Gardens by the Sea, Bognor Regis

We are no longer progressing this project in this format however for those who were interested in the project you can find the original information and proposals below.

regisThe renaissance of Bognor Regis continues to gather pace with the Council’s endorsement of initial concepts being proposed for the Regis Centre site on the seafront and the Hothamton car park site.  Although at a preliminary stage, the ideas presented by leading regeneration consultancy Urban Delivery to Arun District Council’s Bognor Regis Regeneration Sub-committee outlines the concepts worked up by an award-winning professional team.  The concepts are the basis for a feasibility study considering development options on the Regis Centre and Hothamton car park sites.

The concepts encapsulate the bold and innovative thinking needed to unlock the full potential of Bognor Regis. These sites have been waiting too long for redevelopment and the time is now right to make it happen.  internalSignificant investment has already been secured for Bognor Regis by University of Chichester, Bourne Leisure and other parties amounting to over £100M.  This investment will build on the existing cultural and tourism attractions, and add a creative and digital mix to support the expected influx of students and a younger generation of residents.  The County Council are also committed to improving the road network and the District Council has secured grant support for major public realm improvements to the town centre.

The proposals for Regis and Hothamton sites follow the extensive public consultation exercise in 2015 on what residents wanted to see on these sites, and the concept plans clearly demonstrate that the consultation results has been listened to. The aim of the regeneration is to encourage economic and social regeneration and to do justice to the opportunities presented by these key sites.  Bognor Regis richly deserves the major investment which the town is attracting, bringing new jobs, new housing and also new thinking about how to hothamtonmake the most of these sites.

For the Regis Centre site, creating an all-weather destination which will attract visitors all year round was fundamental to the options developed within the feasibility study, as was improving connectivity between the town centre and the seafront. Central to this is the opportunity to build a 3,000 sqm Winter Garden on the Regis Centre site, integrated with the new theatre. The proposed linear park for the Hothamton site will create an attractive green corridor, and lead pedestrian traffic between the town, seafront and Regis Centre.  The two sites will jointly be promoted under the concept of ‘Gardens by the Sea’.


The iconic seafront site could have a hotel, a raised seating area around the retail and restaurants to improve views of the sea, and possibly a roof garden/performance space above the new theatre. There will also be high quality residential accommodation overlooking the Esplanade with improved landscaping and traffic management.

Further residential accommodation, including provision for some affordable homes, is proposed on the Hothamton car park site. The new linear park could provide a variety of uses for children and adults in the form of new play area, adult gym, cafes and possibly a boule/petanque pitch. Other uses could include water features, public seating and cycle routes.


Please read the Linear Park FAQs.pdf [pdf] 456KB

Please see  Linear Park Design Information.pdf [pdf] 14MB

A Gardens by the Sea leaflet [pdf] 3MB has been created for information.


Concept plans for the new park at Hothamton

The Council has consulted with the community on its proposals to create a new park on the Hothamton Car Park site. The proposal, which forms part of the Council’s wider “Gardens by the Sea” regeneration aspirations for Bognor Regis, is to create an exciting new park, similar to a tree lined continental market square. A location for all seasons where people will be drawn to relax, exercise, reflect, play, shop, browse, eat or be entertained – something to suit all ages and every mood. The existing car parking will be replaced with flexible parking spaces within soft landscaping as the site is transformed, creating better linkages with the town centre and seafront.

Over 120 people attended the consultation event and exhibition held on the 13th October 2017 at the Alexandra Theatre where Council officers and the consultancy team were on hand to answer questions and discuss the thinking behind the plans.

The plans for the park can be seen in this image and the full design and information is available on this link display panels [pdf] 4MB for information. Additionally, please click the below image to open full resolution:



Other information


Bognor Regis Regeneration Consultation


Results of the Public Consultation (March – May 2015)

Consultation Report:

Report to Full Council on 15/07/15 (N.B. includes the above consultation report on pages 23-85):
Redevelopment of Hothamton and Regis Centre Sites 
Report author: Karl Roberts, Director of Planning and Economic Regeneration, Arun District Council


Results of the Consultation (October – November 2014)

In October 2014, Arun District Council invited interested individuals or organisations to submit ideas for how the Hothamton and Regis Centre sites could be developed in a financially sustainable and viable manner. 

Arun District Council would like to thank everyone who submitted their ideas and suggestions. 

Each of the fourteen submissions is set out below, and information about the original request follows the submission.  For the submission by the Sir Richard Hotham Project, a link is provided to the “live” planning application.

