ADC responds to Facebook post by Cllr Jan Cosgrove


We are disappointed to read a public Facebook message from Bognor Regis Town Councillor Jan Cosgrove criticising the hardworking council staff running and administering the Police and Crime Commissioner and the European Union Referendum elections in May and June. There will be additional work involved in running the Parish Poll. Managing two elections in the same time frame is no small task and staff should be congratulated and thanked for their commitment and dedication to the successful delivery of these Polls.

Our disappointment extends to the negative and prejudiced comments made by Cllr Cosgrove in relation to Syrian, Polish and Slovakian people. This is unnecessary and in very poor taste.

We would also like to clarify that the estimated cost of this election will be in excess of £20k and we can confirm that under no circumstances will Arun District Council inflate the costs. The costs will be the actual costs incurred in administering the Polls.