Barnham, Eastergate, Westergate (BEW)


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Overview of applications submitted within the strategic site allocation known as Barnham/Eastergate/Westergate (BEW), as identified in the Arun District Local Plan 2011-2031. 

A strategic site is land identified within Arun to accommodate major developments for housing within this time period.

The BEW sites will collectively provide at least 2,300 dwellings over the Local Plan period and up to 3,000 in total. Development will preserve the separate identities of the villages so that the design of any development, open space and landscaping shall ensure continuity between the existing landscape setting and the villages. Housing shall be designed around a Linear Park which follows along the Lidsey Rife. A comprehensive strategy for surface water management will be developed in line with specific recommendations for this locality, in the Arun Strategic Surface Water Management Study.

Significant views to and from the South Downs shall be incorporated into the site.

A Community Hub will include a new, well connected local centre, with connections to Barnham Train Station, supporting and respecting the relationship with existing facilities within the Six Villages Area. Financial contributions will provide new retail, commercial and community facilities, together with a new Tier 7 library and healthcare to serve BEW and Fontwell.

A new A29 route will provide linkages between the A27 to the north and the A259 to the south with a new bridge over the railway to the east of the current Woodgate crossing. Provision of an East-West route north of the railway line will join the existing and new A29 route and continue eastwards towards Barnham railway station, providing maximised access for all modes of transport, with additional car parking to serve facilities in Barnham’s centre, regular Bus services linking BEW with Bognor Regis, local facilities and employment and creation of a Westergate Link Cycle Scheme in addition to further cycle routes to/from Bognor Regis and linkages.

A new two-form entry primary school, a new one-form (expandable to two-form) entry primary school and nursery places will be provided, together with two new sports pitches and changing facilities. Planned new employment provision will also be incorporated into the development.

Please view the masterplans below to see an overview of development as it gets approval. Please note that it will take some time to implement and complete the applications on this site, due to the large amount of development required. Therefore, it will likely happen in smaller stages. 

We will provide updates to bring you the latest information.


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Applications will be submitted throughout the Local plan period (2018 – 2031).



You can view the Masterplans and overview of the proposals as the applications (to follow)