Cabinet Meetings



The Cabinet comprises seven Councillors, all representing the majority party of the Council. There is a Leader, Deputy Leader and five Cabinet Members - each with a specific ’portfolio’ of responsibilities, which are listed in full in the Council’s Constitution.  For details of forthcoming meetings see our calendar.

The Cabinet takes key decisions on Council policy, the acquisition and disposal of land and sets much of the strategy for how Council services will be delivered. It also receives recommendations from the Overview Select Committee; Environment, Tourism & Leisure Working Group and Housing & Customer Services Working Group on policy development and review.

Cabinet Members are also able to take decisions on an individual basis.


To view the current members of the Cabinet and learn more about their responsibilities, please read our Cabinet page.  

Agendas and Minutes

Minutes from meetings of the Cabinet (to view older documents please scroll down). To make the most of this on-line document viewer you should enable bookmarks in your PDF viewing software. Learn more about how to use our committee document viewer.pdf [pdf] 23KB .


Please click here if you would like the contact details for our District Councillors.

To view questions and answers asked at Cabinet Meetings please view Public Question Time.


Cabinet Meetings 4

Table of minutes and agendas
7th March 2011 Cabinet Agenda 07 03 11.pdf [pdf] 9MB Cabinet Minutes 07 03 11.pdf [pdf] 46KB Cabinet Decision Notice 07 03 11.pdf [pdf] 102KB
7th February 2011 Cabinet Agenda 07 02 11.pdf [pdf] 1000KB Cabinet Minutes 07 02 11.pdf [pdf] 30KB Cabinet Decision Notice 07 02 11.pdf [pdf] 37KB
17th January 2011 Cabinet Agenda 17 01 11.pdf [pdf] 3MB Cabinet Minutes 17 01 11.pdf [pdf] 29KB Cabinet Decision Notice 17 01 11.pdf [pdf] 82KB
13th December 2010 Cabinet Agenda 13 12 10.pdf [pdf] 2MB Cabinet Minutes 13 12 10.pdf [pdf] 42KB Cabinet Decision Notice 13 12 10.pdf [pdf] 65KB
15th November 2010 Cabinet Agenda 15 11 10.pdf [pdf] 712KB Cabinet Minutes 15 11 10.pdf [pdf] 24KB Cabinet Decision Notice 15 11 10.pdf [pdf] 50KB
18th October 2010 Cabinet Agenda 18 10 10.pdf [pdf] 4MB Cabinet Minutes 18 10 10.pdf [pdf] 31KB Cabinet Decision Notice 18 10 10.pdf [pdf] 53KB
20th September 2010 Cabinet Agenda 20 09 10.pdf [pdf] 5MB Cabinet Minutes 20 09 10.pdf [pdf] 54KB Cabinet Decision Notice 20 09 10.pdf [pdf] 121KB
23rd August 2010 Cabinet Agenda 23 08 10.pdf [pdf] 33MB Cabinet Minutes 23 08 10.pdf [pdf] 17KB Cabinet Decision Notice 23 08 10.pdf [pdf] 41KB
26th July 2010 Cabinet Agenda 26 07 10.pdf [pdf] 4MB Cabinet Minutes 26 07 10.pdf [pdf] 38KB Cabinet Decision Notice 26 07 10.pdf [pdf] 65KB
