Full Council



The Council Meeting is the ultimate decision making body of Arun District Council and the principal forum for major political debate. All 54 Councillors who have been elected to represent the 26 Wards of the District attend the meeting, which meets every 8 weeks.  For details of forthcoming meetings see our calendar.
The Full Council Meeting decides the overall objectives, major policies and financial strategies of the Council. It also considers recommendations from the Scrutiny and Regulatory Committees on issues of significance.
Through the Constitution, it delegates responsibility for carrying out many of the District Council’s functions and policies to the Cabinet and Regulatory Committees. It also agrees the membership of the Cabinet and Committees/Sub Committees.
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To view questions and answers asked at Full Council and Cabinet Meetings please follow this link Public Question Time.


Agendas and minutes

Agendas and Minutes from meetings of the Full Council held since the commencement of the new Municipal Year can be found below.  This starts from the Annual Meeting of the Council which was held on 16 May 2018.  The next Full Council Meeting will be held on Wednesday, 18 July 2018 in the Council Chamber at the Arun Civic Centre, Maltravers Road, Littlehampton.

Minutes from meetings of the Full Council (to view older documents please scroll down). To make the most of this on-line document viewer you should enable bookmarks in your PDF viewing software. Learn more about how to use our committee document viewer.pdf [pdf] 23KB .



The last meeting webcast was the Special Council Meeting on 22 March 2017  View the video here.

Filming at Council Meetings or on Council Property

The Council has agreed the principles for filming, photography and social media use at Council meetings and on Council property.  Please see the  Filming and Photographic Policy.pdf [pdf] 86KB 


full council 3

Minutes from meetings of the full Council
Date of meeting Agendas Minutes
27 May 2015

Annual_Council_Meeting_27_05_15.pdf [pdf] 2MB

Additional Papers for Annual Council Meeting - 27 5 15 [pdf] 3MB

11 March 2015

Full_Council_Agenda_11_03_15.pdf [pdf] 20MB

Full Council Additional Papers 11 03 15.pdf [pdf] 24MB

Council Minutes 110315.pdf [pdf] 244KB
24 February 2015 (Special Council Re: Budget 2015/2016) Special Council Agenda 24 02 14.pdf [pdf] 6MB Special_Council_Minutes_240215.pdf [pdf] 115KB

14 January 2015 (Agenda Items 1 to 20)

(Agenda Items 21, 22, 23 and 29)

Full Council Agenda 140115.pdf [pdf] 17MB

Full Council Additional Papers 140115.pdf [pdf] 4MB

Full Council Minutes 14 January 2015.pdf [pdf] 225KB

5 November 2014

Additional Papers (Agenda Items 18, 19 20, 21, 25, 29, 31 and 32)

Additional Papers (Agenda Item 21 - Local Plan Sub-Committee - 30 October 2014 - Background Papers)

Agenda Item 21 - Local Plan Sub-Committee - 30 October 2014 - Minutes - as circulated at the Full Council Meeting

Full Council Agenda 05 11 14.pdf [pdf] 34MB

Full Council 05 11 10 Additional Papers.pdf [pdf] 294KB

Full Council 05 11 10 Local Plan Additional Papers.pdf [pdf] 5MB

Local Plan Sub-Committee Minutes 30 October 2014.pdf [pdf] 106KB

Full Council 5 November 2014 Minutes.pdf [pdf] 366KB

10 September 2014

Additional Papers (Agenda Items 18, 19, 20 and 24)

Full Council Agenda 10 09 14.pdf [pdf] 2MB

Agenda Item 18 - Standards Committee Minutes 20 August 2014.pdf [pdf] 49KB

Agenda Item 19 - Development Control Committee Minutes 27 August 2014.pdf [pdf] 165KB

Agenda Item 20 - Bognor Regis Regeneration Subcommittee Minutes 1 September 2014.pdf [pdf] 237KB

Agenda Item 24 - Update on the Regis Centre and Hothamton Car Park Regeneration Schemes.pdf [pdf] 280KB

