Angmering (South and East)

Photograph of the Angmering rugby club pitch

The Arun Local Plan 2011-2031 identifies a number of strategic allocation which are areas of land (sites) that have been identified to provide residential and commercial development to meet local housing and employment needs throughout the plan period (2011-2031).

The site (SD11) was allocated in the 2003 Local Plan and, though it is listed as a threshold for a strategic site allocation in the 2011-2031 Adopted Local Plan, the allocation of 250 dwellings and Angmering South and East is associated with existing applications of adjoining sites.

Most of the development on this strategic site is in the process of construction, for the applications were approved prior to the adoption of the Local Plan 2018.

The Adopted Local Plan housing delivery for any future development on this site requires development proposals to facilitate the relocation of the Worthing Rugby Club.


Progress of Infrastructure provision within the Strategic Site or in Arun as a whole can be found in the Infrastructure Funding Statement (IFS)

The aim of this statement is to provide an update on all matters regarding developer contributions (Section 106 (S.106) and Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)) during the previous financial year.

Our first IFS was published in September 2020 to cover the period from April 2019 to 31st March 2020.  Please view our current IFS here: Infrastructure Funding Statement and Developer contributions | Arun District Council

The council collects all CIL contributions for all types of Infrastructure (from 1st April 2020) but it does not generally collect S.106 contributions for the provision of schools, highways, libraries or the fire service (although, in some cases S.106 for these items are retained for these projects, in agreement with the county council).  In most cases, these items are the responsibility of West Sussex County Council (WSCC).  Therefore our IFS should be read in conjunction with the WSCC IFS to identify how S.106 from specific development sites have been spent across the board.   

Please view the current WSCC IFS here: Section 106: Planning obligations - West Sussex County Council


Please select the information below to see an overview of the approved development. We will provide updates to bring you the latest information.

If you wish to contact us regarding any of the Strategic Sites, please email


Latest News

March 2021: Demolition works have completed on the Site at Manor Nursery, High Street, Angmering.  Outline application A/51/14/OUT and reserved matters application A/38/18/RES. The Developers have advised that they do not intend to carry out construction works on the site at this time.  It is estimated that works will recommence on the site in a year/two years’ time.

February 2021: Demolition works are due to commence on the application site at Manor Nursery, High Street, Angmering.  Outline application A/51/14/OUT and Reserved Matter Application A/38/18/RES.

September 2019: Planning permission for A/9/19/PL, development at Pound Place was approved.

January 2019: Planning application was received for development at Pound Place, Roundstone Lane. View the file under reference A/9/19/PL. The application is awaiting a decision.

December 2018: Planning permission was approved for development at Manor Nursery and you can view the file under reference A/38/18/RES.

June 2016: Planning permission was approved for development at West End Nursery (Cresswell Park) and you can view the file under reference A/144/15/PL.

May 2015: Planning permission was approved for development at Swanbourne Park under reference A/82/12.

April 2015: Planning permission was approved for the Pound Nursery development under reference A/167/14.



View the layout of the development on West End Nursery (Cresswell Park)     

View the layout of the development for application at Manor Nursery

View the layout of the development for application at Pound Place

View the layout of the development at Swanbourne Park

View the layout of the development for application at Pound Nursery