A to Z

A to Z of Services

  1. Account: Check your rent balance
  2. Antisocial behaviour: Antisocial behaviour
  3. Appointments: Make or change an appointment
  4. Arun Times: Arun Times
  5. Beaches: Beach huts
  6. Beaches: Our beaches
  7. Benefits: Council Tax Reduction
  8. Benefits: Housing Benefit
  9. Benefits: Universal Credit
  10. Bins: Check your bin day
  11. Bins: Litter
  12. Bins: Missed bin collection
  13. Bins: Unwanted items
  14. Bonfires: Air quality
  15. Building control: Building control and regulations
  16. Building control: Site inspections
  17. Bus pass: Bus pass - West Sussex County Council
  18. Business rates: Business rates explained
  19. Business rates: Pay your business rates
  20. Business rates: Rates discounts and exemptions
  21. Business support and advice: Business support
  22. Car parks: Car parks
  23. CCTV: CCTV Policy
  24. CCTV: CCTV Strategy
  25. Cemeteries: Cemeteries
  26. Census results: District and population
  27. Chief Officers: Our management teams
  28. Climate change: Climate change
  29. CMT: Our management teams
  30. Complaints: Code of Conduct
  31. Complaints: Compliments and complaints
  32. Conservation areas: Conservation areas
  33. Constitution: Constitution
  34. Consultations: Consultation surveys
  35. Cost of living: Cost of living support
  36. Council data and information: Facts and figures
  37. Council housing: Council tenants
  38. Council housing: Rent
  39. Council housing: Reporting problems
  40. Council meetings: Your council
  41. Council performance: Council vision and performance
  42. Council Tax: Bands and charges
  43. Council Tax: Discounts and exemptions
  44. Council Tax: Help to pay your Council Tax
  45. Council Tax: Pay your Council Tax
  46. Council Tax: Register for Council Tax
  47. Council vision: Council vision and performance
  48. Councillors: Find your councillor
  49. Customer Services Strategy: Customer services strategy
  50. Data protection: Data protection
  51. Deaths: Cemeteries
  52. Debt: Benefits
  53. Debt: Debt advice
  54. Debt: Help to pay your Council Tax
  55. Debt: Problems paying your rent
  56. Dispensations: Parking dispensations
  57. Dogs: Dogs
  58. Elections: Elections
  59. Elections: Previous results
  60. Elections: Register to vote
  61. Elections: Upcoming elections and referendums
  62. Emergencies: Emergency planning service
  63. Emergency housing: Advice about homelessness
  64. Emergency housing: Emergency housing
  65. Environmental health: Air quality
  66. Environmental health: Asbestos
  67. Environmental health: Food and public health
  68. Environmental health: Noise complaints
  69. Environmental health: Overgrown or rubbish filled gardens
  70. Environmental health: Public register
  71. Environmental health: Water quality
  72. Equality policy: Equality and diversity
  73. Events: Apply to hold an event
  74. Events: Events
  75. Financial information: Financial information
  76. Financial questionnaire: Financial questionnaire
  77. Fines: Fines
  78. Fixed Penalty Notices: Fines
  79. Flooding: Emergency planning service
  80. Fly tipping: Report it
  81. Food: Food and public health
  82. Food: Food Hygiene Rating Scheme
  83. Food: Food premises registration
  84. Fraud: Fraud
  85. Freedom of Information: Freedom of information
  86. Garages: Rent a garage
  87. Garden waste: Garden waste
  88. Graffiti: Report it
  89. Grass cutting: How we look after our greenspace
  90. Home adaptations: Adapting your home
  91. Housing: Council tenants
  92. Housing: Finding a home
  93. Housing: Homeless or at risk of homelessness
  94. Housing: i-housing
  95. Housing: Repairs
  96. Housing Benefit: Housing Benefit
  97. i-housing: i-housing
  98. Jobs: Jobs
  99. Leaseholders: Leaseholders
  100. Leisure centres: Leisure centres
  101. Licenses: Alcohol and entertainment
  102. Licenses: Houses in multiple occupation (HMO)
  103. Licenses: Licensing
  104. Licenses: Pavement licensing
  105. Licenses: Taxi and private hire licensing
  106. Lifeline: Lifeline
  107. Listed buildings: Listed buildings
  108. Litter: Litter
  109. Local Land Charges: Local Land Charges
  110. Local Plan: Our Local Plan
  111. Management: Our management teams
  112. Maps: Maps
  113. Meetings: Council meetings
  114. National Fraud Initiative (NFI): Fraud
  115. News: Latest news
  116. Noise: Noise complaints
  117. Noise: Noisy neighbours
  118. Parish and Town Councils: Town and parish councils
  119. Parking: Car parks
  120. Parking: Parking permits
  121. Parking: Parking tickets
  122. Parks: Parks, play areas and nature reserves
  123. Performance: Council vision and performance
  124. Pest control: Pest control
  125. Petitions: Petitions
  126. Planning: Building control and regulations
  127. Planning: Conservation, protection and heritage
  128. Planning: Contact planning
  129. Planning: Local Land Charges
  130. Planning: Planning permission
  131. Planning: Planning policy
  132. Planning: Search for a planning application
  133. Planning: Street naming and numbering
  134. Population facts: District and population
  135. Proxy votes: Emergency proxy votes
  136. Proxy votes: Postal proxy votes
  137. Proxy votes: Proxy votes
  138. Public register: Dog breeding
  139. Public register: Public register
  140. Public toilets: Public toilets
  141. Recycling and rubbish: 1, 2, 3 food waste collection trial
  142. Recycling and rubbish: Check your bin day
  143. Recycling and rubbish: Garden waste
  144. Recycling and rubbish: Missed bin collection
  145. Recycling and rubbish: Unwanted items
  146. Recycling and rubbish: What goes in your bin
  147. Referendums: Previous results
  148. Referendums: Referendums
  149. Regeneration: Regeneration and economic development
  150. Repairs: Repairs
  151. Residents survey: Consultation surveys
  152. Safeguarding: Safeguarding children and vulnerable adults
  153. Senior Management: Our management teams
  154. Smoke: Air quality
  155. Sports centres: Leisure centres
  156. Statistics: District and population
  157. Storms: Emergency planning service
  158. Stray dogs: Dogs
  159. Street cleaning: Clean streets
  160. Street names: Street naming and numbering
  161. Street party: Street parties and town centre events
  162. Support: Cost of living support
  163. Taxi and private hire licences: Taxi and private hire licensing
  164. Telecare: Lifeline
  165. The electoral register: Electoral and open register
  166. The electoral register: Viewing the electoral register
  167. Toilets: Public toilets
  168. Town and Parish Councils: Town and parish councils
  169. Transparency: Facts and figures
  170. Trees: Tree works and preservation
  171. Trees: Trees
  172. Universal Credit: Universal Credit
  173. Vacancies: Jobs
  174. Vision: Council vision and performance
  175. Waste: 1, 2, 3 food waste collection trial
  176. Waste: Check your bin day
  177. Waste: Garden waste
  178. Waste: Missed bin collection
  179. Waste: What goes in your bin
  180. Water: Water quality
  181. Wellbeing: Arun Wellbeing
  182. Whistleblowing: Fraud