Councillors will have the opportunity to consider these submissions between now and when they are formally considered by Full Council in July.

Many Thanks

Proposals received for consultation

4BR    4BR Proposal.pdf [pdf] 12MB
Big Blake Project  Big Blake Project Proposal.pdf [pdf] 3MB
Bognor Pier Trust    Bognor Pier Trust Proposal.pdf [pdf] 97KB
Bognor Regis Civic Society Bognor Regis Civic Society Proposal.pdf [pdf] 108KB
Jim Brooks Jim Brooks Proposal.pdf [pdf] 510KB
CoPlan Estates CoPlan Proposal.pdf [pdf] 2MB
Luke Davis  Luke Davis Proposal.pdf [pdf] 8MB
Paul Hellyer Paul Hellyer Proposal.pdf [pdf] 401KB
Nicholas Prosser Nicholas Prosser Proposal.pdf [pdf] 1004KB
Reef Estates Reef Estates Proposal.pdf [pdf] 1MB
Re-Invigoration Group Re-Invigoration Proposal .pdf [pdf] 12MB
Seaward Properties Seaward Properties Proposal.PDF [pdf] 546KB
Sir Richard Hotham Project  Sir Richard Hotham Project Proposal
Tony Turley          Tony Turley Proposal.pdf [pdf] 2MB

Regeneration Proposals Matrix [xlsx] 23KB

For Information - Bognor Regis Regeneration – Guidance for Proposals

Bognor Regis is beginning a new and exciting phase in its regeneration.  The recent improvements to the London Road shopping precinct, the future phases of this work and the new café in Hotham Park are some examples of the Council’s commitment to improve and regenerate Bognor Regis.

The recent announcement that Rolls Royce are to open new premises in the town will provide a massive economic boost to the area as will the future investment plans of other local major employers such as Butlin’s and the University of Chichester.

The decision of the Council to progress the redevelopment of The Regis Centre and Hothamton sites gave us the opportunity to consider what to include in the development(s) and what will best meet the town’s future needs.

We were keen to hear from organisations and interested parties about their ideas for the regeneration of the two sites and invited them to submit a proposal for consideration by the Council.

We would also emphasise that the financial viability of any proposed scheme will be one of the Council’s primary considerations for a future scheme because we believe the scheme should not be become a future burden to the District tax payers.

The guidance notes (see below) were provided to help create a framework for submissions and consideration to the essential issues outlined will enable the Council to fairly and reasonably consider each proposal or its constituent parts and its feasibility (on its own merit).

The links provide information and guidance which was provided with the aim to help with submissions.

Guidance notes.pdf [pdf] 154KB

Full Council Report 10th September 2014 [pdf] 280KB

Full Council Report Appendices 10th September 2014 [pdf] 1MB

Full Council Minutes 10th September 2014 [pdf] 235KB

Plan showing council ownership Regis Centre.pdf [pdf] 145KB

Plan showing council ownership Hothamton Care Park.pdf [pdf] 165KB

Other information cinema development potential.pdf [pdf] 398KB

Other information Alexandra Theatre.pdf [pdf] 4MB



These updates will be covering some of the issues and questions that arise from developing ideas for the regeneration of The Regis Centre and Hothamton Car Park.

Update 1 - Car Parking

Both sites are, in the main, currently car parks. The Regis Centre has 187 spaces (12 disabled) and Hothamton 215 (14 disabled). In response to views expressed previously the Council had been encouraging the provision of car parking at roughly the same number of spaces on both sites, which would require decking of some description. Chevron parking on the Esplanade had been considered in the past but wasn’t part of any development scheme prior to work ceasing.

For those of you developing ideas/schemes what are your thoughts on parking? Will you be proposing any on site? If so will it replace what’s there at present? Will it accommodate staff parking for your proposals? Will it provide more than at present? Do you intend to encourage the use of alternative parking areas, if so which ones? In very simple terms an approximate cost for one ground level car park space is £5,000, a multi storey space around £10,000 and an underground one £30,000. Additional factors to consider with the latter is tanking (high ground water table) and ventilation.

The Council has commissioned some work on Car Parking in Bognor Regis.  Please find the documents below.

Parking Strategy.pdf [pdf] 3MB

Appendix A.pdf [pdf] 2MB

Appendix B.pdf [pdf] 898KB

Parking Review.pdf [pdf] 8MB


Bognor Regis Masterplan

Bognor Regis Masterplan guidance.pdf [pdf] 882KB

Bognor Regis Masterplan June 2003.pdf [pdf] 1MB