28th June 2010 Cabinet Agenda 28 06 10.pdf [pdf] 4MB Cabinet Minutes 28 06 10.pdf [pdf] 43KB Cabinet Decision Notice 28 06 10.pdf [pdf] 61KB
1st June 2010 Cabinet Agenda 01 06 10.pdf [pdf] 847KB Cabinet Minutes 01 06 10.pdf [pdf] 24KB Cabinet Decision Notice 01 06 10.pdf [pdf] 41KB
17th May 2010 Cabinet Agenda 17 05 10.pdf [pdf] 3MB Cabinet Minutes 17 05 10.pdf [pdf] 36KB Cabinet Decision Notice 17 05 10.pdf [pdf] 71KB
22nd March 2010 Cabinet Agenda 22 03 10.pdf [pdf] 2MB Cabinet Minutes 22 03 10.pdf [pdf] 43KB Cabinet Decision Notice 22 03 10.pdf [pdf] 97KB
22nd February 2010 Cabinet Agenda 22 02 10.pdf [pdf] 5MB Cabinet Minutes 22 02 10.pdf [pdf] 37KB Cabinet Decision Notice 22 02 10.pdf [pdf] 57KB
25th January 2010 Cabinet Agenda 25 01 10.pdf [pdf] 5MB Cabinet Minutes 25 01 10.pdf [pdf] 50KB Cabinet Decision Notice 25 01 10.pdf [pdf] 72KB
21st December 2009 Cabinet Agenda 21 12 09.pdf [pdf] 3MB Cabinet Minutes 21 12 09.pdf [pdf] 40KB Cabinet Decision Notice 21 12 09.pdf [pdf] 79KB
30th November 2009 (NB: Meeting will start at 4.00 p.m.) Cabinet Agenda 30 11 09.pdf [pdf] 3MB Cabinet Minutes 30 11 09.pdf [pdf] 58KB Cabinet Decision Notice 30 11 09.pdf [pdf] 106KB
2nd November 2009 Cabinet Agenda 02 11 09.pdf [pdf] 995KB Cabinet Minutes 02 11 09.pdf [pdf] 24KB Cabinet Decision Notice 02 11 09.pdf [pdf] 36KB
12th October 2009 Cabinet Agenda 12 10 09.pdf [pdf] 3MB Cabinet Minutes 12 10 09.pdf [pdf] 34KB Cabinet Decision Notice 12 10 09.pdf [pdf] 82KB
7th September 2009 Cabinet Agenda 02 11 09.pdf [pdf] 995KB Cabinet Minutes 07 09 09.pdf [pdf] 24KB Cabinet Decision Notice 07 09 09.pdf [pdf] 44KB
10th August 2009 Cabinet Agenda 10 08 09.pdf [pdf] 848KB Cabinet Minutes 10 08 09.pdf [pdf] 36KB Cabinet Decision Notice 10 08 09.pdf [pdf] 47KB
13th July 2009 Cabinet Agenda 13 07 09.pdf [pdf] 1MB Cabinet Minutes 13 07 09.pdf [pdf] 29KB Cabinet Decision Notice 13 07 09.pdf [pdf] 35KB
15th June 2009 Cabinet Agenda 15 06 09.pdf [pdf] 4MB Cabinet Minutes 15 06 09.pdf [pdf] 57KB Cabinet Decision Notice 15 06 09.pdf [pdf] 95KB
18th May 2009 Cabinet Agenda 18 05 09.pdf [pdf] 11MB Cabinet Minutes 18 05 09.pdf  Cabinet Decision Notice 18 05 09.pdf [pdf] 54KB
20th April 2009 Cabinet Agenda 20 04 09.pdf [pdf] 1MB Cabinet Minutes 20 04 09.pdf [pdf] 27KB Cabinet Decision Notice 20 04 09.pdf [pdf] 43KB
23rd March 2009 Cabinet Agenda 23 03 09.pdf [pdf] 2MB Cabinet Minutes 23 03 09.pdf [pdf] 37KB Cabinet Decision Notice 23 03 09.pdf [pdf] 86KB
23rd February 2009 Cabinet_Agenda_23_02_09.pdf [pdf] 12MB Cabinet Minutes 23 02 09.pdf [pdf] 35KB Cabinet Decision Notice 23 02 09.pdf [pdf] 47KB
26th January 2009 Cabinet Agenda 26 01 09.pdf [pdf] 7MB Cabinet Minutes 26 01 09.pdf [pdf] 43KB Cabinet Decision Notice 26 01 09.pdf [pdf] 68KB

