Fontwell Strategic Site



The Arun Local Plan 2011-2031 identifies a number of ‘Strategic Allocations’ which are areas of land (sites) that have been identified to provide residential and commercial development to meet local housing and employment needs throughout the plan period (2011-2031).

The Arun Local Plan 2011-2031 identifies the Fontwell strategic allocation, under policy H SP2c (SD6), as providing at least 400 dwellings over the plan period. The strategic allocation requires the design and layout of the allocation to integrate Fontwell with the existing urban area at Wandleys Close.

Please see below the information regarding the development.  We will provide updates to bring you the latest information.

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Latest News

14 October 2020: Reserved Matters Application BN/57/19/RES has now been approved for Light Industrial buildings at Land East of Fontwell Avenue.

May 2019: a reserved Matters application was received. Approval is sought for the appearance, landscaping, layout and scale of the residential, retail, community and public open space elements of the development. The application does not include the light industrial (Class B1(b)/(c)) element.  This is proposed to be the subject of a separate application. View the application under reference WA/48/19/RES

April 2019: an amendment to the outline approval was approved under WA/1/19/PL, relating to the timing of the improvements to Fontwell Roundabout.

July 2017: An Outline Application was approved.  You can view the masterplan below, together with an overview summary to describe the approved development. The detailed application file is available to view under reference WA/22/15/OUT



View the indicative masterplan of the approved outline development.