Audit & Governance Committee



The purpose of the Audit and Governance Committee is to provide an independent assurance of the adequacy of the risk management framework and the associated control environment; Independent scrutiny of the authority’s financial and non financial performance; and to oversee the financial reporting process.  It will principally oversee the work of internal and external audit and receive periodic reports from the Authority’s Assurance and Risk Group.  For details of forthcoming meetings see our calendar.
The Committee is also responsible for considering reviews of the Members' Allowances Scheme based on reports from the Council’s Independent Remuneration Panel which will make recommendations for any changes to the Scheme direct to Full Council.  The Panel has just commenced a review of the Members' Allowances scheme.  Its final report will be considered by Full Council in January 2019.
The Work Programme of the Committee can be viewed in the  Future Work Programme as at 080319.pdf [pdf] 619KB

Meetings are held quarterly at the Arun Civic Centre, Littlehampton at 9.30 am.



Chapman (C), Mrs Oakley (VC), Ambler, Blampied, Brooks, Cates, Dendle, Mrs Porter, Purchese, Wheal 

Contact details for our District Councillors are available here. 


Agendas & minutes

Minutes from meetings of the Audit and Governance Committee (to view older documents please scroll down). To make the most of this on-line document viewer you should enable bookmarks in your PDF viewing software. Learn more about how to use our committee document viewer.pdf [pdf] 23KB .


Agendas & minutes
Date of meeting Agendas Minutes
26 February 2015 Audit Agenda 26 02 15.pdf [pdf] 12MB Audit and Governance Minutes 26 02 15 Final.pdf [pdf] 46KB

11 December 2014

(Please note change in venue to the Council Chamber - Bognor Regis Town Hall)

Audit & Governance Agenda 11 12 14.pdf [pdf] 3MB Minutes 11 December 2014.pdf [pdf] 115KB

25 September 2014 (Please note change in venue to the Dome Meeting Room, University of Chichester, Bognor Regis Campus, Upper Bognor Road, Bognor Regis PO21 1HR)

Agenda 25 09 14.pdf [pdf] 3MB

Additional Papers 29.09.14.pdf [pdf] 4MB

Minutes 25.09.14.pdf [pdf] 43KB
26 June 2014 Agenda 26.06.14.pdf [pdf] 4MB Minutes 26.06.14.pdf [pdf] 57KB
20 February 2014 Agenda 20.02.14.pdf [pdf] 8MB Minutes 20.02.14.pdf [pdf] 36KB
12 December 2013 Agenda 12.12.13.pdf [pdf] 5MB Minutes 12.12.13.pdf [pdf] 44KB

26 September 2013

Agenda Item 6 - Ernst & Young - Report to those charged with governance, Audit Report and Progress Report

Agenda 26.09.13.pdf [pdf] 2MB

Additional papers 26.09.13.pdf [pdf] 2MB

Minutes 26.09.13.pdf [pdf] 60KB
 27 June 2013 Agenda 27.06.13.pdf [pdf] 5MB Minutes 27.06.13.pdf [pdf] 62KB
14 February 2013 Agenda 14.02.13.pdf [pdf] 20MB Minutes 14.02.13.pdf [pdf] 58KB
22 November 2012 Agenda 22.11.12.pdf [pdf] 1MB Minutes 22.11.12.pdf [pdf] 37KB

27 September 2012

Additional Papers (Agenda Item 7 (Audit Commission's annual Governance Report)

Agenda 27.09.12.pdf [pdf] 4MB

Additional Papers 27.09.12.pdf [pdf] 4MB

Minutes 27.09.12.pdf [pdf] 43KB
28 June 2012 28.06.12 Agenda.pdf [pdf] 12MB 28.06.12 Minutes.pdf [pdf] 49KB
23rd February 2012

