pets) or others present at the property are to move outside of the building in the first instance or where not possible as a minimum onto a different floor level (where available).


All lights/switches/extractor fans etc are to be in operation.


Where applicable, access to Loft areas will have the loft hatch already open with a suitable (cleaned) ladder in position ready for use by the Surveyor










Thank you for completing this declaration. If you could now email this form to On receipt of your declaration and should the Site Visit be agreed to go ahead, please note the following:

  • A surveyor will visit the site on the agreed day, having contacted you by ‘phone prior to arrival.
  • On arrival, the Surveyor will knock on the door and move back 2m away whist the door is opened in order to maintain safe distancing.
  • Surveyors will arrive on site wearing both disposable masks and gloves
  • The Surveyor will move about the building and avoid touching surfaces.
  • The Surveyor will respectfully ensure that they maintain the recognised 2m safe distance between themselves and any others within the property.
  • At the conclusion of the Site Visit the Surveyor will verbally (whilst observing safe distance) inform of any issues that require your attention. A corresponding email summarising any such matters will then be issued.
  • We have comprehensive sickness and isolation reporting arrangements and strictly adhere to Government and medical advice concerning COVID-19 and exclusion of our staff


Please be aware that on arrival at the property, the Surveyor has the discretion to abort the inspection if there is reason to believe that any of the above points have not been put in place.

You are therefore advised to use the above declaration as a checklist to ensure you property is appropriately ready for the inspection.
Finally, If the health status of any occupant including someone being instructed to self-isolate without symptoms should change you must notify us immediately in advance of any arranged visit to your premises.

Obviously, I am sorry that we must consider all the above issues, but we are making these considerations in order to protect both you and the visiting Surveyors when carrying out these types of inspections.


Thank you for your support.


Jim Henn, Building Control Manager