A warm home leads to a healthy body this winter

A warm home leads to a healthy body this winter

If you are on a low income, struggling to pay your energy bills, and worried about keeping warm this winter, help is on hand from Arun District Council’s Home Energy Visitors. 

Having a cold or damp home can lead to health problems or make existing issues worse.

There are lots of ways to heat your home more efficiently and reduce your bills and if you pay more than £80 a month on fuel bills then you may qualify for our free service. Some of the ways in which we can help you include: 

•    Advice on how you can change your tariff and save up to £412 per year. 
•    How to claim the discounts you may be entitled to. 
•    Access to free or subsidised insulation. 
•    Fitting energy efficient devices and monitors to see how much energy you are using. 

Councillor Paul Wotherspoon, Cabinet Member for Community Services, said: “It’s not just older people who need our help; it’s those with young children or people of any age who are struggling to pay their bills and feel warm enough at home. 

“I would like to encourage those on low incomes to ring their supplier to see if they qualify for the Warm Homes Discount – just five minutes could save you £140 on your electricity bill.”

For further advice or to arrange a home visit, please call our Home Energy Visitors, Emma Pagett or Jo Williamson, on 01903 737862.  

Arun Wellbeing is funded by West Sussex County Council Public Health which has commissioned Arun District Council (and other local councils in West Sussex) to deliver it in their local communities.  It is a preventive service aimed at reducing the risk factors for cardiovascular disease, preventable cancers and diabetes, and open to all, but particularly those who are concerned about their health.  You can be referred by your GP or refer yourself.  Our services are completely free of charge.  We also have a wealth of information about other local services to pass on to you.  Contact Arun Wellbeing Team:  Telephone: 01903 737862; Email: info@arunwellbeing.org.uk; Website: www.arunwellbeing.org.uk ; Follow us on Twitter at @ArunWellbeing