Agenda Item 24 Appendices.pdf [pdf] 1MB

Full Council Minutes 10 September 2014.pdf [pdf] 235KB

16 July 2014

Additional Papers (Agenda Items 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 27 and 28)

Full Council Agenda 16 07 14.pdf [pdf] 1MB

Full Council Additional Papers 16 07 14.pdf [pdf] 9MB

Full Council Minutes 16 July 2014.pdf [pdf] 606KB
18 June 2014 (Special Meeting) Special Council Agenda 18 06 14.pdf [pdf] 5MB Special Council Minutes - 18 June 2014.pdf [pdf] 45KB

4 June 2014 (Annual Council)

Additional Papers - Accompanying reports to Agenda Items 7, 8, 9 and 10

Addendum Papers as circulated at the meeting

Annual Council Agenda 04 06 14.pdf [pdf] 5MB

Annual Council Meeting - 04 06 14.pdf [pdf] 3MB

Annual Council 4 June 2014 Addendum Reports circulated to the meeting.pdf [pdf] 293KB

Annual Council Minutes 4 June 2014.pdf [pdf] 38KB

30 April 2014

Additional Papers (Agenda Items 20, 24, 28 and 30)

Full Council Agenda 30 04 14.pdf [pdf] 10MB

Full Council 30 04 14 Additional Papers.pdf [pdf] 2MB

Full Council Minutes 30 April 2014.pdf [pdf] 146KB

5 March 2014

Additional Papers (Minutes for Agenda Items 20 and 21)

Full Council Agenda 05 03 14.pdf [pdf] 1MB

Full Council Additional Papers 05 03 14.pdf [pdf] 5MB

Full Council Minutes 5 March 2014.pdf [pdf] 303KB
19 February 2014 (Special Meeting Re: Budget 2014/2015) Special Council Agenda 19 02 14.pdf [pdf] 1MB Special Full Council Minutes 190214.pdf [pdf] 230KB

11 February 2014 (Special Meeting Re: Local Plan)

Additional Papers (Agenda Item 9 - Minutes from the Local Plan Sub-Committee held on 30 January 2014)

Special Council Agenda 11 02 14.pdf [pdf] 5MB

Special Council Agenda 11 02 14 Additional Papers.pdf [pdf] 570KB

Special Full Council Minutes 110214.pdf [pdf] 276KB
8 January 2014 (Due to the size of the agenda it has been uploaded into the following sections shown in blue opposite):
1. Part 1 (Agenda Items 1 to 18) [pages 1 to 131]
2. Part 2 (Items 19 to 34) [pages 132 132 to 234]
3. Bundle A (Recommendations from the Local Plan Sub-Committee held on 31 October 2013 - Minutes 6 to 9)
4. Bundle B (Recommendations from the Local Plan Sub-Committee held on 28 November 2013 - in two Sections - Minutes 13 to 16 and
5. Bundle C (Recommendations from the Local Plan Sub-Committee held on 28 November 2013 - Minutes 17 to 21)
6. Bundle D (Agenda Items 24, 25, 26 and 29 on the agenda).

Council Agenda 08 01 14 Items 1 to 18.pdf [pdf] 6MB

Council Agenda 08 01 14 Items 19 to 34.pdf [pdf] 5MB

Council Agenda 08 01 14 Item A.pdf [pdf] 5MB

Council Agenda 08 01 14 Item B.pdf [pdf] 6MB

Council Agenda 08 01 14 Item C.pdf [pdf] 9MB

Council Agenda 08 01 14 Item D.pdf [pdf] 7MB

Council Minutes 08 01 14.pdf [pdf] 161KB

full council 2

Minutes from meetings of the full Council
6 November 2013 (Special Meeting Re: Bognor Regis Regeneration Proposals) Special_Council_Agenda_06_11_13.pdf [pdf] 747KB Minutes_Special_Council_061113.pdf [pdf] 71KB
23 October 2013
Additional Papers (Agenda Items 18 and 19)

Full_Council_Agenda_23_10_13.pdf [pdf] 3MB

Full_Council_23_10_13_Additional_Papers.pdf [pdf] 2MB

Full_Council_Minutes_23_October_2013__pdf.pdf [pdf] 99KB
4 September 2013 Full_Council_Agenda_04_09_13_Non_Exempt.pdf [pdf] 4MB Minutes_040913_Final.pdf [pdf] 94KB
25 July 2013 (Provisional Special Meeting Re: Local Plan to consider recommendations from the Local Plan Sub-Committee of 18 July 2013) At Full Council on 10 July 2103, it was resolved that this meeting be cancelled.  

