Arun's Beaches


Arun is blessed with many miles of beautiful coastline and stunning beaches, from Ferring in the east to Pagham in the west. The beaches are clean and tidy – our two main award beaches have been credited with Seaside Awards on many occasions. Most beaches are easy to access, deck chairs are available for hire in some locations and there is a vast array of entertainment and refreshment options available. 

Information about the current quality of the bathing water in the area can be found on the water quality page, and tide timetables for Littlehampton and Bognor Regis can be viewed online.


Safety information

Beach patrol (foreshore) officers

Our friendly staff are on duty between April and September, operating a first aid and lost property post, as well as patrolling the beaches.  They operate at:

  • East Beach, Bognor Regis daily between Easter and 12th September annually from 10am - 6pm tel: 01243 861821 (during season only)
  • East Beach, Littlehampton daily between Easter and 12th September annually from 10am - 6pm
    • tel: 01903 716241 (during season only)
  • The Foreshore Officer can be contacted for general enquiries and advice during office hours on:
Lifeguard service

The RNLI operate a lifeguard service in:

  • East Beach, Bognor Regis 
    • 10am - 6pm from the start of the school summer holidays until the first week in September
  • East Beach, Littlehampton
    • 10am - 6pm weekends only from early May bank holiday until summer half term
    • 10am - 6pm daily until the first week in September
Tidal Information

Free seven day tidal predictions for the Arun area can be found at the BBC's Tide Tables area by inserting the beach area required, e.g. Bognor Regis. There are several websites which can provide hardcopy tide table booklets to order for around £2 each, which you can find by searching online for providers.

Disabled access

You can view AccessAble's detailed access guide for Climping Beach and detailed access guide for West Beach, Littlehampton.

Kid care wristband service

This is a free service that operates at both Bognor Regis and Littlehampton. Simply visit the Foreshore Office or find a lifeguard to be provided with a free wristband. Give your contact details to our friendly staff, and if your child becomes separated from you during your visit we will be able to quickly reunite you.

Bathing Safely

Seasonal RNLI Lifeguards will patrol the following areas of Arun’s beaches during their operating periods, as listed above:

Littlehampton (East Beach) – From the white lighthouse though to the East Beach Café. * The main bathing safety zone is located close to the seafront shops

Bognor Regis (East Beach) – From the A1 Café (near the concrete ramp) through to the pier. *The main bathing safety zone is located opposite The Regis (Brewers Fayre) midway along the beachfront. The prom train from Butlin’s stops nearby.

A red flag will be flown in any area we deem unsafe for bathing. Keep well away from powerboat operating areas and the strong currents of The River Arun


General safety advice

Always observe warning signs – they are there for your safety. Always swim close to the shore, do not jump off groynes or other structures. It is not safe to swim under the influence of alcohol, and we do not advise the use of inflatables.


Animals on beaches


Dogs can be taken onto most beaches in the District provided they are kept under control and dog fouling is cleared up straight away.  There are three exceptions where dogs cannot be taken onto the beach, due to their popularity with bathers in the summer months.  

 Arun District Council has adopted an order which bans dogs from the following stretches of beach between 1 May to 30 September each year:

  • Bognor Regis - Park Road to Gloucester Road
  • Felpham - Canning Road to Felpham Sailing Club
  • Littlehampton - East Pier to Norfolk Road

Dogs must also be kept on leads on promenades adjacent to these. Please read our  dogs on beaches leaflet.pdf [pdf] 1MB   leaflet for more information.  Please observe the dog control orders  and look out for the above signs showing where dogs are banned or must be kept on a lead. Contravention of the Order is an offence liable to Fixed Penalty Notice for £80 or a fine of £1000 on conviction.

  • Do not allow your dog to foul a beach or adjacent area. If your dog fouls a beach remove the faeces straight away.
  • Train your dog to defecate at home before you walk him on a beach.
  • Make sure your dog’s vaccination and worming are up to date. Dogs can more easily pick up infections when away from home.
  • Check that your chosen caravan site, hotel, guest house, will accept your dog when you book your holiday.
  • Some beaches have restrictions on dogs. Read and observe notices. The maps above indicate dog free zones between 1st May - 30th September
  • When your dog is off its lead always ensure it is under control. Respect the rights of others - some of whom may not like dogs.  When beaches are crowded it is particularly important you keep your dog on a lead.
  • Never leave a dog in a car - even with an open window. Dogs can die from heat exhaustion.
  • Never allow your dog to roam unsupervised. He could easily get lost, become a stray, and cause accidents.
  • Remember small children can be easily frightened by even the friendliest of dogs.