Cabinet meetings 3

Table of minutes and agendas
22nd December 2008 Cabinet_Agenda_22_12_08.pdf [pdf] 2MB CabinetMinutes221208.pdf [pdf] 19KB CabinetDecisionNotice221208.pdf [pdf] 18KB
24th November 2008 Cabinet_Agenda_24_11_08.pdf [pdf] 4MB CabinetMinutes241108.pdf [pdf] 69KB CabinetDecisionNotice241108.pdf [pdf] 129KB
27th October 2008 Cabinet_Agenda_27_10_08.pdf [pdf] 2MB CabinetMinutes271008.pdf [pdf] 34KB CabinetDecisionNotice271008.pdf [pdf] 47KB
6th October 2008 Cabinet_Agenda_06_10_08.pdf [pdf] 3MB CabinetMinutes061008.pdf [pdf] 46KB CabinetDecisionNotice061008.pdf [pdf] 84KB
1st September 2008 Cabinet_Agenda_01_09_08.pdf [pdf] 5MB CabinetMinutes010908.pdf [pdf] 33KB CabinetDecisionNotice010908.pdf [pdf] 66KB
4th August 2008 Cabinet_Agenda_04_08_08.pdf [pdf] 20MB CabinetMinutes040808.pdf [pdf] 53KB CabinetDecisionNotice040808.pdf [pdf] 87KB
7th July 2008 Cabinet_Agenda_07_07_08.pdf [pdf] 5MB CabinetMinutes070708.pdf [pdf] 38KB CabinetDecsionNotice070708.pdf [pdf] 51KB
9th June 2008 Cabinet_Agenda_09_06_08.pdf [pdf] 5MB CabinetMinutes090608.pdf [pdf] 34KB CabinetDecisionNotice09062008.pdf [pdf] 63KB
12th May 2008

Cabinet_Agenda_12_05_08.pdf [pdf] 8MB

CabinetMinutes120508.pdf [pdf] 19KB CabinetDecisionNotice120508.pdf [pdf] 50KB

14th April 2008 (Special)

Cabinet_Agenda_14_04_08.pdf [pdf] 1MB CabinetSpecialMinutes140408.pdf [pdf] 32KB CabinetDecisionNotice140408.pdf [pdf] 11KB

7th April 2008 

Cabinet_Agenda_07_04_08.pdf [pdf] 2MB CabinetMinutes070408.pdf [pdf] 14KB CabinetDecisionNotice070408.pdf [pdf] 34KB
10th March 2008 Cabinet_Agenda_10_03_08.pdf [pdf] 9MB CabinetMinutes100308.pdf [pdf] 19KB CabinetDecisionNotice100308.pdf [pdf] 37KB
11th Feb 2008 Cabinet_Agenda_11_02_08.pdf [pdf] 10MB CabinetMinutes110208.pdf [pdf] 25KB CabinetDecisionNotice110208.pdf [pdf] 66KB
14th Jan 2008 Cabinet_Agenda_14_01_08.pdf [pdf] 3MB CabinetMinutes140108.pdf [pdf] 23KB CabinetDecisionNotice140108.pdf [pdf] 39KB
10th Dec 2007 Cabinet_Agenda_10_12_07.pdf [pdf] 11MB CabinetMinutes101207.pdf [pdf] 26KB CabinetDecisionNotice101207.pdf [pdf] 59KB
12th Nov 2007 Cabinet_Agenda_12_11_07.pdf [pdf] 1MB CabinetMinutes121107.pdf [pdf] 16KB CabinetDecisionNotice121107.pdf [pdf] 26KB
15th Oct 2007 CabinetAgenda151007.pdf [pdf] 18KB CabinetMinutes151007.pdf [pdf] 70KB CabinetDecisionNotice151007pdf.pdf [pdf] 48KB
17th Sept 2007 CabinetAgenda170907.pdf [pdf] 19KB CabinetMinutes170907.pdf [pdf] 20KB CabinetDecisionNotice170907.pdf [pdf] 28KB
20th August 2007 CabinetAgenda200807.pdf [pdf] 20KB CabinetMinutes200807.pdf [pdf] 32KB CabinetDecisionNotice200807.pdf [pdf] 50KB
23rd July 2007 CabinetAgenda230707.pdf [pdf] 17KB CabinetMinutes230707.pdf [pdf] 10KB CabinetDecisionNotice230707.pdf [pdf] 15KB
25th June 2007 CabinetAgenda250607.pdf [pdf] 17KB CabinetMinutes250607.pdf [pdf] 52KB CabinetDecisionNotice250607.pdf [pdf] 81KB
29th May 2007 CabinetAgenda290507.pdf [pdf] 18KB CabinetMinutes290507.pdf [pdf] 21KB CabinetDecisionNotice290507.pdf [pdf] 31KB
12th March 2007 CabinetAgenda120307.pdf [pdf] 25KB CabinetMinutes120307.pdf [pdf] 30KB CabinetDecisionNotice120307.pdf [pdf] 64KB
26th Feb 2007 CabinetAgenda260207.pdf [pdf] 22KB CabinetMinutes260207.pdf [pdf] 21KB CabinetDecisionNotice260207.pdf [pdf] 43KB
5th Feb 2007 CabinetAgenda050207.pdf [pdf] 22KB CabinetMinutes050207.pdf [pdf] 26KB CabinetDecisionNotice050207.pdf [pdf] 55KB
8th Jan 2007 CabinetAgenda080107.pdf [pdf] 21KB CabinetMinutes080107.pdf [pdf] 31KB CabinetDecisionNotice080107.pdf [pdf] 41KB