10 July 2013 [regular meeting - planned date]

Additional Papers [Minutes of Cabinet and other Committee meetings held between 24 to 27 June 2013]

Full_Council_Agenda_10_07_13.pdf [pdf] 26MB

Full_Council_Additional_Papers_10_07_13.pdf [pdf] 8MB

Full_Council_10_July_2013_MInutes.pdf [pdf] 97KB

Full_Council_10_July_2013_MInutes additional item A.pdf [pdf] 16KB

29 May 2013 [Special meeting - planned date].  This agenda will consider the Local Plan Sub-Committee recommendations from 8 and 16 May 2013 and final consideration of pre-submission Draft Local Plan

The Minutes from the Local Plan Sub-Committee meeting held on 16 May 2013 are attached.  The report mentioned in the minutes from the Head of Planning and Economic Regeneration is also attached.

A further paper is now attached which provides additional information in relation to Recommendation (iv) in the report from the Assistant Director of Planning and Economic Regeneration which was uploaded to the web pages on 24 May 2013.

Special_Council_Meeting_Agenda_29_05_13.pdf [pdf] 13MB

Please note that the date of publication was 17 May 2013 and not 26 April 2013 as stated

Special_Council_Additional_Papers_29_05_13 Item B.pdf [pdf] 85KB

Special_Council_Additional_Papers_29_05_13 Item A.pdf [pdf] 474KB

Special_Council_Additional_Papers_29_05_13.pdf [pdf] 1MB

Council_Minutes_290513.pdf [pdf] 231KB

22 May 2013 (Annual Council Meeting)

Appendices circulated separately to the agenda are also attached

Council_Meeting_Agenda_22_05_13.pdf [pdf] 36KB

Council_Meeting_Agenda_22_05_13 Item A.pdf [pdf] 11KB

Council_Meeting_Agenda_22_05_13 Item B.pdf [pdf] 49KB

Council_Meeting_Agenda_22_05_13 Item C.pdf [pdf] 28KB

Council_Meeting_Agenda_22_05_13 Item D.pdf [pdf] 11KB

Council_Meeting_Minutes_22_05_13.pdf [pdf] 26KB

15 May 2013 [regular meeting - planned date]  This meeting will debate  the Windmill Theatre Petition; the Strategy for Leisure & Cultural Provision in Arun District (recommendations from Cabinet 11 February 2013); and all other reports and recommendations on regular meetings/ items deferred from 20 March 2013 agenda plus will include report backs from meetings held since.

NOTE:  Please note that at Agenda Item 10 (Bognor Regis Sub-Committee - 26 February 2013 - Minute 36 - Alexandra Theatre Feasibility Study - the wrong appendix has been attached.  The correct appendix is now attached.

Full_Council_Agenda_15_05_13.pdf [pdf] 7MB

Full_Council_Agenda_15_05_13 item A.pdf [pdf] 5MB

Full Council Minutes 15 May 2013.pdf [pdf] 172KB

9 May 2013 [Special Meeting - this is a new date]  The agenda will include the recommendations from the Local Plan Sub-Committee on 31 January and 7 March 2013 which will be considered.  These items were postponed for consideration when 20 March 2013 meeting was cancelled.

Bundles Two and Three mentioned in the covering agenda have been previously circulated but are attached. They contain very large documents relating to proposed changes to the Draft Local Plan.

