Current Planning Consultations


Community Infrastructure Levy - 2018 update

As part of the preparation of the Preliminary Draft Charging Schedule, updated viability evidence has been commissioned and was completed this summer. 

The Planning Policy Subcommittee agreed at last night’s meeting to consult on the Arun CIL Preliminary Draft Charging Schedule.  Please note that the consultation started on Monday 10th December 2018 and will end at 5pm on Monday 21st January 2019.

Arun’s CIL Preliminary Draft Charging Schedule consultation started on 10 December.  Please use this link to be taken directly to the consultation portal.  Please see links to the consultation document and supporting evidence base below.

For further information regarding the Arun CIL, please email or phone 01903 737500 and ask for Planning Policy.

Arun CIL Viability Update 12th June 2018 Report.pdf [pdf] 3MB
Arun CIL Viability Update 12th June 2018 Appendices.pdf [pdf] 6MB
CIL Viability Update Report Addendum.pdf [pdf] 49KB
ARUN ICSDP Phase 2 Infrastructure Delivery and Phasing Plan 1.3.pdf [pdf] 512KB
Arun PDCS 2018 Consultation December 2018.pdf [pdf] 5MB