Agenda 23.02.12.pdf [pdf] 10MB

Additional Papers 23.02.12.pdf [pdf] 97KB

Minutes 23.02.12.pdf [pdf] 40KB
7th December 2011 Agenda 07.12.11.pdf [pdf] 15MB Minutes 07.12.11.pdf [pdf] 28KB
15th November 2011 (Special Meeting of the Committee Re: Treasury Management and Housing Revenue Account Self Financing Reform) Agenda 15.11.11.pdf [pdf] 809KB Minutes 15.11.11.pdf [pdf] 16KB

30th September 2011

Agenda 30.09.11.pdf [pdf] 3MB

Additional papers 30.09.11.pdf [pdf] 7MB

Minutes 30.09.11.pdf [pdf] 60KB
30th June 2011

Agenda 30.06.11.pdf [pdf] 4MB

Additional Papers 30.06.11.pdf [pdf] 1MB

Minutes 30.06.11.pdf [pdf] 50KB
2nd March 2011 Agenda 02.03.11.pdf [pdf] 5MB Minutes 02.03.11.pdf [pdf] 50KB
15th December 2010 Agenda 15.12.10.pdf [pdf] 3MB Minutes 15.12.10.pdf [pdf] 22KB
17th November 2010 (Special Meeting) Agenda 17.11.10.pdf [pdf] 526KB Minutes 17.11.10.pdf [pdf] 24KB
30th September 2010 Agenda 30.09.10.pdf [pdf] 2MB Minutes 30.09.10.pdf [pdf] 41KB
12th August 2010 (Special Meeting) Agenda 12.08.10.pdf [pdf] 31KB Minutes 12.08.10.pdf [pdf] 22KB
15th July 2010 (Special Meeting) Agenda 15.07.10.pdf [pdf] 1MB Minutes 15.07.10.pdf [pdf] 18KB
30th June 2010 Agenda 30.06.10.pdf [pdf] 1MB Minutes 30.06.10.pdf [pdf] 42KB
26th March 2010 Agenda 26.03.10.pdf [pdf] 2MB Minutes 26.03.10.pdf [pdf] 40KB
19th February 2010 (Special Meeting) Agenda 19.02.10.pdf [pdf] 30KB Minutes 19.02.10.pdf [pdf] 13KB
22nd December 2009 Agenda 22.12.09.pdf [pdf] 745KB Minutes 22.12.09.pdf [pdf] 30KB
25th September 2009 Agenda 25.09.09.pdf [pdf] 374KB Minutes 25.09.09.pdf [pdf] 36KB
7th September 2009 (Special Meeting) Agenda 07.09.09.pdf [pdf] 29KB Minutes 07.09.09.pdf [pdf] 20KB
30th June 2009 Agenda 30.06.09.pdf [pdf] 234KB Minutes 30.06.09.pdf [pdf] 31KB
7th April 2009 Agenda 07.04.09.pdf [pdf] 2MB Minutes 07.04.09.pdf [pdf] 25KB
20th January 2009 Agenda 20.01.09.pdf [pdf] 32KB Minutes 20.01.09.pdf [pdf] 32KB
14th October 2008 Agenda 14.10.08.pdf [pdf] 52KB Minutes 14.10.08.pdf [pdf] 25KB
30th September 2008 Agenda 30.09.08.pdf [pdf] 455KB Minutes 30.09.08.pdf [pdf] 39KB
27th June 2008 Agenda 27.06.08.pdf [pdf] 3MB Minutes 27.06.08.pdf [pdf] 36KB
26th March 2008 Agenda 26.03.08.pdf [pdf] 468KB Minutes 26.03.08.pdf [pdf] 39KB
31st January 2008 Agenda 31.01.08.pdf [pdf] 18KB Minutes 31.01.08.pdf [pdf] 16KB
11th December 2007 Agenda 11.12.07.pdf [pdf] 2MB Minutes 11.12.07.pdf [pdf] 38KB
28th September 2007 Agenda 28.09.07.pdf [pdf] 3MB Minutes 28.09.07.pdf [pdf] 30KB
28th June 2007 Agenda 28.06.07.pdf [pdf] 17KB Minutes 28.06.07.pdf [pdf] 38KB