Special_Council_Meeting_Agenda_09_05_13.pdf [pdf] 6MB

Special_Full_Council_09_05_13_Bundle_2.pdf [pdf] 38MB

Special_Full_Council_09_05_13_Bundle_3.pdf [pdf] 32MB

Council Minutes 09 05 13.pdf [pdf] 50KB

20 March 2013 - meeting cancelled

Bundle Two (Agenda Item 9 - Local Plan Sub-Committee - 31 January 2013 - Minute 32 - Recommendations for Changes to Local Plan - Report and Appendices

Additional Papers (as at 15 March 2013)

Bundle Three (Agenda Item 10 - Local Plan Sub-Committee - 7 March 2013 - Minute 37 - Recommendations for Changes to the Draft Local Plan - Officer's Report and Associated Chapters)

Full_Council_20_03_13.pdf [pdf] 32MB

Full_Council_bundle_2_20_03_13.pdf [pdf] 18MB

Additional_Papers_Full_Council_20_03_13.pdf [pdf] 14MB

Full_Council_Bundle_three_20_03_13.pdf [pdf] 32MB

Meeting cancelled

20 February 2013 (Special Meeting Re: Budget 2013/2014)

Additional Papers: Cabinet Minutes from meeting held on 11 February 2013 re Budget and New Corporate Plan; Budget Appendix 1; Statutory resolutions following receipt of the WSCC & Sussex Police Authority precepts; and NNDR Return 1

Special_Council_Meeting_20_02_13.pdf [pdf] 7MB

Special_Council_Meeting_20_02_13 additional papers.pdf [pdf] 1MB

Council Minutes 20 02 13.pdf [pdf] 71KB

Council Minutes 20 02 13 item A.pdf [pdf] 45KB

9 January 2013

Full_Council_Agenda_09_01_13.pdf [pdf] 21MB

Full_Council_Additional_Papers_09_01_13.pdf [pdf] 6MB

Full_Council_Minutes_09_01_13.pdf [pdf] 133KB

Full_Council_Minutes_09_01_13 questions and answers.pdf [pdf] 29KB

5 December 2012 (Special Meeting re: The State of the District Debate) This meeting has been postponed and will be re-scheduled to take place before the end of the Municipal Year. Meeting postponed.

24 October 2012 

Additional Papers

Full_Council_Agenda_24_10_12.pdf [pdf] 15MB

Full_Council_Additional_Papers_24_10_12.pdf [pdf] 4MB

Full Council Minutes 24 10 12.pdf [pdf] 76KB

Full Council Minutes 24 10 12 item A.pdf [pdf] 47KB

5 September 2012

Agenda Item 24 - Arun Priorities 2013-2017

Full_Council_Agenda_05_09_12.pdf [pdf] 21MB

Full_Council_Agenda_05_09_12 item A.pdf [pdf] 29KB

Full_Council_Minutes_05_09_12.pdf [pdf] 72KB

Full_Council_Agenda_05_09_12 item A.pdf [pdf] 29KB

11 July 2012

Additional Papers

Full_Council_Agenda_11_07_12.pdf [pdf] 4MB

Full_Council_Agenda_11_07_12_Extra_Papers.pdf [pdf] 7MB

Full_Council_Minutes_11_07_12.pdf [pdf] 80KB

20 June 2012 (Special Meeting Re: Draft Local Plan) - Agenda

Item A Copy of the Draft Local Plan

Item B Copy of urgent report going to Local Plan Sub-Committee on 14 June 2012 - The Assessment of the Local Plan

Item C Copy of urgent item circulated at the meeting re: Local Code of Conduct for Members

Full_Council_Agenda_20_06_12.pdf [pdf] 354KB

Full_Council_Agenda_05_09_12 item A.pdf [pdf] 29KB

Full_Council_Agenda_20_06_12 Item B.pdf [pdf] 6MB

Full_Council_Agenda_20_06_12 Item C.pdf [pdf] 959KB

Full_Council_Minutes_20_06_12.pdf [pdf] 63KB

9 May 2012 (Annual Council Meeting)

Annual Council Reports on Committee Memberships, Outside Bodies and Cabinet Portfolios

