Ford Strategic Site



The Arun Local Plan has allocated a number of strategic housing and employment sites across the District to meet local housing and employment needs.  A strategic site is land identified within Arun to accommodate major developments for housing (over 250 homes) up to 2031. 

The allocation for Ford will provide at least 1,500 dwellings. The site is functionally connected to the Arun Valley and development should avoid adverse effects on this designated area. Developments must take into account sustainable transport links for all modes of transport between Ford Railway Station and Littlehampton/Arundel Cycleway, provide new ‘two-form’ entry primary school and nursery places, provide a Community Hub to meet identified local needs of retail, commercial and community facilities, a new Tier 7 library facility and provision of new healthcare facilities/or expansion of existing facilities for Ford, Yapton and Climping.

Two new sports pitches and changing facilities are to be incorporated and a new 3G pitch facility is to be provided to serve the east of the District. Improvements to the A259 between Climping and Littlehampton must be included within the development, while incorporating planned new employment provision, reflect the historic alignment of the old canal, maintain a visual separation between Ford & Yapton and Climping & Ford within the layout and landscaped open space of the development and take into account the siting of Ford Wastewater Treatment Works.

Please select the information below to see an overview of the approved development.  We will provide updates to bring you the latest information.


Latest News

The Planning Department has received an Environmental Impact Scoping Report relating to proposed development at Ford. 

‘Scoping’ is the process of identifying the content and extent of the environmental information to be submitted within the Environmental Statement.

The report is dated November 2018 and contains information required to assess the likely significant environmental effects of the proposed development.

The location at Ford, including the Airfield, is a Planning Strategic Site Allocation, identified for development, within the Arun District Local Plan 2011-2031.

The proposal that the scoping exercise relates to is for up to 1,500 dwellings, up to 37,000 square metres of employment space, a local centre to include retail units, commercial and community facilities, primary school, nursery, a care/retirement home, healthcare facilities, public open space, new sports pitches and facilities, associated access, infrastructure, landscape and ancillary works.

Following consultation, the scope of the EIA as identified within the Environmental Impact Assessment Scoping Report (November 2018) is acceptable.  Arun District Council’s response and the Scoping report can be viewed under reference F/19/18/EIS.

A submission of a formal Environmental Statement, together with a full planning application for the development is expected to follow later this year (2019).

A Location Plan of the proposed site, below, indicates the area for development.



Plans will be available once a planning application is received.