Cabinet meetings 2

Table of minutes and agendas
4th Dec 2006
CabinetAgenda041206.pdf [pdf] 24KB CabinetMinutes041206.pdf [pdf] 23KB
6th Nov 2006
CabinetMinutes061106.pdf [pdf] 17KB CabinetDecisionNotice061106.pdf [pdf] 42KB
9th Oct 2006
Cabinet_Agenda_09_10_06.pdf [pdf] 1MB CabinetMinutes091006.pdf [pdf] 16KB CabinetDecisionNotice091006.pdf [pdf] 25KB
11th Sept 2006
Cabinet_Meeting_Agenda_11_09_06.pdf [pdf] 314KB CabinetMinutes11_09_06.pdf [pdf] 219KB
14th August 2006
CabinetAgenda140806.pdf [pdf] 18KB CabinetMinutes140806.pdf [pdf] 17KB CabinetDecisionNotice140806.pdf [pdf] 36KB
17th July 2006
CabinetAgenda170706.pdf [pdf] 16KB CabinetMinutes170706.pdf [pdf] 13KB CabinetDecisionNotice170706.pdf [pdf] 16KB
19th June 2006
CabinetAgenda190606.pdf [pdf] 20KB CabinetMinutes190606.pdf [pdf] 16KB CabinetDecisionNotice190606.pdf [pdf] 32KB
22nd May 2006
CabinetAgenda220506.pdf [pdf] 23KB CabinetMinutes220506.pdf [pdf] 28KB CabinetDecisionNotice220506.pdf [pdf] 40KB
10th April 2006
CabinetAgenda100406.pdf [pdf] 25KB CabinetMinutes100406.pdf [pdf] 23KB CabinetDecisionNotice100406.pdf [pdf] 59KB
13th March 2006
CabinetAgenda130306.pdf [pdf] 88KB CabinetMinutes130306.pdf [pdf] 10KB CabinetDecisionNotice130306.pdf [pdf] 22KB
13th February 2006
  CabinetMinutes130206.pdf [pdf] 73KB CabinetDecisionNotice160206.pdf [pdf] 109KB
16th January 2006
CabinetAgenda160106.pdf [pdf] 21KB cabinetMinutes160106.pdf [pdf] 19KB CabinetDecisionNotice160106.pdf [pdf] 88KB
5th December 2005
CabinetAgenda051205.pdf [pdf] 25KB CabinetMinutes051205.pdf [pdf] 19KB CabinetDecisionNotice051205.pdf [pdf] 43KB
14th November 2005
CabinetAgenda141105.pdf [pdf] 18KB CabinetMinutes141105.pdf [pdf] 7KB CabinetDecisionNotice141105.pdf [pdf] 18KB
17th October 2005
CabinetAgenda171005.pdf [pdf] 20KB CabinetMinutes171005.pdf [pdf] 9KB CabinetDecisionNotice171005.pdf [pdf] 33KB
19th September 2005
CabinetAgenda190905.pdf [pdf] 20KB CabinetMinutes190905.pdf [pdf] 17KB
22nd August 2005
CabinetAgenda220805.pdf [pdf] 21KB CabinetMinutes220805.pdf [pdf] 21KB
25th July 2005
CabinetAgenda250705.pdf [pdf] 140KB CabinetMinutes250705.pdf [pdf] 12KB CabinetDecisionNotice250705.pdf [pdf] 36KB
27th June 2005
CabinetAgenda270605.pdf [pdf] 82KB CabinetMinutes270605.pdf [pdf] 5KB   Cabinet_Decision_Notice_270605.pdf [pdf] 9KB
31st May 2005
CabinetAgenda310505.pdf [pdf] 87KB Cabinet_Minutes_310505.pdf [pdf] 6KB Cabinet_Decision_Notice_310505.pdf [pdf] 15KB
3rd May 2005
CabinetAgenda030505.pdf [pdf] 66KB Cabinet_Minutes_030505.pdf [pdf] 10KB Cabinet_Decision_Notice_030505.pdf [pdf] 18KB
4th April 2005
Cabinet_Agenda_040405.pdf [pdf] 18KB  Cabinet_Minutes_040405.pdf [pdf] 10KB Cabinet_Decision_Notice_040405.pdf [pdf] 23KB
14th March 2005
CabinetAgenda140305.pdf [pdf] 211KB Cabinet_Minutes_140305.pdf [pdf] 27KB Cabinet_Decision_Notice_140305.pdf [pdf] 71KB
14th February 2005
CabinetAgenda140205.pdf [pdf] 140KB Cabinet_Minutes_140205.pdf [pdf] 16KB Cabinet_Decision_Notice_140205.pdf [pdf] 33KB
24th January 2005
Cabinet_Agenda_240105.pdf [pdf] 21KB CabinetMinutes240105.pdf [pdf] 476KB Cabinet_Decision_Notice_240105.pdf [pdf] 39KB

