Chief Officers


Corporate Management Team

There are 3 officers in the Corporate Management Team (CMT), each with their own Directorate. The CMT structure is shown in the CMT Structure Chart August 2017.pdf [pdf] 542KB.  

Arun District Council's Corporate Management Team

Nigel Lynn

Nigel Lynn
Chief Executive

  • Joined Arun District Council in October 2011
  • Previously Deputy Chief Executive at Spelthorne Borough Council from 2007 responsible for Planning and Housing Strategy, Streetscene, Corporate Governance, Asset Management, Customer Services and Communications
  • Strategic Director at Spelthorne 2003-2007
  • Career path in the public sector includes working for Bridgend County Council, Maldon District Council, Lea Valley Regional Park Authority, the Inner London Education Authority, Westminster & Tower Hamlets and the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham.
  • Previous responsibilities have included tourism, education, libraries, the youth service, economic development and culture.  Nigel has also worked in the private sector.
  • External roles include being an Advisor to the LGA Culture and Sports Board, a Peer Assessor for the LGA and Chair of the Chief Leisure and Culture Officers Association’s National Executive.
  • Chief Executive Officer and responsible for the Council's Corporate Support Directorate:
    • Policy: Corporate Policy, Corporate Performance; Communications; Web management; Electoral Services; National Partnerships; Local partner liaison; Design; Print / postal services
    • Corporate Support: Human Resources; IT; Legal Services; Finance
    • Council Advice & Monitoring: Standards; Monitoring role; Information Management; Committee Services; Data Protection Officer
  • Contact:
  • Telephone: 01903 737600
philippa dart

Philippa Dart
Director of Services

  • Joined Arun in 1988
  • Previous employment included private sector
  • Head of Greenspace, Engineering and Emergency Planning 2005
  • Assistant Director Environmental Services June 2012
  • Director of Services 2016, responsible for:
    • Community Wellbeing: Leisure; Foreshores; Wellbeing; Voluntary and Community Sector; Safeguarding; Lifeline; Community Safety
    • Residential Services: Housing, Homelessness, Registered providers and social landlords, Strategy and Enabling; Council Tax; Business Rates; Housing Benefits
    • Neighbourhood Services: Car Parking, Parks, Cleansing, Cemeteries, Emergency Planning, Customer Services
  • Contact:
  • Telephone: 01903 737913
karl roberts

Karl Roberts
Director of Place

  • Worked for Arun since April 2009
  • Previously worked in Cornwall between 1987 and 2009
  • Previously Assistant Director of Planning (since 2009) and Economic Regeneration (since June 2012)
  • Director of Place 2016, responsible for:
    • Planning: Development Control; Local Plan & Policy, Strategic Development Team, Technical Administration Support
    • Technical Services: Street Name & Numbering; Local Land Charges; Engineering; Property & Estates; Facilities Management; Environmental Health; Building Control; Private Sector Housing
    • Economy: Economic Policy & Research; Tourism; Town Centre Management; Economic Partnerships; Business development
  • Contact
  • Telephone: 01903 737760


Senior Management Team

Under the Corporate Management Team there are nine Group Heads, who make up the Senior Management Team (SMT). Structure charts are available for each directorate:

Chief Exec Corporate Support Structure chart June 2020.pdf [pdf] 699KB
Director of Place Structure Chart August 2017.pdf [pdf] 391KB
Director of Services Structure chart August 2017.pdf [pdf] 340KB

Arun District Council's Heads of Service

Jackie Follis
Jackie Follis
Group Head of Policy

Call 01903 737580
Alan Peach
Alan Peach
Group Head of Corporate Support

Call 01903 737558
Neil Crowther
Neil Crowther
Group Head of Planning

Call 01903 737839
Nat Slade
Nat Slade
Group Head of Technical Services

Call 01903 737683
Denise Vine
Denise Vine
Group Head of Economy

Call 01903 737846
Robin Wickham
Robin Wickham
Group Head of Community Wellbeing

Call 01903 737835
Joe Russell-Wells
Joe Russell-Wells
Group Head of Neighbourhood Services

Call 01903 737914
Satnam Kaur
Satnam Kaur
Group Head of Residential Services

Call 01903 737718