Adult bedbugs around 4-5mm long and brown in colour. They are flat and oval; they have six legs and do not have wings. It is likely that the first sign of an infestation will be bites on the body. If you do notice you are being bitten, you should check the bed for signs. You may spot the live insects and nymphs or their droppings, which appear as brown/black dots. Bedbugs are more likely to be in cluttered or messily organised rooms, but their presence does not mean that your house is dirty. They can be bought into the property by people, animals or second hand furniture. They can also come through from adjoining properties. Bedbugs are not a serious risk to health, but bites should be treated with care. Their presence is more of a nuisance than a health risk.


About the treatment

If you suspect you have bedbugs, please do not move rooms or move items from the infested room, as this will spread the problem. Our officer will survey and give you more advice about moving clothing, toys or items stored under or near the bed. We will also be able to provide advice on anything else you can do to prevent the infestation from spreading.

If bedbugs are found during the survey, we will arrange to call back to carry out the treatment. We will treat with a residual insecticide in the affected rooms. After the treatment you will need to vacate the property for at least 3 hours. Pets should also be removed for this period of time. You should not vacuum the treated rooms for 21 days, after which we may return to make sure the treatment was successful. 

Please see the about the service page for more information about the appointment. 


Booking your appointment

Please call 01903 737755 to arrange a pest control appointment. This service is chargeable, please see our pest control fees page for more information. The fee will be payable at the time of booking, so please have your card details ready. We will not usually be able to refund the payment once treatment is underway. If the bedbugs are still present after 21 days, we will return to treat again free of charge. If the problem reoccurs after this time, this will be dealt with as a new treatment and a further charge will apply.