Full Council Agenda 09 05 12.pdf [pdf] 31KB

Full Council Agenda 09 05 12 Item A.pdf [pdf] 1MB

Full Council Minutes 09 05 12.pdf [pdf] 30KB

9 May 2012 (Special Meeting Re: Electoral Review of Arun District Council -

Warding Arrangements - at 4.00 pm)

Submission on Warding Arrangements for Special Council Meeting

Tables for inclusion in Submission

Special Council Agenda 09 05 12.pdf [pdf] 94KB

Special Council Agenda 09 05 12 Item A.pdf [pdf] 51KB

Special Council Agenda 09 05 12 Item B.pdf [pdf] 132KB 

Special Council Minutes 09 05 12.pdf [pdf] 37KB

Special Council Minutes 09 05 12 Item A.pdf [pdf] 54KB

Special Council Minutes 09 05 12 Item B.pdf [pdf] 130KB

2 May 2012

Additional Papers

Agenda Item 10

Full_Council_Agenda_02_05_12.pdf [pdf] 12MB

Full_Council_Agenda_02_05_12 additional Papers.pdf [pdf] 663KB

Full_Council_Agenda_02_05_12 item 10.pdf [pdf] 31KB

Full_Council_Minutes_02_05_12.pdf [pdf] 111KB
18 April 2012 (Special Meeting Re: Arun Priorities 2013-2017) Special_Council_Agenda_18_04_12.pdf [pdf] 2MB Special_Council_Minutes_18_04_12.pdf [pdf] 33KB

7 March 2012 (Full Agenda)

7th March 2012 (Additional papers - Minutes of Committee Meetings, Management Restructuring and St Modwen Agreement)

Full_Council_Agenda_07_03_12.pdf [pdf] 9MB

Full_Council_Agenda_07_03_12 additional papers.pdf [pdf] 6MB

Full Council Minutes 07 03 12.pdf [pdf] 82KB
21 February 2012 (Special Meeting Re: Council Budget 2012/2013) Special_Council_Agenda_21_02_12.pdf [pdf] 3MB Special_Council_Minutes_21_02_12.pdf [pdf] 101KB

11 January 2012

Additional Papers

Submission on Council Size

Council_Agenda_11_01_12.pdf [pdf] 8MB

Council_Agenda_11_01_12 item A.pdf [pdf] 1018KB  

Council_Agenda_11_01_12 item B.pdf [pdf] 70KB 

Council_Minutes_11_01_12.pdf [pdf] 114KB

9 November 2011

Additional Papers - Minutes of the Regeneration Sub-Committee(25/10/11) and Minutes of the Constitutional Review Task and Finish Working Party (1st November 2011)

Urgent Report - Eastergate Parish Council

Urgent Report - Statement of Community Involvement

Full_Council_Agenda_09_11_11.pdf [pdf] 9MB

Full_Council_Agenda_09_11_11 item A.pdf [pdf] 705KB

Full_Council_Agenda_09_11_11 item B.pdf [pdf] 30KB

Full_Council_Agenda_09_11_11 item C.pdf [pdf] 39KB

Full_Council_Minutes_09_11_11.pdf [pdf] 89KB
19 October 2011 (Special Council Meeting - The State of the District Debate) Full_Council_Agenda_19_10_11.pdf [pdf] 270KB Full_Council_Minutes_19_10_11.pdf [pdf] 84KB

