Current Planning Consultations


NOTE: Since the consultation commenced, minor inaccuracies have been found when comparing the modification tables against the Arun Local Plan (2011 – 2031) Consultation on the Main Modifications (January, 2018).  These are insignificant and do not affect the scope of the consultation.

For the sake of clarity, the modification tables and the Plan, have been updated and are provided below.

The consultation period will not be affected by this update.
Table of Additional Modifications Update 290118.pdf [pdf] 152KB
Table of Main Modifications Update 290118.pdf [pdf] 466KB
Modified - Arun Local Plan - January 2018 Consultation Update 290118.pdf [pdf] 3MB


Local Plan (2011 - 2031) Consultation on Main Modifications

The Local Plan sets out how business growth, jobs, housing, local services, community facilities and transport improvements can be delivered for the benefit of present and future generations. Once adopted, the Arun Local Plan and ‘made’ Neighbourhood Plans will form the statutory development Plan for the Local Planning Authority Area. The Local Plan will supersede all of the ‘saved’ policies of the 2003 Local Plan.

Arun District Council has produced a series of Main Modifications to the Plan that are being made available for public consultation for six week period from 12 January 2018 until 5pm on Friday 23 February 2018. This follows on from the Arun Local Plan examination hearings which were held in September 2017.

Please note that all Representations must be received by 5pm on Friday 23 February 2018. You are asked to note that representations can only be made on the Main Modifications to the Plan, as opposed to the plan in its entirety.

You do not need to repeat any representations made at an earlier stage of consultation.


Documents published in support of this consultation are:

Modified - Arun Local Plan - January 2018 Consultation.pdf [pdf] 3MB

Amended Policies Maps:
Angmering North Snap shot.pdf [pdf] 217KB
Local Plan Policy Map 1 - Update 2018 V9.pdf [pdf] 5MB
Local Plan Policy Map 2 - Update Jan 2018 V3.pdf [pdf] 6MB
Local Plan Policy Map 3 - Update Jan 2018 V2.pdf [pdf] 6MB
Local Plan Policy Map 4 - Update Jan 2018 V3.pdf [pdf] 6MB

Table of Main Modifications.pdf [pdf] 583KB

Non-Technical Summary - SA of the Main Modifications to the Arun Local Plan.pdf [pdf] 833KB

Appropriate Assessment Addendum.pdf [pdf] 275KB

Table of Additional Modifications.pdf [pdf] 281KB

Supporting evidence – see detailed list below

Representation Form:
Representation Form Word format.docx [docx] 75KB
Representation Form PDF format.pdf [pdf] 280KB

Statement of Representation Procedure and Guidance Note.pdf [pdf] 39KB

FAQs.pdf [pdf] 27KB

Public Notice.pdf [pdf] 168KB


Please note: The public notice includes full details of where paper copies of the documents can be viewed and explains how you can submit your representations.


Supporting evidence

This consultation is supported by a number of evidence documents, produced since July 2017.  These include:

SA Main Modifications Main Report.pdf [pdf] 3MB
SA Main Modifications Appendices.pdf [pdf] 8MB
PELP33a HRA Technical Note.pdf [pdf] 2MB
PELP33b Natural England response to Interim Findings.pdf [pdf] 207KB
PESP6 Angmering North Landscape.pdf [pdf] 2MB
PEPP10 Bognor Regis Golf Club Note.pdf [pdf] 110KB
PELVP32 5 Year Housing Land Supply.pdf [pdf] 458KB
PELVP33-Status-of-Strategic-Allocation-Sites.pdf [pdf] 45KB
PECP10 EBR Transport Review Complete.pdf [pdf] 18MB
PEPT11-ADC-Response-relating-to-Natural-Environment.pdf [pdf] 179KB
SEDP7 EIP Primary Education Requirements.pdf [pdf] 212KB


What can I comment on?

At this time you can only comment on the legal compliance or soundness of the Main Modifications. These are set out in the Modifications Table and also identified throughout the online and print version of the Local Plan. Modifications are shown as follows:

  • Deleted text is scored through.
  • New text is underlined.


How do I comment?

The easiest way is online using the portal. You need to register to do this. You can also fill in the online form or print and return either of the representation form (Word or PDF versions) listed under Main Documents above, by post or email. If you need help to do this then please contact us.


Will my details be made public?

Your personal details will be kept private and confidential; your comments (including your name) will be publicly available as we are unable to accept anonymous representations.



If you need to contact us or require the document in large print, audio tape or another language please contact:

Planning Policy and Conservation Team
Arun Civic Centre
Maltravers Road
West Sussex
BN17 5LF

Telephone: 01903 737500