Electoral Review Sub Committee



The purpose of the Electoral Review Sub Committee is to review and consider a range of electoral matters including proposals for polling districts and polling stations; community governance reviews; and reviews of elections held.  The sub committee reports into full council, and will also play a role in proposals for an electoral review of Arun District Council to be undertaken by the Local Government Boundary Commission for England.  

Meetings are held on an ad hoc basis at the Arun Civic Centre, Littlehampton.  For details of forthcoming meetings see our calendar.



Dendle (C), Wotherspoon (VC), R Bower, Chapman, Charles, Elkins, Haymes and Purchese


Agendas and minutes

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Agendas and Minutes
Date of Meeting                         Agenda          Minutes      
13 December 2012   This meeting was cancelled.  Meeting Cancelled
27 September 2012   Electoral_Review_Sub_Committee_Agenda_27_09_12.pdf [pdf] 4MB ElectoralReviewSub_CommitteeMinutes 270912.pdf [pdf] 34KB

30 August 2012

Draft Recommendations on Warding Arrangements


Electoral_Review_Sub_Committee_Agenda_30_08_12 - meeting was cancelled.pdf [pdf] 784KB 

Please note that as the LGBCE Review Team has extended the timetable for the release of its recommendations to 4 September 2012, this meeting has now been cancelled.  It will be necessary to work on a revised timetable of meetings which will be confirmed soon.

Meeting Cancelled.
16 August 2012   Meeting Cancelled Meeting Cancelled
1 May 2012   Electoral_Review_Sub_Committee_Agenda_01_05_12.pdf [pdf] 22KB ElectoralReviewSub_CommitteeMinutes 01 05 12.pdf [pdf] 31KB
24 April 2012   Electoral_Review_Sub_Committee__agenda 24_04_12.pdf [pdf] 127KB ElectoralReviewSub_CommitteeMinutes 24 04 12.pdf [pdf] 37KB
27 March 2012   Electoral_Review_Sub_Committee_Agenda_27_03_12.pdf [pdf] 22KB ElectoralReviewSub_CommitteeMinutes 27 03 12.pdf [pdf] 19KB
28 February 2012   Electoral_Review_Sub_Committee_agenda 28_02_12.pdf [pdf] 233KB ElectoralReviewSub_CommitteeMinutes 28 02 12.pdf [pdf] 18KB
8 February 2012   This meeting has now been changed to 28th February 2012.  Meeting re-arranged

19 December 2011 - Agenda

Draft Submission on Council size


Electoral_Review_Sub_Committee agenda_19_12_11.pdf [pdf] 584KB

Electoral_Review_Sub_Committee_Additional_Papers_19_12_11.pdf [pdf] 543KB

Electoral_Review_Sub_Committee minutes_19_12_11.pdf [pdf] 18KB
16 November 2011   Electoral_Review_Sub_Committee_Agenda_16_11_11.pdf [pdf] 315KB Electoral_Review_Sub_Committee_Minutes_16_11_11.pdf [pdf] 26KB
24 October 2011 at 4.30 pm   Electoral_Review_Sub_Committee_Agenda_24_10_11.pdf [pdf] 3MB Electoral_Review_Sub_Committee_Minutes_24_10_11.pdf [pdf] 29KB

21 September 2011

Revised Agenda (easier to read on screen version Re: attachments)


Electoral_Review_Sub_Committee_Agenda 21 09 11.pdf [pdf] 11MB

Electoral_Review_Sub_Committee_minutes 21 09 11.pdf [pdf] 48KB