Arun Choice Based Lettings

What is Choice Based Lettings?

Choice Based Lettings gives people more choice about where they live. Rather than the council allocating properties, the scheme enables tenants and new housing applicants to bid for the properties they are interested in. All available properties will be advertised on I-Housing.
People seeking to move will be put into one of three broad bands according to their housing need.

What are the bands?

People are placed into one of three bands that show their priority for housing. Band A, which is the highest priority, Band B & Band C. Our Allocations_Scheme_2014 amended 2018.docx [docx] 545KB explains this in lots of detail.

How do I get onto the I-Housing scheme?

You can apply to the Housing Register at any time by completing our online form. If your application is accepted, we will write to you with your unique number, registration date and your banding. Please note that you must have a proved local connection and a housing need for your application to be accepted. Please see the CBL User Guide.pdf [pdf] 1MB for more information. 
If you do not agree with your band you should first look at the Allocations Scheme 2014 amended 2017 [docx] 543KB which shows how we apply the bands, then write to us and tell us why you think you should be in a different band. It is helpful if you point to the criteria in the new band that you believe applies to you, and show why with some evidence.

How is housing allocated?

Every two weeks we advertise all available empty properties through I-Housing. The property adverts tell you all about each property, for example how many bedrooms, what the rent is, who the landlord is and if any restrictions apply. However, it may be necessary to withdraw advertised properties in some circumstances.
You can place up to 4 bids of interest on properties you are eligible for. All the bids for a property are recorded in priority order by band, local connection and time on the register. Once the time for bidding is closed, the council contacts the successful applicants to offer the property. You can make bids via the website or by telephone on 01903 737552.

What type of property can I bid for?

You can bid for all types of property suitable for your family's needs. The council will advertise properties by:
• Property size - the property advert includes how many bedrooms the property has and a minimum/maximum number of people in the household that can apply
• Adapted properties and those with a mobility code may be reserved for people with a matching requirement of need
• Ground Floor accommodation may be offered only to those people who have an agreed need for such properties
• Sheltered accommodation is only available only for people who meet the age requirements or have specialist needs and require an on call system.

How many bids can I make?

You can bid for up to four properties in every fortnight cycle. This commences at 4pm on Thursday and the bidding deadline will be the following Wednesday at midnight.

Once I've made a bid can I change my mind?

Yes - you can change or withdraw your bid if you want to and you can choose to refuse the offer if you want to. This does not apply to those applicants who are owed a main homelessness duty by Arun District Council. 

How do I know if my bid is successful?

If you are offered a property, the Allocations Team will contact you to make an arrangement for you to view it as soon as possible. You can decide to accept or refuse the offer when you view the property or within 24 hours of viewing. We can make arrangements if you have any special needs or requirements.
We will not write to you if your bid is not successful but we will publish feedback about the number of bids we had for each property and what band the successful bidder was in.

What if I am Homeless and need to be housed quickly ?

Some homeless households will have a very high priority and will have the chance to bid for empty properties coming up.  In urgent cases it may be necessary for the council to allocate a property. Applicants accepted as Homeless will be expected to bid on all suitable properties.
For more information, please call the Allocations Team on (01903) 737500 or email us on