Are You Getting The Message


Are you ready for the zombie attack?!

This might seem like a silly question, but being prepared for something which hopefully won’t happen, can help prepare you for something that might.
In life, we will all experience some kind of crisis and some of us will cope with this better than others.  Local authorities are tasked with promoting resilience in their communities under the Civil Contingency Act 2004 which aims to help residents to cope if disaster strikes. To do this, various methods are used, for example, by providing advice on how to prepare for a flood and how to recover afterwards.  But how would you like us to communicate with you if a major incident occurs?
Some authorities have tried bizarre methods - the Centre for Disease Control in America promoted emergency plans for zombie attacks, advising Americans to prepare for natural disasters as they would prepare for “ravenous monsters”.  The tongue-in-cheek campaign ended up being so popular it crashed its website!
We would be really grateful if you could let us know how you would like to receive messages on how to prepare for a crisis by completing an online questionnaire.
For more information, email or call him on 01903 737922.