Horses are not permitted on the beaches of Arun between 10am and 6pm on any day between 1 st May and 30 th September. It is also not permissible to break in or race any animal in such a manner that may cause danger or annoyance to anyone else using the beach. If you do wish to ride on the beaches outside of these times, please be aware that the shingle sea defences may make access difficult.


Activities on the beach


Littlehampton seafront is cycling friendly from the swimming centre to the coastguard tower where the cyclists are directed to rejoin the roadway at Arun Parade, cycling is not permitted along the riverside walkway which runs from the seafront to 150 metres north of the Look & Sea Centre. 

The approved cycle route in Bognor Regis runs from the western boundary of The Beach Estate near Culver Road Greensward, past Outram Road, Butlins and the pier and ends at The Waverley Hotel where cyclists must rejoin the road.  

For information about other cycle routes in the area, please visit Sussex By The Sea.


We do not encourage beach barbecues as there are many safety issues and it is likely to spoil the enjoyment of the area for others. However, there are 3 stainless steel units on the green in Littlehampton which create a safe area for disposable barbecues. If you would like to organise an event or large beach barbecue/party, we suggest you see the  Apply To Hold An Event page for more information.

Sporting activities

Wind and kite surfing is permitted anywhere along Arun's coastline. However, we recommend using the area opposite the Littlehampton Swimming Centre as it is free from groynes. Kite buggies and land yachts are not permitted on any of our beaches, greenspaces or parks. Information about sailing and fishing can be found on the Littlehampton Harbour website. Personal Water Craft (PWC) may be launched and recovered at Surrey Street Public Slipway, adjacent to the RNLI Lifeboat Station in Littlehampton. Use of the Littlehampton Harbour requires payment of harbour dues, for further information visit the Littlehampton Harbour website. Metal detecting is allowed on Arun land with permission. Please email Neil O'Connor or call 01903 737951. Please read our guidelines on Jetskis and Personal Water Craft (PWC) here:  Jetskis and PWCs August 2020.pdf [pdf] 1MB


Beach huts

We manage a number of beach huts along our coastline.  For more information, please visit our Beach Huts page.



Shingle deposits on the promenades. During the winter and spring periods the combination of high tides, strong onshore winds and large sea swells will sometimes result in shingle deposits along the promenades. This mainly occurs at Felpham, Bognor Regis and Aldwick; Littlehampton may occasionally be affected too. The aim of the Council during this period is to try to maintain a useable footpath for pedestrians, the disabled and cyclists. The full width of the promenades will not be cleared. During protracted periods of poor weather there may be a delay in clearance due to continuous deposits and/or the availability of contractor teams. A full clearance of the promenades will commence once the worst of the winter high tides have passed, normally around the Easter period each year. This full pre-summer seasonal clearance may take up to 2 weeks to complete. The public are advised that cycling may be hazardous when pebbles are scattered on parts of the promenade and they should consider using alternative routes prior to clearance. The main clearance of shingle on the promenades is co-ordinated by the Foreshores department, contactable at The clearance of shingle from roads and pavements is co-ordinated by West Sussex County Council (Highways).



Seaweed is deposited on the District's beaches at various times of the year. Seaweed is an important part of the marine ecology. In general, the deposits are removed naturally by tides in a matter of days.

The Council's policy on seaweed removal is to allow tidal movements to remove seaweed wherever possible. ADC will monitor the situation and may take steps to remove where seaweed depth becomes

excessive. In periods of dry weather and low tides it will be expected that it may smell but this is not grounds for removal.

Note - Seaweed removal will be discussed at directorate level on a case by case basis.


Seagulls – feeding

The coastline at Arun has an abundance of seagulls and other seabirds which are a colourful, vibrant part of the local wildlife. Arun District Council strongly discourages people from feeding gulls as this can lead to unwanted aggressive behaviour as gulls become accustomed to taking food from them by hand. Gulls are natural scavengers and do not require additional food by direct feeding. The Council does not conduct any enforcement regarding people feeding gulls. 


Foreshore Byelaws

Please see attached:

Seaside boats.pdf [pdf] 4MB

Seashore Byelaw.pdf [pdf] 3MB

West Beach Local Nature Reserve Byelaws.pdf [pdf] 873KB