14 September 2011

Additional Papers

Full_Council_Agenda_14_09_11.pdf [pdf] 5MB

Full_Council_Agenda_14_09_11 additional papers.pdf [pdf] 2MB

Full_Council_Minutes_14_09_11.pdf [pdf] 84KB

20 July 2011

For additional papers

Full_Council_Agenda_20_07_11.pdf [pdf] 8MB

Full_Council_Agenda_20_07_11 additional papers.pdf [pdf] 7MB

Full_Council_Minutes_20 07 11.pdf [pdf] 93KB

Council_Minutes_Appendix_20 07 11.pdf [pdf] 27KB

16 June 2011 (Special Council Meeting at 6.30 pm - various items)

Items circulated separately to the agenda

Special_Council_Agenda_16_06_11.pdf [pdf] 6MB

Special_Council_Agenda_16_06_11 item A.pdf [pdf] 207KB

Special_Council_Minutes_16_06_11.pdf [pdf] 80KB
16 June 2011 (Special Council Meeting at 6.00 pm - To Confer the title of Honorary Alderman onto former Councillor Mrs Sylvia Olliver) Council_Agenda_16_06_11.pdf [pdf] 23KB Council_Minutes_16_06_11.pdf [pdf] 15KB
25 May 2011 Council_Agenda_25_05_11.pdf [pdf] 409KB Council_Minutes_25_05_11.pdf [pdf] 38KB
24 March 2011 Council_Agenda_24_03_11.pdf [pdf] 6MB Council_Minutes_24_03_11.pdf [pdf] 134KB
16 February 2011 (Special Meeting Re: Budget 2011/2012)

Special_Council_Agenda_16_02_11.pdf [pdf] 40KB

Special_Council_Agenda_16_02_11 Item A.pdf [pdf] 23KB

Special_Council_Agenda_16_02_11 Item B.pdf [pdf] 38KB

Special_Council_Minutes_16_02_11.pdf [pdf] 54KB
2 February 2011 Council_Agenda_02_02_11.pdf [pdf] 2MB Council_Minutes_02_02_11.pdf [pdf] 84KB

full council 1

Minutes from meetings of the full Council
8 December 2010 Council_Agenda_08_12_10.pdf [pdf] 5MB Council_Minutes_08_12_10.pdf [pdf] 91KB
3 November 2010 Special_Council_Meeting_03_11_10.pdf [pdf] 248KB Council_Minutes_03_11_10.pdf [pdf] 67KB
13 October 2010 Full_Council_Agenda_13_10_10.pdf [pdf] 4MB Full Council Minutes 13 10 10.pdf [pdf] 85KB
18 August 2010 Council_Agenda_18_08_10.pdf [pdf] 8MB Council_Minutes_18_08_10.pdf [pdf] 98KB
23 June 2010 Full_Council_Agenda_23_06_10.pdf [pdf] 9MB Full_Council_Minutes_23_06_10.pdf [pdf] 84KB
12 May 2010 Annual_Council_Agenda_12_05_10.pdf [pdf] 7MB

