Angmering (North)


angmering north

The Arun Local Plan 2011-2031 identifies a number of ‘Strategic Allocations’ which are areas of land (sites) that have been identified to provide residential and commercial development to meet local housing and employment needs throughout the plan period (2011-2031).

The Arun Local Plan 2011-2031 identifies the Angmering North strategic allocation under policy H SP2c (SD9) as delivering at least 800 dwellings over the plan period. It is also a requirement for the strategic allocation to provide enhancements to the existing library, education, road and healthcare facilities. The allocation is situated in close proximity to the South Downs National Park and as such landscaping will need to be designed to protect the special qualities of the South Downs National Park.

The Strategic allocation consists of three parcels of land with ‘Land to the west of Dappers Lane’, ‘Land South of Water Lane’ and ‘Land to the North of Water Lane’.   

Please select the information below to see an overview of the approved development.  We will provide updates to bring you the latest information.

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Latest News

January 2020:  Week commencing 18 January, further Archaeological works are due to commence on the Land South of Water Lane, this will be  strip and excavation involving one excavator and one dumper being delivered to site and remaining for the entirety of the works.   The site will be accessed via the Southern access for the delivery of the plant equipment required for the archaeological works and then on a daily basis by the archaeologists working on the site for the duration of the works.  These works will complete the remaining archaeological excavations of the site.  

December 2020: Amended plans have been received for Land South of Water Lane under application A/179/20/RES Approval of reserved matters(appearance, layout, scale and landscaping) following outline consent A/99/17/OUT for a culverted embankment.

September 2020: Archaeological works have commenced on the Land to the South of Water Lane, several trenches have been dug by excavators and a team of archaeologists are currently working on the site.  The works are expected to continue for a few weeks. Please see below photos (click to enlarge)
angmering1  angmering2  angmering3  angmering4  angmering5  angmering6

September 2020: Archaeological works are scheduled to commence in relation to outline application A/99/17/OUT and the recent Reserved Matters Application A/109/20/RES, week commencing 21 September 2020 and will be ongoing for several weeks.

August 2020: Reserved Matter applications have been received for Land South of Water Lane as follows:

A/109/20/RES Application for 175 dwellings and associated infrastructure
A/110/20/RES Application for Bridge over Black Ditch providing access to approved development

May 2020: Application A/76/20/PL submitted for Land West of Dappers Lane  

April 2020: Land West of Dapper Lane, a draft plan has been produced by Persimmon Homes for 84 houses, to view the information please click on the link provided  Please Note; When a formal planning application is submitted there will be opportunity for comments to be made regarding the application to Arun District Council.

August 2019: Application A/40/18/OUT was approved.

July 2019: Outline Application for development at Land North of Water Lane (received 29/03/18) has been recommended for approval and is awaiting decision, and you can view the file under reference A/40/18/OUT.

March 2019: Outline planning permission was approved for development at Land South of Water Lane and you can view details on the planning file under reference A/99/17/OUT.



You can view the indicative layout of Land South of Water Lane.

We are awaiting submission of a detailed Masterplan with the detailed layout of the development at Land North of Water Lane prior to the Reserved Matters application.