Background Documents (Evidence Base)


The reports shown here do not constitute Arun District Council policy but may form part of the evidence base used in preparing the emerging Local Development Framework and its constituent Development Plan Documents. Further background studies and evidence that support and inform the Local Plan may be necessary in future. As and when they are commissioned a summary of the subject and purpose of such work will be provided here.

For the latest studies please refer to the Primary Evidence page.


Existing Background Studies

Background Documents (Evidence Base) 2


Additional Background Studies provided to the Council

As well as the Council’s own evidence base that can be viewed using the links above, the Council’s has also been provided with documents from landowners/developers/agents for sites that have been consulted on for growth or sites that have been submitted as part of Arun’s Call for Sites, linked to larger sites.  In relation to proposed site allocations, the content of these documents has aided the Council with respect to certain specific aspects and have also helped to inform the production of the Plan.  In relation to SHLAA sites, the information will help to inform the SHLAA site assessments.

West Bank

West Bank - Residents Feedback.pdf [pdf] 5MB

Land East of Angmering

Visioning Document.pdf [pdf] 4MB

Land West of A280 Employment Site

Transport Assessment.pdf [pdf] 761KB