Don’t wait for the knock on the door 6 October 2015

Don’t wait for the knock on the door 6 October 2015


Householders in Arun are being asked to return their annual canvass form – or be ready for a knock at the door.

Over 72,000 household enquiry forms were delivered to every address in the district over the summer to enable residents to check their electoral register details. There are still more than a third of forms outstanding and reminders have now been sent out where responses have not been received.

Residents who are not on the register of electors may also be refused credit on purchases, a mortgage, or a mobile phone contract as credit agencies use the electoral register to determine applications.

If you don’t need to make any changes to your information, you can use the automated services, but if your details have changed, you will need to email these to with the information or complete and return the form.

Arun District Council have prepared a short film to explain how to complete the form, this can be found on the Arun District Council Facebook Page

Nigel Lynn, Arun’s Electoral Registration Officer, said: “We have a deadline of 15 October and if we don’t get a form back from a property by then, canvassers will be knocking on doors to obtain the information.

“This is an additional cost to the Council so residents can save taxpayers’ money by using the telephone number, website address, or text number provided on the form, or by bringing their form to the Civic Centre in Littlehampton or Bognor Regis Town Hall.

“You can also return the form by post by using the freepost envelope provided but this costs money so using one of the above methods will help keep costs down.”

The Council has to carry out an annual canvass each year and it is a legal requirement to provide the information requested –– don’t lose your right to vote.

The new register will be published on 1 December 2015.