Annual_Council_Minutes_12_05_10.pdf [pdf] 29KB

Annual_Council_Minutes_12_05_10 item A.pdf [pdf] 41KB

Annual_Council_Minutes_12_05_10 item B.pdf [pdf] 23KB

14 April 2010 Council_Agenda_14_04_10.pdf [pdf] 114KB Council_Minutes_14_04_10.pdf [pdf] 178KB
17 February 2010 Council_Agenda_17_02_10.pdf [pdf] 2MB Full Council Minutes 17 02 10.pdf [pdf] 82KB
16 December 2009 Council_Agenda_16_12_09.pdf [pdf] 2MB Council_Minutes_16_12_09.pdf [pdf] 106KB
28 October 2009 Special_Council_Agenda_28_10_09.pdf [pdf] 72KB Special_Council_Minutes_28_10_09.pdf [pdf] 78KB
21 October 2009 Full_Council_Agenda_21_10_09.pdf [pdf] 6MB Full_Council_Minutes_21_10_09.pdf [pdf] 93KB
2 September 2009 Full_Council_Agenda_02_09_09.pdf [pdf] 1MB Full_Council_Minutes_02_09_09.pdf [pdf] 92KB
8 July 2009 Council_Agenda_08_07_09.pdf [pdf] 3MB Council_Minutes_08_07_09.pdf [pdf] 80KB
13 May 2009 Annual_Council_Agenda_13_05_09.pdf [pdf] 2MB Annual_Council_Minutes_13_05_09.pdf [pdf] 22KB
15 April 2009 Full_Council_Agenda_15_04_09.pdf [pdf] 7MB Full_Council_Minutes_15_04_09.pdf [pdf] 105KB
18 February 2009 Full_Council_Agenda_18_02_09.pdf [pdf] 8MB Full_Council_Minutes_18_02_09.pdf [pdf] 142KB
14 January 2009 Special_Council_Agenda_14_01_09.pdf [pdf] 4MB Special_Council_Minutes_14_01_09.pdf [pdf] 56KB
17 December 2008 Full_Council_Agenda_17_12_08.pdf [pdf] 3MB Council Minutes 17 12 08.pdf [pdf] 62KB
22 October 2008 Full_Council_Agenda_22_10_08.pdf [pdf] 5MB Council Minutes 22 10 08.pdf [pdf] 123KB
27 August 2008 Full_Cycle_Agenda_27_08_08.pdf [pdf] 3MB Full Council Minutes 27 08 08.pdf [pdf] 126KB
9 July 2008 Full_Council_Agenda_09_06_08.pdf [pdf] 5MB Council Minutes 09 07 08.pdf [pdf] 96KB
30 June 2008 Special_Council_Agenda_30_06_08.pdf [pdf] 5MB Special Council Minutes 30 06 08.pdf [pdf] 50KB
7 May 2008 Annual_Council_Agenda_07_05_08.pdf [pdf] 427KB Annual_Council_Agenda_07_05_08.pdf [pdf] 427KB
30 April 2008 Council_Agenda_30_04_08.pdf [pdf] 7MB Full Council minutes 30 04 08.pdf [pdf] 93KB
5 March 2008 Council_Agenda_05_03_08.pdf [pdf] 6MB Full Council minutes 05 03 08.pdf [pdf] 114KB
20 February 2008 Council_Agenda_20_02_08.pdf [pdf] 1MB Special Council minutes 20 02 08.pdf [pdf] 50KB
9 January 2008 Council_Agenda_09_01_08.pdf [pdf] 7MB Full Council minutes 09 01 08.pdf [pdf] 115KB
7 November 2007 Council_Agenda_07_11_07.pdf [pdf] 4MB Council_Minutes_07_11_07.pdf [pdf] 119KB
24 October 2007 Special Council Agenda 24 10 07.pdf [pdf] 14MB Special Council Minutes 24 10 07.pdf [pdf] 142KB
13 September 2007 Council Agenda 13 09 07.pdf [pdf] 22KB Full Council Minutes 13 09 07.pdf [pdf] 117KB
18 July 2007 council agenda 18 07 07.pdf [pdf] 46KB Full Council Minutes 18 07 07.pdf [pdf] 100KB
6 June 2007 Council Agenda Special 06 06 07.pdf [pdf] 12KB Council Minutes Special 06 06 07.pdf [pdf] 154KB
23 May 2007 Council Agenda 23 05 07.pdf [pdf] 19KB Annual Council Minutes 23 05 07.pdf [pdf] 17KB
22 March 2007 Council Agenda 22 03 07.pdf [pdf] 42KB Council Minutes 22 03 07.pdf [pdf] 71KB
21 Feb 2007 Full Council Agenda 21 02 07.pdf [pdf] 140KB Council minutes 21 02 07.pdf [pdf] 191KB
3 Jan 2007 Council Agenda 03 01 07.pdf [pdf] 33KB Council Minutes 03 01 07.pdf [pdf] 169KB

