Council Vision 2022 - 2026 public consultation


Welcome to our consultation on the new Arun District Council Vision.

As Leader of the Council I want to share with you the work that our Councillors have been doing over the summer to agree the overall council aims for 2022-2026.

As a District Council our role is to make Arun a better place to live, work and visit as well as delivering vital services to the public. We do this by working closely with partners in all sectors to enable us to fulfil our plans and support people and businesses. It is really important to us that we share our ‘draft’ Vision and that you have the opportunity to comment on what we are saying or tell us if we have missed anything.

There will be a number of plans and strategies which will help us to deliver this Vision. It won’t all happen on day one, but the important thing is that when we publish this in Spring 2022 it will set out our priorities and guide our decision making for the next four years, building on the good things that we already do and improving where they could be better.

Please let us know what you think by reading this consultation document and completing the online survey, or we are happy to provide a paper copy if you need one.

Cllr Shaun Gunner
Leader of Arun District Council

Improving the Wellbeing of Arun

Overall aims

  • Work with other agencies and services to focus on Arun’s areas of greatest deprivation and inequality and to encourage healthy and active lifestyles.
  • Deliver leisure services and support culture and arts activities for all members of the community, regardless of age or ability.
  • Provide joined up support and advice (with partners) on a wide range of wellbeing issues, especially where this will have most impact.

How will we achieve this?

  1. Create a Wellbeing Strategy for Arun based on understanding the wide range of social, economic and environmental factors which influence people’s physical and mental health
  2. Engage better with local people, including hard to reach groups, to promote healthy lifestyles and encourage participation in a wide range of wellbeing activities
  3. Work with key partners to ensure that we deliver council wellbeing services that are complementary to their own, rather than duplicate effort
  4. Work with health organisations to improve the delivery of primary care facilities across the district, but particularly Littlehampton
  5. Work with the voluntary and community sector to provide a wide range of services which support vulnerable people
  6. Provide wider infrastructure that supports wellbeing, e.g. more opportunities for cycling and walking, housing and other developments that include easily accessible and safe greenspace
  7. Work with people in difficult housing situations - people in HMOs, B&Bs, temporary accommodation, and those experiencing homelessness - to ensure that their health outcomes are improved

Delivering the right homes in the right places

Overall aims

  • Provide a mixed housing economy within the district for all, regardless of age or circumstances, where different types of homes are available, and people can choose to rent or buy.
  • Provide homes that are energy efficient and affordable to run.
  • Support those in our community that most need help, providing a safety net where necessary and working with people and organisations to meet different needs.

How will we achieve this?

  1. Recognise the requirements of those who have particular and sometimes complex needs and support them in finding the right accommodation
  2. Invest in more affordable housing, using the council’s own resources and commercial expertise
  3. Ensure that our social housing is energy efficient
  4. Use our expertise to influence the local housing market, working with the right partners from all sectors, to develop the housing and infrastructure that we need
  5. Use the planning system to create great new places and improve our existing places, where new homes meet the needs of current and future generations
  6. Maintain existing housing stock to a high standard
  7. Continue to bring empty homes back into use for the benefit of the community

Supporting our environment to support us

Overall aims

  • Protecting the environment must be seen as an investment for the future. The council will therefore aim to build sustainability into housing developments, infrastructure and economy, encouraging businesses to share their ideas and work together towards a greener future for everybody.
  • Arun District Council will set achievable but challenging targets for itself, aiming to be carbon-neutral in a timescale based on its new Climate Change and Biodiversity Strategies.
  • Protect and enhance our natural environment making them accessible for all.
  • Make walking, cycling and travel by public transport easy, convenient and pleasant and a fundamental part of our placemaking.

How will we achieve this?

  1. Develop Climate Change and Biodiversity Strategies for both the council and district, including setting net zero-carbon targets
  2. Maximise the use of green energy for council-owned and community buildings and encourage alternative energy generation scheme(s)
  3. Engage and incentivise businesses to get them to commit to individual and collaborative working practices which minimise their impact on the environment
  4. Provide support and information to local residents and businesses to make them aware of and help them take full advantage of government/regional/other funding
  5. Increase and improve our recycling by educating and working with residents, businesses and visitors
  6. Encourage all council services to have climate change and biodiversity as a consideration in everything they do
  7. Support the Sussex Bay initiative to improve the biodiversity and carbon footprints of the district.

Fulfilling Arun's economic potential

Overall aims

  • Increase opportunities for more high-quality, well-paid employment, encouraging more people to live, work, study and visit Arun.
  • Use regeneration opportunities to attract new and relocating businesses to the district.
  • Encourage the development of the district as a key tourist destination, supporting and enabling improvements and activities to increase visitor spend.
  • Make best use of our natural assets to help drive the economy.

How will we achieve this?

  1. Work towards an environment that will attract high tech including the creative digital sector and ‘green’ businesses into the area, reducing the need for the workforce to commute out
  2. Use the planning system to set aside sites for larger business growth and support and create employment space for smaller start-ups, using Arun-owned land to stimulate the market
  3. Encourage a digital infrastructure that will support businesses and changing ways of working, as well as the needs of local people
  4. Carry out a district-wide skills audit, to understand what businesses need and what skills we have in the community. Work with local colleges and the University of Chichester to assist them to run courses that will match local skill needs for those at all stages in their working life
  5. Work closely with our towns and other organisations on Town Centre Strategies which support vibrant and attractive retail centres
  6. Positive and focused promotion of Arun’s tourist destinations as more than a ‘day trip’
  7. Develop more accommodation options for the tourist and business market

What happens next

We will collect feedback from this consultation and used it to shape a final document to be published early in 2022.

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