Empty Properties


Following the Prime Minister’s updates regarding the continuing Coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic, resurgence of cases and rapid spread of a new variant of the virus and the imposition of new and extended restrictions in 2021, about which further information can be found at https://www.gov.uk/guidance/national-lockdown-stay-at-home, the Private Sector Housing & Public Health team will not be undertaking site visits or property inspections until further notice, except in urgent emergency situations (as determined by the case officer) where appropriate precautions are in place.

This is not a permanent arrangement but will continue until the fall in Covid-19 cases is sufficient enough to allow the restrictions to be lifted or eased by the Government and in turn inspections recommenced by the team. Restrictions may be extended further by the Government depending upon the situation at the relevant time and these will dictate the inspection process and regime undertaken by the team for the foreseeable future.

All staff continue to work from home and have limited access to incoming and outgoing postal mail and correspondence is best via e-mail where possible. Any visits arranged during the pandemic may be subject to cancellation or change at short notice if there are changes to National, local or Council-directed policy, legislation or requirements, or where it is considered that appropriate precautions and/or social-distancing cannot be achieved.

These changes have been made to protect customers and staff from contracting or spreading the virus during these difficult times.

As well as advice on Coronavirus available via other links on the Arun District Council website, the following links may also be of particular use in regards to Housing issues: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/covid-19-guidance-on-services-for-people-experiencing-rough-sleeping/covid-19-guidance-for-hostel-or-day-centre-providers-of-services-for-people-experiencing-rough-sleeping

Moving Property?
A link regarding moving from/to a new property during the Coronavirus restrictions for Private Sector Tenants.
A link regarding moving from/to a new property or Halls of Residence for Students during the Coronavirus restrictions.

Empty Properties
During the Coronavirus outbreak reports of empty properties can still be made in the usual way at empty.homes@arun.gov.uk or you can use this report it form.

In Arun, an empty property is classified as any privately-owned residential property that has remained unoccupied for at least six months. It does not include holiday homes, second homes or properties which are empty due to the owner being in care. Empty homes represent a wasted resource and can have a negative impact on local communities. There are more than 700,000 empty homes throughout the UK and some houses have remained empty for more than 20 years, which represents a family home lost to a whole generation. Long-term empty properties can:

•    Attract crime, vandalism and anti-social behaviour
•    Become a public health hazard and a magnet for vermin
•    Look unsightly and pose a potential danger to the community including children
•    Detract from the neighbourhood amenity
•    Reduce the value of adjacent properties
•    Cost the community for Police and Environmental Health action, as well as the loss of Council Tax revenue
Arun’s key objectives are to achieve the best possible use of the housing stock in the Arun area, we want to improve our built environment and minimise greenfield development by utilising our existing properties and improve housing conditions. If you know of a long-term empty property you can report it to us using this report it form or email empty.homes@arun.gov.uk. If you would like information on finding an empty home in Arun you can view it here:  02-02-18 Finding an Empty home in Arun_print.pdf [pdf] 397KB. For more information, please see our Empty Homes Strategy 2018-2023 .pdf [pdf] 3MB If you own an empty property and need some advice, please contact us and we will try to help. We can offer advice and guidance on ways to get your property back into use at reduced levels of VAT in qualifying cases. If an owner of a long-term empty property declines assistance or fails to respond, the Council can use various powers including the service of Notices which require works to be carried out. In more extreme cases we can use Empty Dwelling Management Orders, Enforced Sale Procedures and Compulsory Purchase Orders may be used in order to bring long-term empty properties back into use.


Empty Property Assistance Programme 

Arun District Council has been tasked with helping  local empty home owners in bringing their house back into use, and increase the supply of housing available in this area. Therefore we are offering:

  • Non-repayable loans up to £5,000 per unit of accommodation i.e. one family home is one unit of accommodation, four self-contained flats within one building is four units of accommodation, for properties that have been empty for longer than 6 months. This is designed to carry out a small amount of work to the properties so they can be let out through the Council. The non-repayable loan can be used for funding a Gas Safety Certificates, Electrical Installation Condition Reports and Energy Performance Certificate. The Council will provide nominations (tenants) for the property and you will be responsible for managing it. The loan is not repayable unless the property is sold during the nomination period, which can be up to 5 years. The loan is secured by a legal charge and an administration fee of 10% of the grant value is charged.


  • Interest free loans up to £10,000 per unit of accommodation (as above) for properties that have been empty for longer than 6 months. This is designed to help meet the financial shortfall of returning a property to a let-able condition. The loan is repayable monthly. The Council will nominate a tenant and you will be responsible for managing the tenancy. The loan is secured by a legal charge. An administration charge of 10% of the loan value is charged.


Renovate your property

Trading standards in West Sussex provide useful advice for those undertaking building works. Their ‘Buy with Confidence’ scheme has a regularly updated list of approved traders there website is  https://www.buywithconfidence.gov.uk/ or you may be able to request a Buy with Confidence directory by ringing 01243 642124.


VAT Reductions

Properties that have been empty for two years or more can benefit from a VAT discount for carrying out works to bring it back into use. We can often provide a letter confirming how long a property has been empty for, to provide evidence for the reduction. For more information see the HM Revenue website


Enforcement Action

It is worth being aware that the council has legal powers to deal with empty properties at their discretion that are in a bad state of repair, cause problems for neighbours or the community or have been left empty for a significant amount of time. These could include powers to ensure properties are of an acceptable appearance, boarding up, Enforced Sale and Compulsory Purchase Orders.