Family annexes

You may qualify for a 50% reduction if you live in an annexe. 

The annexe must be within the grounds of the main house and included in the title deeds and registered or banded separately for Council Tax and either be:

  • used by the resident of the main house, as part of their main home; or
  • lived in by a relative of the person who lives in the main house. The relative must be a partner, parent, child, step child, grandparent, grandchild, brother, sister, aunt, nephew and niece. This can also include great grandparent, great grandchild, and so on.


We will give 100% exemption if the annexe is occupied by a relation of the main dwelling and is aged over 65 or disabled or mentally impaired



Empty annexes

An exemption which applies to dwellings which are annexes to, or within the grounds of, the owner or tenant's home. It may not be rented separately without breaching planning permissions. Also applies as a 50% reduction to dwellings with unoccupied annexes, if the annexe is being used as part of the main house.