Cabinet Meetings 1

minutes and agendas
20th December 2004
CabinetAgenda201204.pdf [pdf] 132KB Cabinet_Minutes_201204.pdf [pdf] 16KB Cabinet_Decision_Notice_201204.pdf [pdf] 48KB
29th November 2004
CabinetAgenda291104.pdf [pdf] 202KB Cabinet_Minutes_291104.pdf [pdf] 27KB Cabinet_Decision_Notice_291104.pdf [pdf] 71KB
1st November 2004
Cabinet_Agenda_011104.pdf [pdf] 16KB Cabinet_Minutes_011104.pdf [pdf] 10KB Cabinet_Decision_Notice_011104.pdf [pdf] 14KB
18th October 2004
Cabinet_Agenda_181004.pdf [pdf] 19KB Cabinet_Minutes_181004.pdf [pdf] 16KB Cabinet_Decision_Notice_181004.pdf [pdf] 33KB
13th Sept 2004
Cabinet_Agenda_130904.pdf [pdf] 19KB Cabinet_Minutes_130904.pdf [pdf] 17KB Cabinet_Decision_Notice130904.pdf [pdf] 37KB
16th August 2004
Cabinet_Agenda_160804.pdf [pdf] 21KB Cabinet_Minutes_160804.pdf [pdf] 25KB Cabinet_Decision_Notice_160804.pdf [pdf] 56KB
19th July 2004
Cabinet_Agenda_190704.pdf [pdf] 19KB Cabinet_Minute_190704.pdf [pdf] 18KB Cabinet_Decision_Notice_190704.pdf [pdf] 43KB
28th June 2004
Cabinet_Agenda_280604.pdf [pdf] 20KB Cabinet_Minutes_280604.pdf [pdf] 21KB Cabinet_Decision_Notice_280604.pdf [pdf] 50KB
24th May 2004
  Cabinet_Minutes_240504.pdf [pdf] 13KB Cabinet_Decision_Notice_240504.pdf [pdf] 26KB
26th April 2004
Cabinet_Agenda_260404.pdf [pdf] 18KB Cabinet_Minutes_260404.pdf [pdf] 14KB Cabinet_Decision_Notice_260404.pdf [pdf] 41KB
14th April 2004
Cabinet_Agenda_140404.pdf [pdf] 15KB Cabinet_Minutes_140404.pdf [pdf] 7KB Decision_Notice_140404.pdf [pdf] 10KB
5th April 2004
Cabinet_Agenda_050404.pdf [pdf] 17KB Cabinet_Minutes_050404.pdf [pdf] 8KB Cabinet_Decision_Notice_050404.pdf [pdf] 20KB
15th March 2004
CabinetAgenda150304.pdf [pdf] 98KB cabinetMinutes150304.pdf [pdf] 41KB Cabinet_Decision_Notice_150304.pdf [pdf] 28KB
1st March 2004
Cabinet_Agenda_010304.pdf [pdf] 21KB Cabinet_Minutes_010304.pdf [pdf] 11KB Cabinet_Decision_Notice_010304.pdf [pdf] 29KB
9th February 2004
Cabinet_Agenda_090204.doc [doc] 18KB Cabinet_Minutes_090204.pdf [pdf] 14KB Cabinet_Decision_Notice_090204.pdf [pdf] 27KB Cabinet_Decision_Notice_090204.pdf [pdf] 27KB
2nd February 2004
Cabinet_Agenda_020204.pdf [pdf] 21KB Cabinet_Minutes_020204.pdf [pdf] 14KB Cabinet_Decision_Notice_020204.pdf [pdf] 51KB
12th January 2004