full council 0

minutes and agendas
1st Nov 2006
CouncilAgenda011106.pdf [pdf] 22KB CouncilMinutes011106.pdf [pdf] 71KB
11th Oct 2006
CouncilAgendaSpecial111006.pdf [pdf] 13KB CouncilMinutesSpecial111006.pdf [pdf] 31KB
6th Sept 2006
Full_Cycle_Agenda_06_09_06.pdf [pdf] 855KB Council_Minutes_06_09_06.pdf [pdf] 56KB
12th July 2006
councilagenda12.7.06.pdf [pdf] 108KB Councilmins12.7.06.pdf [pdf] 268KB
17th May 2006
agendaacm17.5.05reports.pdf [pdf] 105KB AnnualCouncilmins170506.pdf [pdf] 70KB
3rd May 2006
full council agenda 03.05.06.pdf [pdf] 104KB full council mins 03.05.06.pdf [pdf] 171KB
8th March 2006
Councilagenda 08.03.06.pdf [pdf] 98KB
22nd February 2006
agendas pecial 22.02.06.pdf [pdf] 72KB
1st February 2006
agenda special 01.02.06.pdf [pdf] 82KB full council mins special 01.02.06.pdf [pdf] 193KB
11th January 2006
CouncilAgendaSpecial111006.pdf [pdf] 13KB
2nd November 2005
Councilagenda 02.11.05.pdf [pdf] 99KB
12th October 2005
agendaspecial 12.10.05.pdf [pdf] 69KB
28th September 2005
CouncilAgendaSpecial 28 09 05.pdf [pdf] 11KB
14th September 2005
CouncilAgenda 14 09 05.pdf [pdf] 18KB
27th July 2005
CouncilAgendaSpecial 27 07 05.pdf [pdf] 15KB CouncilMinutes 27 07 05.pdf [pdf] 23KB
20th July 2005
CouncilAgenda 20 07 05.pdf [pdf] 18KB CouncilMinutes 20 07 05.pdf [pdf] 84KB
25th May 2005
Council Agenda 25 05 05.pdf [pdf] 47KB Annual_Council_Minutes_25 05 05.pdf [pdf] 15KB
18th May 2005
FCAgenda 18 05 05.pdf [pdf] 95KB Council_Minutes_18 05 05.pdf [pdf] 46KB
30th March 2005
Councilagenda 30 03 05.pdf [pdf] 92KB Council_Minutes_30 03 05.pdf [pdf] 62KB
15th Feb 2005
Councilagendaspecial 15.02.05.pdf [pdf] 75KB FullCouncilMinutes 15 02 05.pdf [pdf] 520KB
9th Feb 2005
Council_Agenda_09 02 05.pdf [pdf] 22KB Councilmins09 02 05.pdf [pdf] 172KB
15th Dec 2004
Councilagenda15.12.04.pdf [pdf] 95KB councilmins 15 12 04.pdf [pdf] 136KB
27th Oct 2004
Fullcouncilagenda 27 10 04.pdf [pdf] 156KB Councilmins 27 10 04.pdf [pdf] 217KB
15th Sept 2004
Fullcouncilagenda 15 09 04.pdf [pdf] 289KB full council mins special 15 09 04.pdf [pdf] 117KB
8th Sept 2004
Councilagenda 08 09 04.pdf [pdf] 79KB Council_Minutes_08 09 04.pdf [pdf] 68KB
4th August 2004
ExtraOrdinaryCouncilMeeting 04.08.04.pdf [pdf] 59KB full council minsextraordinary 04.08.04.pdf [pdf] 145KB
14th July 2004
Councilagenda 14 07 04.pdf [pdf] 77KB Councilmins 14.07.04.pdf [pdf] 120KB
19th May 2004
Annualcouncil 19 05 04.pdf [pdf] 40KB AnnualCouncilmins 19.05.04.pdf [pdf] 64KB
19th May 2004
Specialcouncilagenda 19 05 04.pdf [pdf] 20KB SpecialCouncilmins 19.05.04.pdf [pdf] 44KB
12th May 2004
Fullcouncilagenda 12 05 04.pdf [pdf] 117KB Councilmins 12.05.04.pdf [pdf] 111KB
21st April 2004
agendaspecial 21.04.04.pdf [pdf] 92KB Council_Minutes_21 04 04.pdf [pdf] 38KB
31st March 2004
Fullcouncilagenda 31 03 04.pdf [pdf] 106KB Councilmins 31 03 04.pdf [pdf] 138KB
18th Feb 2004
Councilagenda 18.02.04.pdf [pdf] 74KB Council_Minutes_18 02 04.pdf [pdf] 68KB
7th Jan 2004
Councilagenda 07 01 04.pdf [pdf] 86KB Councilmins 07 01 04.pdf [pdf] 141KB