Play area improvement works

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The Council is preparing to undertake improvements at several play areas across the district, including Larksfield play area in Middleton-on-Sea, Linden play area in Littlehampton, Longbrook play area in Felpham and Sproule Close play area in Ford.

Public consultation was carried out to obtain users views on what people would like to see improved. There will be a formal tender process throughout the summer 2019 to obtain designs for the play areas based on the views obtained during the consultation process.

It is anticipated that the play area improvements will be carried out in early 2020.

Previous Play Area Improvements

Sea Rd Skate Park

Working in partnership with Littlehampton Town Council, the Council are upgrading the Sea Road skate park in Littlehampton. The current skate park is very popular and is in need of upgrading to a more modern design with a wider variety of obstacles for a range of users.

A formal tender process was carried out to obtain concept designs for the skate park using background data from a user group survey carried out by the Councils in June 2018. Maverick Industries Ltd has been chosen to carry out the upgrade. The company is run by skaters that specialise in the design of spray concrete skate parks and have significant experience of installing skate parks across the UK.

Further consultation was carried out with user groups to obtain their views on the concept design prior to the final design being agreed. This will ensure that the new skate park reflects the needs of those that will use it.

The skate park is jointly funded by The Council and Littlehampton Town Council and the Council has obtained grant funding from Sport England. As part of the funding agreement we are required to install floodlighting.

The new skate park will be open for use by Autumn 2019.


The Council has also undertaken work to improve some of our other play areas across the district.


Mill Road play area

Arun District Council worked in partnership with Arundel Town Council to upgrade the play area at Mill Road in Arundel. The Mayor of Arundel carried out consultation with local schools to find out young people’s views on the play area to find out what they would like to see improved.

Two new designs were presented to the schools for pupils to choose their favourite.

Wicksteed Ltd was chosen to carry out the upgrade. Their castle themed design includes a Fort Knox Climbing Unit, a new junior swing set with flat swings and basket swing, trim trail features, crusader swing and an inclusive roundabout. The design includes the provision of features for imaginative play and natural timber units that are suitable for the prestigious location of the play area in close proximity to Arundel Castle.


Hotham Park, West Park, Southfields and Hampshire Avenue play areas were refurbished in 2018.


Hotham Park

The upgrade at Hotham Park play area included the replacement of the most popular items such as the large climbing frame with slide, the inclusive roundabout and the multi see-saw, with like-for-like new items. The play area continues to provide a range of play equipment designed for children with disabilities.

The Council chose Playdale Ltd to refurbish the play area at Hotham Park. Their design reflects the heritage of the park and aims to update the play area to provide an impressive playground for a range of different ages and abilities. In addition, improvements were made to the safety surfacing to ensure the play area can be used all year round. The upgrade was carried out with funding from Arun District Council and Hotham Park Heritage Trust.

hotham1 hotham2


West Park and Southfields

The play areas at West Park and Southfields were refurbished in Spring 2018 by Wicksteed Ltd.

At West Park the upgrade aimed to offer a woodland themed play area with a wider range of equipment for children up to the age of 14. The design provides a wide range of challenging and exciting woodland themed equipment including a junior climbing unit with a large slide, and an inclusive roundabout.  The play area has been designed to be inclusive and accessible for wheelchair users and pushchairs. The upgrade was carried out with funding from The Council and Aldwick Parish Council.

The refurbishment of the play area at Southfields Recreation Ground aims to provide a wider range of equipment for children of different ages and abilities. The play area has a medieval theme which was chosen during a local consultation, and consists of a wide range castle style climbing units for both toddlers and juniors. In addition, the play area has been designed to be inclusive and accessible, and provides equipment designed for children with a range of abilities. The upgrade was carried out with funding from Arun District Council and Littlehampton Town Council.

west1 west2

south1 south2


Hampshire Avenue

Refurbishment works were also carried out at Hampshire Avenue play area by Wicksteed Ltd. The upgrade included the provision of toddler and junior climbing units, an informal kick-about area and outdoor exercise equipment. The play area design provides a wide range of equipment for a range of ages and abilities and allows the play area to be more accessible with new path works.

Improvements were also made to the wider recreation ground including seating areas, soil mounds to prevent unauthorised vehicular access, and tree planting.

The improvements at Hampshire Avenue were made possible due to Section 106 Developer Contributions following the redevelopment of Bognor Regis Community College, Westloats Lane.

hampshire1 hamp2 hamp3