Arun District Councillors


Arun District Councillors work to represent the interests of people and businesses in the Arun area.  An alphabetical list of councillors containing their names and contact information is now available.  You can also find your councillor by ward using our interactive map.  You can view committee memberships here:  Committee Memberships 2018-19 as at 20 November 2018.pdf [pdf] 47KB      If you are unsure which ward you are in, use the map button at the top of our website to find out.  Alternatively, if you want to find out who your MP and MEPs are, and contact them, visit our MPs and MEPs page or search the WriteToThem website with your postcode.

Arun District Councillors

Political composition 

There are 54 District Councillors representing 23 Wards within the Arun District.  The Councillors are elected on a 4 year term, with the next elections to be held in May 2019.

The council is currently made up of councillors from the following political parties:

Conservative 42 (group leader: Cllr Mrs Brown)

Liberal Democrats 7 (group leader: Cllr Purchese)

Independent 3, including 1 UKIP member (group leader: Cllr Brooks)

Independent 1 

Labour 1


Leader and deputy leader of the council

gill brown

The leader of the council Councillor Mrs Gillian Brown, Ward Member for Aldwick East.  Cllr Mrs Brown has responsibility for Economic Policy & Research, Town Centre Management, Business Development, Economic Partnerships, Tourism, Corporate Policy, Corporate Performance, Communications/web management/marketing, National Partnerships, Local Partner Liaison, Committees.

"As Leader of Arun District Council it is my role to keep in touch with local opinion. If you have an idea about how things could be done better, or if you want to express your view on one of the major issues of the day - please send me an email at"

You can also write to Cllr Mrs Brown at Arun Civic Centre, using the contact details at the bottom of this page.




dudley wensley


The Deputy Leader of the Council is Councillor Dudley Wensley, Ward Member for Angmering and Findon.  As well as being deputy leader of the council, Cllr Wensley has special responsibility for corporate support.  






Chairman and vice chairman


gammon The Chairman is Councillor Alan Gammon, Ward Member for Brookfield.  

The Chairman would be delighted to attend your events, subject to availability.  All invitations should be sent using the Request for Chairman’s Attendance form.

All invitations should be extended to the Chairman and not both the Chairman and Vice-Chairman. Should the Chairman have a prior engagement it may be possible for the Chairman's Office to enquire of the Vice-Chairman's availability.









The Vice-Chairman of the Council is Councillor Pat Dillon, Ward Member for Pevensey.