Pollution prevention permits

These are set nationally by the government for more information see their environmental fees pages.

Environmental information

An hourly cost where we are supplying environmental information.

Cost per hour


Food export certificate

You’ll need this certificate to move certain food products to different countries.

Type of fee Fee

Food export certificate
(more than one working days’ notice)


Food export certificate plus late fee
(less than one working days’ notice)


Ship sanitation certificates

Gross tonnage Minimum fee
Up to 1,000 £110
1,001 to 3,000 £150
3,001 to 10,000 £220
10,001 to 20,000 £285
20,001 to 30,000 £365
Over 30,000 £425
Vessels with 50 to 1000 persons £425
Vessels with over 1000 persons £725
Extensions £80

We may add extra charges which are based on expenses we incur such as:

  • launch time
  • out-of-hours duty
  • travel
  • extended or re-inspections of ships due to Control Measures

Private water supply sampling


Risk assessment (per assessment)








Sampling costs per visit




Analysis of samples


Taken under Regulation 10
For parameters under paragraph 1(a) to (e) only
Recovery of full analysis costs


Group A or Group B parameters or under regulation 11
Recovery of full analysis costs



Investigation of complaint or breach(for each investigation)





Granting an authorisation (for each authorisation)




Swimming Pools / Recreational Water Sampling

Per sample including analysis



1 sample


2 samples


3 samples



Food hygiene

Service Cost
Requested food hygiene advice / advisory inspection £190
Requested food hygiene advice / inspection new businesses and FHRS 5 rated £130
Requested food hygiene pre-inspection/audit advice £190
Requested food advisory sampling inspection (set fee plus sample costs incurred) £190
Food Hygiene Rating Scheme (FHRS) re-rating inspection £190
Requested FHRS re-rating inspection urgency fee £52
Requested FHRS upload urgency fee (less than 14 days) £52
Requested initial food inspection urgency fee £52
Safer Food Better Business pack (per pack, per copy) £22.50

Health and safety

Service Cost
Requested health and safety advice / advisory inspection £190


Environmental health other

Service Cost
Requested extension of time (enforcement notices)
Post appeal rights, per request per notice
Requested noise monitoring advice (per request) £190