Council takes enforcement action against owners of historic building 12 08 15

Arun District Council has taken enforcement action because of works to repair a damaged chimney which did not fit in with the building’s historic design.

The owners of the premises in High Street, Arundel urgently needed to repair a chimney which was damaged.

However, they were advised that whilst they could repair the damaged chimney, they would need to apply for Listed Building consent from the Council before commencing works, as the property is a Grade II Listed Building. 

This permission is needed for anyone wishing to alter or extend a listed building which would alter its design so it appears out of character or impacts on its historic nature. 

However, the owners demolished and capped off the chimney which drastically altered the character of the building.

The Council has issued a Listed Building Enforcement Notice which requires the chimney to be re-instated with a version which is in keeping with the original design.

Karl Roberts, Director for Planning and Economic Regeneration at Arun District Council, said: “Arun District Council takes breaches of the planning process very seriously. 

“Listed buildings should be preserved so their historic character can be enjoyed by all. I very much hope the owner takes the required action to resolve the situation otherwise the Council will have to consider taking further action.”