About the Service

We offer a complete and comprehensive Pest Control Service to domestic, commercial and agricultural premises, and can provide bespoke pest detection and prevention contracts to suit your individual business needs. We are able to treat all domestic premises including privately owned properties. 

We also offer free advice on proofing, prevention and hygiene matters relating to Pest Control, as well as an insect identification service.

For information on specific pests, please go back to the pest control landing page and select the pest you require. 

This service is chargeable, please see our pest control fees page for more information. The fee will be payable at the time of booking, so please have your card details ready. We will not usually be able to refund the payment once treatment is underway. If you have received an invoice for this service and would like information about how to pay it, please see our paying an invoice page.


About your appointment

You will be offered either a morning or an afternoon appointment.

AM Appointments will be between 9.30-13.30
PM Appointments will be between 12.00-16.30

Unfortunately, we can not be more specific than this, as it allows our officers to plan the most efficient route to cover the jobs they have booked for that particular day. Our officers will be carrying identification, which you can ask for, but should introduce themselves to you. 

All prices cover the whole treatment, and there are no hidden extras. For rodents, whether they are internal or external, 3 visits are about the average to deal with a problem. However, if further visits are required, then these are included. Wasps and other insects generally only require one visit, but if the officer feels it is necessary to make a follow up appointment we will arrange that with you at no extra cost.

For rodent treatments, we use mainly anticoagulant based rodenticides in various formulations. Their action is similar to that of warfarin, in that they stop the blood from clotting. All our rodenticides are second generation anticoagulants, and as far as we are aware, there are no tolerance or resistance issues in the Arun area. All rodenticides are carefully placed in sheltered locations away from the reach of animals and children. As part of the treatment, we will survey your property and, in the case of rats, check the drainage systems too. It is not always possible to find entry points, particularly in terraced houses and blocks of flats. Entry points by mice can be very difficult to locate. If we find anything, we will tell you, and offer advice on remedying the situation.

For wasp treatments, an insecticidal powder is introduced to the nest, which attacks the individual wasps. This gradually transfers from one to another, and soon all are affected. 


Insects for identification

If you are able to bring the insect into either Bognor Regis Town Hall, or Arun Civic Centre, we will identify it for you. Collection and storage in jars or tubs, rather than stuck to sticky tape is helpful. You need to provide us with as much information as you can about where the bug was found, how many there were etc, and your contact details. We will contact you and inform you of what you have found, and to advise on whether any treatment is necessary. We are able to visit your property to make an identification, but there may be a charge for this visit.


Business contracts

We are able to offer tailor made contracts for businesses. The benefits of having a contract are:

  • Routine monthly inspections
  • Identification and treatment of problems before they arise
  • Constant monitoring for all pest species on contract
  • Insect identification

Routine, follow up and emergency call outs are included in the cost. For information about the service or to obtain a quote, please email pest.control@arun.gov.uk or phone 01903 737755.



"The whole exercise worked very well. Thank you for dealing with me so quickly and efficiently..."

"Very prompt and informative"

"...the Officer was kind, helpful and understanding..."

"An excellent service - extremely helpful and knowledgeable Pest Control Officer"

"Very happy with the service I received, thank you"

"Fast and efficient service. Good value for money"

"Appointment arranged for next day after phoning dept. Prompt efficient service. Thank you"

"[The Officer] was very helpful and dealt with the wasps nest very well"