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Coast Protection

Contact us at for all matters relating to Coast Protection in Arun:

  • Reporting damaged groynes, sea walls, timber breastwork, gabions, top marks, beach safety signage or any other coast protection asset.
  • Guidance on Shoreline Management Planning and Coast Protection Strategies (beyond what is found on these pages).
  • Planning consultations for coastal properties.
  • If you are concerned that your property is at risk of coastal erosion.

Click here to find out more about our recent works. 



Contact us at for all matters relating to Drainage in Arun:

  • Land Drainage Consenting.
  • Surface water drainage in respect to new developments.
  • Land Drainage enforcement.
  • General queries and advice.
  • Your responsibilities with regard to ditches, culverts, streams or other ordinary watercourses on or adjacent to your property.

In addition to the matters listed above and on our web pages, we work closely with West Sussex County Council [WSCC], Southern Water, The Environment Agency [EA], local Parish Councils and flood and community groups. 

We carry out flood alleviation schemes, non-prejudiced land drainage based works and infrastructure improvements.  If you would like more information about the works we can undertake or how we could assist with a potential scheme (from design, to sourcing funding, to implementation), then please contact us on the e-mail address listed above. 


Structural Work

Contact us at for all matters relating to structural work in Arun:

Our Structural Engineering team works with various partners including Horsham, and Adur & Worthing District Councils, for whom we undertake structural calculation checking. We also undertake surveys of Dangerous Structures when specialist advice is requested from Building Control, and carry out general surveys for Housing.