Cabinet_Agenda_120104.doc [doc] 21KB Cabinet_Minutes_120104.pdf [pdf] 17KB Cabinet_Decision_Notice_120104.pdf [pdf] 32KB
15th December 2003
CabinetAgenda151203.pdf [pdf] 134KB Cabinet_Minutes_151203.pdf [pdf] 14KB
24th November 2003
Cabinet_Agenda_241103.pdf [pdf] 21KB Cabinet_Minutes_241103.pdf [pdf] 18KB Cabinet_Decision_Notice_241103.pdf [pdf] 37KB
10th November 2003
CabinetAgenda101103.pdf [pdf] 116KB Cabinet_Minutes_101103.pdf [pdf] 16KB Cabinet_Decision_Notice_101103.pdf [pdf] 41KB
20th October 2003
  Cabinet_Minutes_201003.pdf [pdf] 16KB Cabinet_Decision_Notice_201003.pdf [pdf] 40KB
22nd September 2003
Cabinet_Agenda_220903_doc.PDF [pdf] 23KB  
8th September 2003
  Cabinet_Minutes_08_09_03.PDF [pdf] 20KB Cabinet_Decision_Notice_080903.PDF [pdf] 51KB
4th August 2003
  cabinet_minutes_04_08_03.pdf [pdf] 14KB cabinet_decision_notice_04_08_03.pdf [pdf] 37KB
14th July 2003
cabinet_minutes_14_07_03.pdf [pdf] 13KB cabinet_decision_notice_14_07_03.pdf [pdf] 34KB
23rd June 2003
CabinetAgenda230603.pdf [pdf] 199KB cabinet_minutes_23_06_03.pdf [pdf] 16KB cabinet_decision_notice_23_06_03.pdf [pdf] 35KB
2nd June 2003
  cabinet_minutes_02_06_03.pdf [pdf] 18KB cabinet_decisions_02_06_03.pdf [pdf] 93KB
14th April 2003
  cabinet_minutes_14_04_03.pdf [pdf] 16KB cabinet_decisions_14_04_03.pdf [pdf] 45KB 
17th March 2003
  cabinet_minutes_17_03_03.pdf [pdf] 19KB  
24 February 2003
  cabinet_minutes_24_02_03.pdf [pdf] 12KB cabinet_decisions_24_02_03.pdf [pdf] 34KB
3 February 2003
CabinetAgenda030203.pdf [pdf] 292KB cabinet_minutes_03_02_03.pdf [pdf] 16KB cabinet_decisions_03_02_03.pdf [pdf] 45KB
20 January 2003
  cabinet_minutes_20_01_03.pdf [pdf] 62KB cabinet_decisions_20_01_03.pdf [pdf] 9KB
13 January 2003
CabinetAgenda130103.pdf [pdf] 148KB cabinet_minutes_13_01_03.pdf [pdf] 14KB cabinet_decisions_13_01_03.pdf [pdf] 26KB
16 December 2002
25 November 2002
CabinetAgenda251102.pdf [pdf] 190KB
11 November 2002
CabinetAgenda111102.pdf [pdf] 273KB
21 October 2002
CabinetAgenda211002.pdf [pdf] 270KB
23 September 2002
CabinetAgenda230902.pdf [pdf] 183KB
9 September 2002
CabinetAgenda090902.pdf [pdf] 203KB  
12 August 2002
CabinetAgenda120802.pdf [pdf] 274KB  
22 July 2002
CabinetAgenda220702.pdf [pdf] 180KB  
1 July 2002
CabinetAgenda010702.pdf [pdf] 179KB