Felpham conservation area character appraisal

Arun District Council has 29 conservation areas within its Local Planning Authority Area (LPAA). In order to be able to fully preserve and enhance its conservation areas, the Council will prepare individual conservation area character appraisals. These appraisals define what is special, and therefore worthy of protection, as well as what detracts and could be enhanced. They also review the existing boundaries of the conservation areas and recommend where there is potential for them to be amended. Appraisals assist the determination of planning applications, but also form part of an appropriate heritage evidence base in the preparation or review of a Local Plan.


Felpham conservation area

An appraisal has been prepared for the Felpham conservation area, which can be found using the link below:

Felpham Conservation Area Character Appraisal Web.pdf [pdf] 7MB


Walberton Village and Walberton Green conservation areas

Two draft conservation area character appraisals have been prepared for the ‘Walberton Village’ and ‘Walberton Green’ conservation areas. These are to be presented to the Planning Policy Sub-Committee at their February 2021 meeting. Permission is to be sought to publish the draft appraisals for public consultation. The draft versions of the appraisals can be viewed here:

Walberton Village Conservation Area Character Appraisal 2021 V1.pdf [pdf] 5MB

Walberton Green Conservation Area Character Appraisal 2021 V1.pdf [pdf] 4MB