Fixed Penalty Notices


A Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN) is issued under either the Environment Protection Act 1990 or the Cleaner Neighbourhoods and Environment Act 2005. They will be issued in situations where an authorised officer of the council has witnessed or has proof that someone has committed an environmental crime. These include littering, dog fouling, graffiti and flyposting. All FPNs should be paid within 14 days of issue, and there is a reduction if paid within 10 days. Unpaid fines may lead to prosecution in court. The potential fines are considerably higher than the FPN, with the maximum penalty being £5,000.

To make a payment, please go directly to our make a payment page. If you wish to appeal against an FPN for littering or dog fouling, or have any related queries, please contact our contractor. You can call 01730 234 335, or email

Further information about each offence and the fines they carry is laid out below:


Depositing litter

The term ‘litter’ can include cigarette ends, chewing gum, or any other kind of discarded waste. Generally, ‘litter’ is considered to be a bag of waste or less; anything larger is usually recorded as flytipping. This definition is made under the Environmental Protection Act 1990 (link). The fines for depositing litter are:

  • £65 – If paid within 14 days
  • £80 – Full amount 
  • £2,500 – Maximum amount upon conviction

Always put rubbish in a bin, or take it home with you. The lack of a bin does not excuse you from dropping litter. Cigarette butts must be totally extinguished and disposed of in the same way. If the rubbish you have put out for collection blows away, you must make an effort to retrieve the litter. However, officers will take a common sense approach in this situation. Please ensure your rubbish is secured and placed on the boundary of the property for collection. If litter is thrown from a car, the vehicle will be traced and an FPN will be issued to the registered keeper.


Graffiti and flyposting

Flyposting is the unauthorised posting of advertising, normally in the form of posters or stickers. Both flyposting and graffiti can be unsightly and can cause damage to the environment. The fines for these are:

  • £50 – If paid within 10 days
  • £80 – Full amount of penalty

If you notice graffiti in a public place, please report it to us so we can clear it. Please see our clean streets page for more information.


Dog fouling and breach of dog controls

Dog fouling becomes an offence when the owner does not clean up after their dog. Not noticing the fouling is not a reasonable excuse, as owners are expected to be in control of their dogs. A registered blind person cannot always be expected to do so, and will not be liable for a FPN. Regardless of who owns a dog, the person with the dog at the time of the offence will be responsible for clearing up after it, and liable to pay the FPN. Please see our dog fouling information page to find out more. The fines for dog fouling and breach of dog controls are:

  • £75 if paid within 14 days
  • £100 full amount
  • £1000 maximum upon conviction