Building Control Inspection Policy updated January 2021


We will carry out all inspections on unoccupied properties or where the work can be seen from outside without having to go through the building. Generally, no Access Declaration will be needed for these inspections, but we may need to call beforehand. These will include the following type of inspections (with appropriate social distancing maintained)

1. All inspections up to completion to extensions, which can be accessed externally without going through the building (through a side gate for example) 

2. Completion inspections on single storey extensions where these can be accessed externally without going through the building and viewed from the bifolds other external openings. No Access Declaration is required, but we must call first to establish that and explain the process.

3. Inspections to loft conversions where these can be carried out from the scaffolding, such as structure and insulation. Photos may be needed for areas not visible from outside, as per item 14 below.

4. All inspections to new build properties including completions if remaining unoccupied. No access declaration needed for new build completions, whilst the property is unoccupied.

5. All inspections for refurbishment projects including internal alterations on unoccupied properties, where the contractors vacate for the duration.

6. All inspections up to completion for garage conversions where these can be seen and accessed from the outside

7. Regularisations inspections to unoccupied properties


We may carry out the following type of inspections, but the decision will be on a case by case basis:

8. Internal alterations to an unoccupied area of a property if it is completely separated from the rest of the building 

9. Internal alterations where these can be viewed from large bifold doors or other external openings without going in the property.

10. Completion inspections on work that involves going inside an empty property, where this has been empty for at least 5 days with an appropriate Access Declaration. Regardless of whether it has been sold.

11. A completion inspection which involves going inside an occupied property such as a loft conversion, first floor or 2 storey extensions or internal alteration/refurbishment work, only if the property has been sold/is on the market/ is to be rented or other pressing financial reason such as a re-mortgage. An Access Declaration will be needed for this, and all the conditions within the Declaration complied with.

12. Regularisation inspections that involve going inside occupied properties with an appropriate Access Declaration, only if the property has been sold.


We will not carry out physical on-site inspections for the inspections listed below. However, apart from Completions, a remote inspection will be needed at each stage identified on the inspection schedule with photos submitted for approval, prior to covering up that element of the work. Completions will have to wait until either the property is on the market, or it has been vacant for at least 5 days as per item 10 above.

13.Completion inspections on current projects inside occupied properties with an appropriate Access Declaration.

14. Internal alterations to occupied properties where these cannot be seen from outside, or are on the first floor and above

15. Loft conversions to occupied properties where the only access is through the building

16. Completion inspections on older applications where these involve going inside an occupied building and the property is not for sale